POLL: Do You Agree With Italy Closing Border to Migrants? #FuturisTrendcast Wants Your Opinion!

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Do you believe Italy has been accepting a disproportionate number of refugees/migrants from the Middle East/Africa, without sufficient support from EU, or do you think their actions are ‘cynical and inhumane,’ as French president Macron has suggested?

Do France and EU have the right to criticize and point fingers?

Is it a good idea for the EU to accept that many migrants?

Is this karma after the West mercilessly bombed, colonized and sucked dry all those countries?

Do you have better ideas where people who suffer from ISIS, wars and US/NATO bombings should go?

What will happen to Europe if the uncontrolled migrant flow continues?

All opinions are welcome, but they have to be civilized and reasonable. No rudeness or xenophobia allowed! (This a moderated forum and anything that doesn’t comply with FT Blog Rules will be automatically deleted).



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The clashes between EU members and internal divisions happening today in the EU are all part of the ongoing EARTH SHIFT! Everything that’s happening is interconnected and more big changes are coming! Be ready!



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  1. Hi Lada.
    1. Yes, I believe Italy – and Greee too – are accepting a disproportionate number of refugees and this is not aceptable for any country.
    2. No, la France de Mr Macron has no right to talk like this to Italy neither to any other country. France is one of the most cynical and hipocrite country in the world with a dark, very dark, colonial past. Portugal has a dark colonial past too, I know that, but in 1975 when the Portuguese ex-colonies had theyr independance we come out and that’s finish. France, la belle et democratique et civilisée France, continues receivinbg every year about 500 millions euros from the explored African countries which where Franch colonies. It’s almost half of Africa. This is a crime, France is comiting in a regular basis crimes against Humanity.Those people live in the most horrible poverty and misery in world.

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  2. Thank you Lada! Italy is on one of the frontlines when it comes to receiving refugees, so I do believe they have been accepting a disproportionate number. I think they are right to want to put a halt on it. The issue is about how fast and how many migrants have been sent to Europe. In the beginning I felt it was an unfortunate consequence of war but knowing what we know now about the truth of ISIS, it’s highly suspicious to me that there seems to be no end in sight. I think Italy is right to at least stop for now and assess things. And of course Macron is going to open his mouth about it – that’s what puppets do when their strings are pulled.

    France and the EU do not have a right to point fingers because any time ANY leader has something negative to say about the migrant crisis, they’re automatically accused of being inhumane and not a team player. With that being the reaction every single time, it’s suspicious. The EU simply dictates how each country should behave on this subject and I don’t think that’s fair. There has to be procedures put in place by each individual country based on their size, resources, etc.

    Europe will never look the same if the flow continues like this. It takes time to integrate cultures/people and it’s all like a whirlwind and has been the past few years. This doesn’t feel natural, it feels orchestrated. But it also feels like karma indeed.

    I sincerely hope the problems in the Middle East and North Africa can eventually settle down enough so that the victims of these senseless wars can go back home where it is safe and prosperous.

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  3. No, it’s not a good idea for EU to accept more and more refugees. It’s not possible to integrate millions of people. In Paris and France those unhappy people are starving and friezing in tents and live in extreme misery. They have no work, no homes, no dignity, no nothing.
    Refugees can stay in their countries. The war in Siria is over, people are returning and should return to rebuild their country. I don’t know very well the situation in Irak. In Lybia I guess it continues to be bad, very bad,
    Yes, I believe it’s Karma, Europe, England, France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, robbed, murdered, comited all kinds of atrocities in Africa, Asia, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, South America, Midle East, etc. They have to pay for that. In one or another way. Europe, with England and France at the top they are responsible for torture and assassination of thousands of millions of people. It’s Evil!
    If the flow of refugees continues like that, Europe, la douce et belle Europe, it’s finished. It will be the end. The Europe we know will disapear. It would be like Saudi Arabia or something like that.
    There’s someone who wants to kill Europe, Soros maybe, or the globalists.Or both. And the idiots and imbeciles who are prime ministers and members of the government, like May and Boris, and Macron, and other clowns they are only doing what theyr masters told them to do.
    It’s a pity and a disgrace, Europe is (or was) a wonderfull place to live.

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  4. Gordon G Sopczak

    Italy and France were complicate in the Non Aligned Terrorist Organization slaughter and destruction of Libya etc etc and now they are arguing amongst themselves.

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  5. From what I have been reading and researching myself it seems the big picture is to swamp European culture and destroy national identity. The Eu has plans to create “regions” and dispense with the names of countries. There are a lot of unwelcome changes being forced on Europe as a whole, so it’s a relief that Italy has taken a stand. For me it looks like too little too late but who knows, perhaps some of the “38” year old children will return to where they came from. I prefer Europe as the separate countries they are/were, diversity of culture without having it rammed down your throat. I lived and worked in Germany for a while in the early 80s and it was a beautiful country until Oma Kaenzlerin decided to turn it into a disaster zone. As you predicted Europe is going to suffer but at least the tide is slowly turning because Russia is on the job now!!

