New York and Major US Cities: The Global Immortal Regiment March Begins! #IRemember #VictoryDay #ДеньПобеды

The USA, Germany, Portugal, Panama, and Ireland. The Immortal Regiment marched early in these countries and many others, kicking off the 2018 global #VictoryDay celebrations. Thousands of people all over the world remember their relatives who fought in WWII.

New York and other US cities: The Immortal Regiment March 2018. US vets and their families join in together with Russians living in the US.

New York alone had 2 thousand in attendance. Check out giant Georgievskaya Lenta (St. George Ribbon) in the sky:


Apr 26-May 9, 2018

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  1. My throat caught as I saw the cranes flying on the balloons in New York City… it was such a touching tribute to the Immortal Regiment!
    I second the thoughts of the veteran who agreed with the reporter in the video above that we should work together with Russia as we once did. I have long been ready to see the current Russian “collusion delusion” and the Cold War era Russophobia die out. It is time for sanity to be restored.
    We are all of us, all over the world, oppressed by the desperate and delusional Dark State losers. Our strength and hope lies in how greatly they underestimate our determination to have a peaceful and cooperative world. Victory Day blessings to all, dear ones! Stay strong. Stay united. The Light has always won in the end. We will again. ❤

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  2. Very touching!

    In times of geo-political tension, its important to distinguish the diverse views of the common people, from the talking points of the powers that be. At the end of the day, many of us, regardless of where we live, desire the same things for ourselves and our loved ones.

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    NYC March – WooHoo!


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