Stereotypes Crushed by #Russia2018 World Cup: Neat Senegal Fans Clean up Their Mess; Swiss Fans Urinate in Public; Russians and Brits Hug #ЧМ2018

Yesterday a shocking video of the Swiss fans urinating in public was circulated.

I like this new video much better: Senegal fans neatly clean up their mess after match is over. HIGH CLASS!

Russians and Brits hug after Russia scores 3:1 against Egypt – AND THAT’S CLASS TOO!

With much incredulity, British fans also noted how warmly they were met by Russian hosts in Volgograd, where the British team played their first match. Although, due to the negative media coverage in the UK and the scare tactics of the British political establishment, very few British fans showed up. And, I am sorry to say, there apparently were a few English fans who threatened to ‘make WWIII for Russians in Volgograd!’ (Link to source.)

And to close this post, an important moment in history to remember!

Volgograd used to be known as Stalingrad. Even schoolchildren in the UK would (hopefully) know about the Battle of Stalingrad during WWII. But what most people don’t know is that the historic grassroots drive to help the defenders of Stalingrad took place in 1942 in the city of Coventry, UK. Men and women took part in gathering money and resources and donating what they could, and even children sold their toys and clothes to help out. They gathered over 4 thousand pounds (over 200,000 pounds today). As a result, Coventry and Stalingrad became the world’s first sister-cities (Russian: goroda pobratimi), starting the global sister-city (gorod pobratim) phenomenon.

Many sister-cities would later appear all over the world. Today, Coventry and Volgograd remain sister-cities – the very first of their kind. Too bad the British so easily forget that.

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  1. At times, I’ve wondered why Russiya would have wanted to host the Cup. But now I see how a successful international event like this can probably have very far reaching effects in terms of building good will and countering black propaganda. Here’s hoping and praying that the games continue to be a success.

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  2. Add to that Lada that the British have never had their land invaded in force by an armed opponent since 1066. They would not forget so quickly if it had happened recently. Though what they do not acknowledge now is that they are being invaded by 38 tear old “children” and MSM is keeping mighty quiet about that. I await more truth being slowly revealed and it must get to the stage where even the most dim-witted must start realising they’ve been had by their leaders. I’m glad that Russia is running such a brilliant world cup, even though I’m not a football fan. I wonder if there will be some sort of quiet payback to the West for all their antics in the run-up to the event. All the best, Robert

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  3. High class indeed!
    Nice to learn about Stalingrad-Coventry. I didn’t know…

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