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  6. “Do you believe Italy has been accepting a disproportionate number of refugees/migrants from the Middle East/Africa” ?? Absolutely! And it’s all part of the “Kalergi Plan”! In case your readers are not aware of what that is, I would suggest that they research: for now have a look at this information.

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  7. And I would like to add tha “Macron” has received the so-called “Charlemagne prize” (please refer to the site of the “Kalergi Plan” above), therefore he is expected to behave the way he does in regards to “migrants etc…”by his “Masters” OK?
    another link to the “Charlemagne prize”!

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  8. This “immigrant” issue must be decided by each sovereign country as they see fit, their EU membership notwithstanding. The EU was from the beginning a synthetic construct created by greedy Globalists. As such, it is destined to fail. It is failing.
    Italians, and citizens of other countries, have finally had enough of being manipulated and dictated to socially and financially by unelected leaders from outside their borders. It is the right of each nation to do as they see fit within heir own lands. If they choose to send the so-called “immigrants” back to wherever they came from then so be it. I support any country who protects its own national character and sovereignty.
    From what I understand about 80% of the people coming into Europe and the Americas are forces of military age men, not asylum seekers. Reports indicate there are very few women among them and even fewer children. When they do claim refugee status it is typically for economic reasons, not war. Let’s speak plainly. This is a planned invasion, not waves of immigrants.
    These operations appear to have been organized and funded by the infamous Mr. George Soros who has stated publicly that he wants to achieve a blended global society without borders. I disagree in the strongest terms with Soros and his One World Order ideas. He is a sociopathic criminal who should be behind bars along with fellow sociopaths Juncker, LaGarde et al, the enemies of free and sovereign people everywhere.
    Those true refugees whose lands are no longer under siege are voluntarily returning to their homes to put their lives back together. We (not the UN!) should give whatever supplies, labor and financial help they need to help get them started. They are proud people and will do the rest for themselves. I wish them well, and God’s abundant blessings.
    PLEASE HELP TOMMY ROBINSON! He has been transferred to the general population of a prison in Britain that houses 70% Muslim inmates. An Imam has issued a fatwa against him. This is a deliberate death sentence imposed on him by the British crown for being an “inconvenience” to them. He is guilty of defending young girls and trying to inform his people of pedo grooming gangs. Please share this far and wide. Tku!

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  9. I live in Sweden, the European country hardest hit by mass migration (counted per capita). At this point it is estimated that about 16% of the Swedish population is not born in Sweden.
    Sweden used to be a very peaceful, high trust and low crime society.
    Since mass migration to Sweden started in the early 1990s the crime and rape rate has exploded. Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe!
    In 2005 the statistics about migrants and crime were so alarming that the government had to act. Statistics showed that non European immigrants were highly overrepresented in violent crime. The obvious solution was to stop keeping statistics about ethnicity and crime. Since 2005 crime statistics have been cleansed of information about ethnicity and religion of the perpetrator, as these facts are deemed of as not significant! Now the burning question in Sweden becomes why Swedish men have become so aggressive and violent.
    Sweden used to have well functioning schools, healthcare and welfare, but now these systems are crumbling before my eyes. You have to wait for weeks, or even for months to see a Doctor! On top of this we have a bad housing crisis. All the migrants need homes, but it is much too expensive to build new housing. Thus the population grows much faster than the pool of available housing!
    Now you see Muslim women dressed in Muslim uniform wherever you go. “Swedish” girls are now forced to wear headscarves in school. Many migrants now live in parallel societies, where Swedish norms and laws do not apply!
    Then we have a culture of silence. Hate Speech laws make it difficult to voice your opinions on the Internet. Social pressure and ostracism makes it dangerous to speak to your friends and coworkers!
    The only political party who dare to speak about the problems (Sweden Democrats) are branded “populist” and “rightwing”, or flat out “evil”. I would not dare tell my friends or coworkers that i support the Sweden Democrats!

    I do not foresee a good future for Sweden! My old Sweden is gone and will never come back. Maybee in time something new and better will be born from the ruins of what was once Sweden, but that is far of into the future!

    About Italy, I think it is cruel to accept more immigrants than you can assimilate! A country should only accept those immigrants who are willing to assimilate and to contribute to the country. Hence Italy is doing the right thing!

    Lada, would you please make a Patreon calibration, and maybee a case study, about Sweden?

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    • Emil, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Sweden has been on my mind and I find it so important to hear from people like you versus what we receive from the media. My heart goes out to you and Sweden will be in my prayers.

      Lada, thank you for starting this conversation. It is this type of exchange that will help heal the world.

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  10. Emily Schneider-Waterberg

    Dear Lada, Yes, I believe Italy has been accepting a disproportionate number of refugees/migrants from the Middle East/Africa, without sufficient support from EU.

