Four+ Years of Maidan: Ukraine’s Disaster in Pictures and Words

Out of many pictures I could have picked to illustrate the true state of affairs in Ukraine between 2014 and 2018, I decided to select these.

Ukraine Kiev Maidan

This was the center of Kiev, the Independence Square, during 2013-14 ‘peaceful protests’

Ukraine Maidan

Ukraine Maidan: ‘let’s burn everything down, maybe our lives will improve’

Ukraine maidan 2

Kiev Miadan: ‘peaceful’ ukro-nazi protesters get ready to crush with excavator the huddled together, unarmed police. The ‘peaceful pro-West protesters’ will also burn, beat, torture and shoot those policemen, who’ll happen to be unlucky enough to get in their way. The Ukraine police would become one of the first victims of the violent ukro-nazi Maidan.

ukraine no life left

Ukraine: ‘no life left’

Ukraine Odessa May 2 massacre

Odessa May 2 massacre (over 48, by some accounts over 100, people burned alive)

Ukraine - Donbass war Lisichanck

Lisichansk: Donbass war destruction, peaceful homes bombed by Kiev


Lugansk humanitarian disaster: no gas, no light, no water — infrastructure destroyed by Kiev

Meantime, Poroshenko, Kiev junta and MSM continue trying to convince Ukraine’s population and the West that Russia attacked Ukraine and it’s all Putin’s fault.

Ukraine’s new JOKE:

They told us it will be a disaster if Putin comes. Disaster came, but where is Putin?


These graphs and pics show the truth:

Ukraine corruption index

Ukraine corruption index: corruption on the rise every year since Maidan


Ukraine vs Africa monthly wage

After 4+ years of the regime installed by Maidan, the minimum monthly wage in Ukraine in dollar terms is presently lower than in poorest African and Asian countries.

As the Bandera ukro-nazi greeting goes, now depicted all over Ukraine and repeated by Poroshenko and other officials: ‘Glory to Ukraine, glory to heroes!’ 

Corruption through the roof, currency collapse, no jobs, country on fire and torn apart by various forces, but if you join the ukro-nazi Svoboda, ‘right sector’ or similar organizations, you’ll be well taken care of.

Ukraine nazis torch marchUkraine Bandera Nazis march with torches

Ukraine collapse

Bridge collapses in the center of Kiev

Ukraine Kiev homeless

Poverty & homelessness in Kiev, showcase city of Ukraine

Ukraine maidanutaya

‘Maidanutaya’, or a ‘pot-head’ – roughly translated as a ‘brainless Maidan supporter,’ with a typical Maidan kitchen pot on her head. It doesn’t matter if you are poor or homeless; in Ukraine all that matters is that you are a proud Ukrainian patriot brainwashed against Russia. If so, you’ve arrived! The only question is where?..

So, the disaster is upon Ukraine, yet Putin is nowhere in sight. But guess who is found all over Kiev and Ukraine…

Ukraine Poroshenko

Aspiring to be ‘European’: Ukraine’s Poroshenko and much admired by him EU flag

Ukraine Poroshenko EU

Poroshenko and Donald Tusk, Poland, current nominal head of EU, laughing during the prayer for Ukraine

Ukraine Nuland Kiev Maidan

Here’s the infamous Victoria Nuland, USA’s Asst. State Secretary, architect of the Kiev Maidan and resulting coup, giving away cookies on Maidan 2014, together with US ambassador Pyatt

Ukraine Poroshenko Baiden

Poroshenko and US Vice President Joe Biden, who was in charge of Ukraine during his White House tenure, and who often infamously presided over Ukraine government’s sessions.


Special 4D Geopolitics/Lada Ray Predictions 

Earth Shift Report 23 




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  1. Heartbreaking, to see the country destroyed and the leaders laughing…

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  2. Not to say, that Ukraine lost more than half of their army in Donbass. Not much is said about defeat of Ukrainian army in May this year in their failed offensive around Gorlovka. It could be a good reason, that they didn’t start any big provocation in time of World Championship in Russia. It is now a difficult choice for Poroshenko to start a war in front of elections and be defeated by Novorussian army or not to start a war and loose elections. Ukraine, as it is now, will not last long, one way or another.

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  3. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Powerful retrospective. The girl walking around in the ruins is wearing a GUESS top. Guess who staged the maidan/ coup that destroyed her country… she hasn’t a clue. 😦
    That says it all about American imperialism.


  4. Wow, a picture is worth a thousand words! A powerful depiction of the truth of the situation. Thanks Lada,


  5. Very sad. Sometimes you need to see the pictures for it to hit home 😦


  6. After Iraq, Libya and Syria, I really admire N. Korea and Iran for waking up and not falling into the same trap. Sadly Lenin Moreno of Ecuador has learn this lesson…. yet.
    Th world has to ban together to resist this unjustified American “exceptionalism”, Trump is doing pretty well containing the deep state and controlling the collapse while (trying) to prevent WW3.

    Even fluff piece about Bolton from MSM hold seeds of truth!
    Regardless of whether the far-right is sold on obliterating Iran and North Korea, Trump fanboys are eager to see Bolton go nuclear on the Washington establishment. “Bolton is an institutional radical,” said Welch, drawing from his numerous conversations with Bolton over the years. The former ambassador openly aired his disdain for the State Department, where he once worked, calling for it to be purged of the career diplomats he has suggested are working against American interests. “He’s got a strong knife-fighter’s sense of reforming old kind of flaccid bureaucracies,” Welch observed, predicting that Bolton would shake up the N.S.C. ”It’s going to be a sea change,” enthused Posobiec, who accused McMaster of having “undermined” Trump. Unlike his previous national security adviser, Bolton shares Trump’s skepticism of any governmental body, domestic or international, that would try to “assert that there are these norms that the president ought to be respecting,” said Foster. For a president constantly threatening to pull out of multilateral agreements and international trade deals, while tweeting his frustration about being hamstrung by Congress, Bolton—who once declared that there was no such thing as the “United Nations”—could not be a more perfect match.


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