BREAKING! Western Lies on Skripal Poisoning & Syria Chemical Attacks Come to Light!

Lavrov: Swiss Lab Certifies Skripals Were Poisoned With Nerve Gaz From NATO Arsenals

Lie Upon Lie – Lavrov Chronicles Timeline of Western Duplicity to Strike Against Syria

Russian MoD: 71 out of 103 Missiles SHOT DOWN Over Syria


Zakharova: NATO Actually Used Social Media Posts to Direct Its Air Strikes in Syria


Putin on deliberate destruction of the Middle East by the West!

BREAKING: Putin Condemns US Attack on Syria, Calls it for What it Is: “An Act of Aggression”

Maria Zakharova: NATO Dashed Hopes of Peace and Stability for Citizens of Syria





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  1. Excellent! What’s been so so about this and the alleged chemical attack was that both cases were so obviously fake and obvious so to many many people. Yet the UK as in that Evil Hag May and Moron Bo-Jo shamelessly used both as a pretext to wage war on a sovereign nations.

    At least with Iraq they felt they had to try their best to convince people and governments. This time they simply did not care.

    I wonder….was it because Skripal was connected to the Trump dossier that MI5 cooked up with the CIA, and it was about to come out?

    But I believe, as Lada has said, this time try as they might, their evil plans will unravel.

    All their bad karma may be rebounding on them.

    Couldn’t happen sooner and to (not) nicer people 😂😂😂

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  2. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Finally, the long awaited proof we’ve been waiting for! Check it out sheeple… baaaa baaaa.


  3. I wonder how Western MSM will respond to this definitive proof from an independent 3rd party? Will the US government and Trump deny Swiss Lab results because it does not fit in with their narrative? Great job exposing the deceit and fraud.


  4. You’ve got to love Lavrov. I am so glad they are finally letting at least some of the truth out of the bag. I hear the Rus/Syrians took more than 10 UK chem-weapons specialists captive when they took down those labs. I would like to see these criminals perp walked on camera, but I suppose cooler (and much smarter) heads, like Lavrov’s know what they are doing.


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