Remember how UK warned its fans not to go to ‘scary’ Russia? British fans give Nazi salutes in Russia’s Volgograd (Stalingrad)

Disgusting moment caught on camera! How far has ‘the democratic and civilized’ UK fallen? How much lower will it still fall? That’s the country whose politicians and MSM were scaring its fans into not going to Russia ‘because Russia is so mean and people there are so frightfully aggressive.’ UK was the country that engineered the whole Skripal false flag to paint a negative image of Russia with the goal of sabotaging #Russia2018 FIFA World Cup.

Now the pendulum swings all the way back and karma becomes a real bitch, as the world sees UK for what it really is…

What’s really amazing is this: in the comment section of the video below some Brits called these provocative Nazi salutes made in the city that suffered most from WWII, ‘freedom of speech.’ And then they wonder what’s wrong with their country.

See more on that in my previous post:

And this is another video, dispelling the negative stigma of Russia some in the UK/West so eagerly wanted to generate:

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  1. Дејан Алексиќ

    Yes, freedom of speech when you are insulting others, and total censorship when someone points at your evil deeds, especially your noble tradition – pedophilia.
    Incredible how this most evil country still exists and manages to continue the destruction of everything decent.
    Karma is a bitch, but I’m begining to suspect her timing and righteousness…

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    • I agree, pedophilia is an ongoing problem in the West and Middle East where It is culturally acceptable practice to take on very young brides, but in the West it is a perversion perpetrated by political and financial elites who subverted every part of government, the courts, and the police state. Talk about hypocritical corruption gone amok!


  2. Your point of view about the UK is noted and reconfirmed here:
    …all roads in Russiagate lead to London, not, be it noted, Moscow…Alexander Mercouris via &

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