Ukrainian Intelligence in Panic: Too Many Ukrainians Cheer on Russian Soccer Team at World Cup

I’ve told you about this phenomenon in my previous post on the Calibrations of Ukraine. And here’s a confirmation. People in Ukraine watching Russia2018 World Cup and cheering for Russia broke all records. It is especially striking since Kiev junta/Poroshenko announced the ‘boycott’ of the Russian World Cup. Pay attention to the cheering for the Russian team scene in Odessa at 3:20.


**Per Kiev’s intelligence (SBU), Odessa is next to secede. More here: QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS: Ukraine, Poroshenko and Ukrainian Army (with many important updates & predictions)

We also have this advanced Multidimensional post regarding Poroshenko and Ukraine: Multidimensional Method of ‘Defeating’ the Energy Vampire And Another Timeline Correction

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  1. I just hit the enter button on the Patreon page on just this matter the nano second your post arrived in my mailbox. That’s synchronicity!! Here is an excerpt on what I wrote concerning the World cup.

    I believe the World Cup in Russia is having a tremendous effect in the Ukraine maybe even more so than in any other country. I just saw a Russian clip of many Ukrainians cheering for the Russian team and what’s great is that the Kiev cabal can’t censor the games because let’s face it it’s the World Cup. I may be being over optimistic but the World Cup in Russia may be one of the most important catalysts in the awakening of the Ukrainian consciousness and making the Ukrainians realize that they and Russians are one people.

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    • Awesome! Total synchronicity. I am also pubbing a new post tomorrow morning on Patreon, with calibrations for Russia2018 World Cup, and they are crazy high! Best thing, the post will be free for everyone!
      FT subscribers! if you are not my Patreon patrons, you can still read and enjoy it – look for it July 4!

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    • LOL, who else would Ukrainians cheer for? Ukro-Nazis couldn’t even cheer on the US, perhaps Poland but they’re out as well. Alas, Ukrainians are starting to remember their roots and identify as Rus! 🙂



    Japan team leave a thank you note in Russian and clean up their locker room after their devastating loss. Nice gesture to their hosts who made this the best word cup I’ve seen.

    Also many members of the Croatian team play in Russia and love it there.

    Vedran Corluka now plays for Lokomotiv Moscow and assistant coach Ivica Olic, a hero at CSKA Moscow, was awarded the Russian Order of Friendship.

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