India Quickly Becoming Russia’s Most Significant Partner in South Asia

So, what’s going on with India? Somehow this huge country, with a large and growing economy, and a member of the BRICS to boot, is often missed in our articles and reports. This will be changing soon.

Good video report to watch:


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  1. Very interesting indeed, especially given that both India and Pakistan are now full members of the SCO. It would be interesting to know, in an overarching sense, whether Japan will start to peel away from the NWO. I know they have made noises in the past to do so, but then Fukushima put an end to that, as I understand it.


    • Japan is definitely ‘peeling off.’ I think we discussed it on Patreon. May return to this in future. The dynamics is positive, but problems remain.


  2. Based on past actions, Modi might never be suspected of making the right decision ultimately. However, the elevating influence of China/Russia is changing everything and everybody.


  3. Yes, I also think it will, Lada. I work in an Indian company. Many opportunities. A very nice people.

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