Natalia Oreiro Feat – United by Love (#Russia2018 World Cup) РУССКИЙ, English, Español #EarthShift

Natalia (Natasha) Oreiro is extremely popular in Russia. That, and her Russian first name made her the choice for the official Russia 2018 World Cup song. She herself believes she was given the song because she is more Russian in spirit than anyone of internationals stars, plus, she adds, ‘I look Russian.’ (see interview below).


Natalia Oreiro interview, with the beautiful backdrop of the Kremlin (РУССКИЙ, Español).

НАТАЛИЯ ОРЕЙРО | Про российское гражданство, тайный смысл «Дикого ангела» и отношение к актрисам (Natalia Oreiro about Russian citizenship, the secret meaning of ‘The Wild Angel,’ and how fans treat her in Russia).

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  1. Thank you Lada for your website revealing the truth, and providing us with the opportunity to know more about the truth that was hidden from us, Slavic people for centuries. I am glad that you comply with the saying from the Bible:”Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God! Cor, 10:31”.
    I recommend your FT website to my friends, people and circles in Serbia and Balkans, the Slavic orthodox country that suffered for centuries trying to fight evil and keep the truth. Remember the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia! Serbian people want to find and know a truth, though, they are poor honest people and most of them are not financially able to become your patrons, but are thirsty for the truth you reveal on daily basis.
    Is there a possibility that you can address the needs of those poor ones who are not able to be patrons, not because they are lazy people, but because they were annihilated and plundered for centuries by evil forces until nowadays. That way, you will better fulfill your truth spreading mission by addressing the crucial needs for truth of those people from poor countries who are not financially well and are underprivileged.
    Those who live in reach countries and SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH, can support you well by being your patrons, and will financially support you and your FT project, So you can please unlock/provide more freely available FT content to the people in needs, please do not LOCK THE TRUTH and dedicate it only to priviledged patrons.
    Appears that Serbian people history had been forbidden, and for centuries Serbs have had special role, and also now during the Earth shift times and fight against evil. I believe you know much more about that, so may you please illuminate us and share that truth with us.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

    God Bless You! Bog te Blagoslovio!!!

    Milorad from Serbia

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    • We do what we can. FT alone has close to 1000 articles, and they keep coming. Enjoy.

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    • Hi Milorad, I am an avid supporter of Lada and her valuable work which benefits mankind tremendously. I also contribute my limited time to help with tech support and further the inquiry of truth with my comments. While I understand that not everyone can support Lada financially on FT or Patreon, you can at least show interest and participation and let her know you are serious about her work. You said you share this blog with friends to understand the truth yet do you subscribe and like her posts to let her know what topics you’re interested in? She’s not a mind reader, yet tries to accomodate everyone. Where is your input?

      You write about SEARCHING FOR TRUTH, mystics from the East gives EVERYTHING for the real truth and not only take. Think about it, there are plenty of news and info on the web for FREE, so why not gorge your curiosities on that…. uh perhaps because you know instinctively that FREE media is biased and laced with half truths and deception. So what made you gravitate toward Lada’s message, perhaps it’s her balanced perspective that reveals the hidden truth not available to curiosity seekers?

      Sorry to be harsh, but think about it, if no one even contributes emotionally or intellectually to her posts, then why should Lada continue writing? Yes she is the messenger of source and need to reveal certain truths to the world, like Russia the Great Balancer, but she’s not writing for herself. Where is the commitment on your part to at least participate with your emotional or intellectual participation? At least let her know what your interested in so she can help you!

      BTW, Lada has been very generous over the years and have given away numerous scholarships to her invaluable webinars, reports and “locked” articles. To unlock the knowledge and mysteries of the universe, isn’t it worth it for you to move a muscle and start your inquiry? Show some passion and drive to improve, please be an active member and participate in the Earth Shift and not be a passive consumer of superficial truth.

      PS. You are fond of quoting the Bible, which contain universal truths, but God helps those who help themselves! In other words, energy and directed thought is required to manifest your reality, otherwise what do you expect from nothing? At least meet her half way, keep inquiring and illuminating the truth! Like, comment and leave a testimonial if you have benefited from her work, there are many ways to show support other than financial. Why not do some research of your own and Lada can share her perspective to better serve you?

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  2. Aloha Lada, thank you for posting the video of the Natalia Oreido World Cup song. What a great song and what a great message! Awesome!

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