A New History Begins Now: North Korea Meets South Korea! Lada Ray Analysis and Calibrations!

Eugene commented: Would be great to have your take and latest calibrations of the Korean leaders and denuclearization agreement!

See my Feb 23, 2018 post: 

Quantum Calibrations of Kim Jong-Un & N. Korea


Apr 27, 2018:

Video: A new history starts now’: Leaders of two Koreas meet for 1st time in more than decade

This is very good news!

As you recall from my 2/23/18 post on Kim/N.Korea calibrations, the calibrations of Kim were on the 180-150 level, which made me conclude (although to me it was clear without calibrations) that he was neither suicidal, nor a maniac, as the West has portrayed him.

He was shamelessly provoked by Trump and US and he responded in the best way he could, under the circumstances. In the end, it was N. Korea and Kim’s victory over Trump.

Let me repeat this: the young Kim and tiny N. Korea upped the stakes and didn’t back down till huge US and the old bully Trump had no choice but to back down. The score is 1:0 for Kim and against Trump – yet another sign of the empire in decline.

Yes I know, Trump tried to save face by saying that it was his tough position and threat to use force that made Kim relent and begin negotiations. 

In reality, anybody who’s anybody knows that the painstaking negotiations were happening behind the scenes between N. Korea and China, as well as Russia, and of course, S. Korea. These negotiations and smart shuttle diplomacy ensured that the super-bully US failed at starting WWIII.

Before and during S. Korean Olympics, S. Korea made absolutely sure they treated N. Korea with utmost respect and deference. They invited N. Koreans to the games and even played certain team sports as a unified team.

In the end, it was clear that N. Korea simply wanted to be noticed and acknowledged, that they tired of being treated as pariah and wanted to be a part of the global community, which was denied to them for decades by the US/West. They also wanted some assurances of their safety, as well as trade and food, in response to dropping their nuclear ambitions.

Once they received all these assurances – from China, S. Korea and Russia, NOT from the US – the peace process could begin.

Again, let me reiterate that Kim and N. Korea calibrate between Pride and Fear. On these levels you want to be noticed and recognized, and you also want assurances. What Trump/US was doing by threatening N/ Korea had the opposite effect. Meanwhile, S. Korea’s invitation to participate in the Olympics went a long way and it impressed Kim and N. Koreans. It spoke to them of sincerity and readiness to work together.

That’s what opened the doors, NOT Trump’s crazy and juvenile nuclear war threats!

Let’s calibrate CURRENT PEACE TALKS between 2 Koreas:



Excellent improvement! Just compare to what the relationships between the 2 was in the past 10 years, up till the beginning of 2018!


QC   85 – GRIEF


There is much promise in these new historic talks, but not because of the US – despite it!

Of course this is just the first step and I can see how the US/Dark State may soon attempt to restart animosities and threats towards N. Korea…

You might say that the US is also a guarantor. And I would say that I would trust CHINA/RUSSIA guarantees, but distrust absolutely any US guarantees. To me US guarantees mean a grand total of zero and I’m sure many counties feel the same way.

Do you want to know how N. and S. Koreas REALLY feel about the US? Let’s calibrate…


You read an excerpt from Lada Ray PATREON article: 

Two Koreas Meet for First Time in Decades! What Are the Consequences of this Historic Event? Lada Ray Analysis & Calibrations









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  1. Trump is losing whatever sanity he has left while in office. This morning’s surprise visit by the President to a silly talk show is downright scary. His rants are incoherent and more paranoid by the day… see for yourself:


  2. This is tough truth against decades of dark and belligerent propaganda. It will be difficult for people to say, “Yeah, Lada is right.” Burnt crow, served cold.


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