    But, having said this, it will soon (as soon as in the next year – to year and-a-half – mother nature will reverse this process, due to the catastrophic weather implications of the GSM (Grand Solar Minimum). I believe, that with the famine that will hit Europe, migrants will return “home”, or at least to a place where it is warmer than in Europe and where there is food (if they make it in time).

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  11. I agree in general with all above. Karma. Orchestration. The deliberate destruction of identities and cultures. Divide and conquer. But I would like europeans to see further and force their governants to help clean the mess they did in Africa and Middle East and create the conditions to the migrants to come back home. Unfortunately, they are pawns of a bigger play and contribute to the divide and conquer play…

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  12. At least for the time being… but all of Europe had to pay karmic retribution for all the harm they did to the world, esp 3rd world nations. I think France should pick up the slack… I don’t see enough migrants camped out on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées to serve as perpetual reminder of their actions! 😉

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  13. Ppl, please LIKE Lada’s posts if you find the information of value… this feedback is necessary to show appreciation for all her hard work and where she should focus on to help you! Thanks everyone. 🙂

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  14. Certainly, a topic which is on people mind, Lada!

    About Italy. Each country has the right to say yes or no. Including WHO they let in. Today, a mass murdering adventurer and a single mother, who really needs a new home, will have equal right to get asylum.

    NO to EU/Macron. Who likes EU today, really? It seems impossible to rid of the beast. We have created a monster just by voting. The intention was good, but the ultimate result is fascism.

    Many migrants? Common sense is that migrants are welcome if they work, get integrated, learn the language, behave well, and contribute to the society.

    The increasing number of examples on the opposite is just a fact. Migrants know how to suck the welfare system dry and they even get paid legal assistance, so they are aware of their rights. I would do the same. But the system was never built for that purpose.

    Karma or stupidity? Is it fair to say that the common hard-working man or woman deserve this? The French baker who made baguettes all his life, does he deserve it? Many were in good faith. But sociopaths in Government, MSM and tax-paid intellectuals screwed and manipulated the sheeple. How? by taxing and indebting them and sending the money to the Ponzi-scheme welfare systems, NATO, EU, etc. – a never-ending list. Is it fair to say that because the sheeple is too stupid or lazy or just too tired to understand, in this way they deserve karma?

    I live in Europe with my family, and I do not want to see it go down. Some are my friends are talking about becoming migrants themselves, if the country continues to collapse. I want to see a migration we can realistically handle. No EU, human right convention or anything should prevent us from regulating the flow.

    Other things which I think could help

    Globalisation has exported many manual jobs, which could be handled by migrants and people without a job. Nothing wrong with a manual job, I had quite a few.
    Cut the tax (50+ % in my country) and kill some of the welfare system and stupid taxpayer funded activities – we cannot afford it anyhow. Lower paid job must be taxed very little, so people can take care of themselves.
    Convert EU completely into a simple trade and coorporation organisation
    Prohibit countries from borrowing and sending the bill to the children
    Keep all the good things, like free education and medical systems, taking care of the elderly and people with needs.
    Maybe we get slightly poorer materially, but that does not really matter. And this could be part of the solution (the others get richer and like to buy from us)
    Get everybody to contribute, from young to old, in that way we will get a rich (not materially) society where also migrants can participate and quickly become integrated.

    Wonder how you see it play out Lada??

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  15. actually it is all very simple. It is illegal to enter Europe without a permit. Basta! Take a look at Australia, they had te same problems and did the same thing. If you want to search asylum in Australia, you will have to apply throught the right channels and get a permit before you come to the country. If you come without a permit you are doing something illegal and are not permitted to enter. Furthermore, the only people who really benefit from the existing situation are the human traffickers. Criminals! The EU likes to work with criminals, because they are criminals themselves. But we the citizens of Europe are the dupe and we take this not any longer. War fugitives can go to the fugitive camps in their own country and fill in the application forms. As soon as their application is accepted they can come. No human trafficking needed!If they are not accepted, then there must be a good reason for that.


  16. I absolutely agree with new Italian government, that they need to close ports for new migrants. They already have more of them than they could live them. But I would like to touch a point, which is never mentioned regarding migrants. We all know, that those migrants are mostly males from 20 to 35 years old. Females are rare. I don’t know, how many people know it, but it is a fact, that in last generation, that is 25 to 30 years, around 200 million women are missing because of gendercid with aborting female fetuses. Those migrants come exactly from regions, where males and females are unballanced in last generation and they have to many young males. What we see now is only the beginning, majority of this too big male population is still in kindergarten and school age. Of course nature will return humankind back in balance, but in nature it is usually by cruel and painful way to die out, what is out of balance. But what solution will humanity find? Who knows, but LGBT indoctrination, which globalists enforced on Europeans, for sure is not a solution.

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    • Careful! I warned no ‘phobias’ of any sort here! Only reason and logic allowed! This includes slapping labels. We have some nice, very awakened and enlightened followers who are gay. Be respectful of everyone, like I am!

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    • And let’s not resort to the crutch of pop-conspiracy theories either. This makes your argument look weak, not strong.

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