Iran, Syria, EU refugees, Ukraine, Nord Stream-2: Putin / Merkel joint presser in Sochi

Notice the very fancy footwork by Merkel in many answers. Trying to sit on 2 chairs at once comes to mind. I actually understand her – her position is shaky and she needs to please opposing points of view at the same time.

What Merkel says in the beginning is a very telling example. Also notice how illusive her answer is to the question about the crackdown on freedom of speech in Ukraine and the arrest of Russian journalist there (the head of RIA Novosti-Ukraine), plus deportation of two other Russian journalists.

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  1. Lada it’s not easy being a western politician like Merkel. You constantly have to lie to cover up your terrible actions. It must be very stressful where your actions don’t match your words. Lying, like killing, is not natural for humans. You have to be trained to do these two things. Some examples are Boris Johnson lying about the Skripals and blaming Russia although he knows the truth, Trump calling Syrians animals although he knows the gas attack at Douma was a fraud and Netanyahu calling the killing in Gaza of unarmed civilians including a little baby defending their nation although he knows better. Contrary to this President Putin doesn’t have this problem because he just tells the truth all the time and his actions match his words. Most humans are like this and are not like western politicians.


    • All these politicians are used to it. It’s not in our blood, but it’s in theirs.
      Merkel is amazing that way. She has been doing it with much success all her life.


  2. The fact that they’re used to lying means that they’re all psychopaths. They all lack empathy from what their actions do to people. The consequences of their actions don’t bother them at all.


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