US backpedals on Trump-Putin Summit! (ESR23 surprise addition)

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ESR23 #4 Per Predictions: US backpedals on Trump-Putin Summit! (ESR23 surprise addition) 

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SURPRISE INSTALLMENT 5: A Mystery of Russian FM Lavrov & Gen. Gerasimov’s Visit to ​Merkel, Macron & Netanyahu (Plus: BRICS Summit & Turkey) 


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Hmm… No rest for the weary. That Dark State is extra-hard at work (my much more appropriate term to substitute for ‘Deep State’) and they are simply refusing to let me take a break! My new Spiritual Spa PAST LIFE RELEASE & CUTTING CORD MEDITATION yesterday was supposed to be my last post till next week. I was already anticipating a big weekend after all my hard work on ESR23!

First came all the flip-flops by the US and then, the surprise EU/Israel tour by Lavrov and Gerasimov…

My predictions on Helsinki and Trump began materializing with a lightning speed and much faster anyone could imagine! All of them at once: that Trump is in a fight for his life throughout this presidency and that a big improvement in Russia-US relations is not possible during his presidency (ESW1); that Trump had nothing of substance to offer Russia and that he would flip-flop and backtrack as soon as he returned from Helsinki ( Patreon); that the infamous Dark State straitjacket would snap back in place upon his return (ESR23); the fact that Russians do not trust the US any more (See FT posts and Patreon); as well as my predictions about continuous timeline shifts during this Earth Shift. And of course, my prediction about the blood moon lunar super-eclipse in Aquarius on July 27 and that it would affect Russia, whose ruling sign is Aquarius, and Trump, with his Leo ascendant (ESR22).

For all of that, see ESR22, ESR23 and my June Patreon articles on Trump and Helsinki predictions.

After coming back to the US, Trump’s straitjacket snapped back in place with a vengeance. Trump, Bolton and Pompeo completely flip-flopped and entirely backtracked on everything and anything that was discussed in Helsinki.

Trump flipped on ‘Russian interference in US elections’ and denied he ever said he distrusted US intelligence agencies.

Pompeo and the US State Dept came out with one of the harshest since Cold War declarations regarding Crimea: ‘Crimea is Ukraine, Russia annexed it and this puts Russia ‘in isolation’ because Russia is ‘not respecting the sovereignty of other countries.’ Just imagine the hypocrisy: says the country, which destroyed Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, not to mention, Ukraine; says the country that orchestrated regime change in dozens of countries.

Bolton has outdone everyone. First, Trump and the White House very loudly announced an invitation for the Russian President to visit Washington in the fall of 2018. Trump asked Bolton to issue OFFICIAL INVITATION TO PUTIN, which Bolton did yesterday. And less than a day later, the same Bolton revoked said invitation, after the Dark State and neocons told the White House to do so.

And incidentally, remember I predicted years ago (2014-15) that the 20th century divisions on conservatives and liberals are in the past and that neocons and neoliberals would be hardly distinguishable in their attitudes and views, especially where it concerns Russia and other countries not under the US umbrella. We are seeing all this play out as the Inverted Collapse /  EARTH SHIFT unfold. 

Load off, my dear readers! All of you who left your concerned comments and wrote to me that Putin should under no circumstances go to Washington because it’s a trap — you can sleep well, knowing Putin isn’t going. As I was telling you in ESR23, Putin and Russians know what they are doing and Russian intelligence works very well.

It wasn’t by accident that neither Putin nor the Kremlin reacted to Trump/Bolton’s invitation, watching skeptically all those Washington flip-flops. Neither did Russia react to Bolton revoking the invitation Putin never accepted. In fact, USA’s dialogue on Putin’s Washington visit appeared to have been… a US monologue.


These monologues, suspiciously resembling the infighting, will continue and intensify inside the Western camp, the US itself and Trump’s Administration, as the Inverted Collapse continues to unfold.

There is more to the story, and I’ll continue telling it to you as the GREAT EARTH SHIFT and the Inverted Collapse develop.

Let me just give you a primer of the deeper meanings of some things:

1. Either Bolton or Pompeo was murmuring something about Trump scheduling a possible meeting with Putin next January, after they put enough pressure on Russia through new demands and sanctions. But you know, it takes two to tango. Who knows if Putin will be in the mood.

2. I am observing the US reactions, and I clearly see that they are all in shock over how cleverly Putin and Russia took over the initiative at Helsinki. They are now fighting a desperate rear action.

Read latest on Patreon: How Putin Took Away Trump’s Initiative & Led the Helsinki Summit in New Direction (& more on the Mystery of Trump, Earth Shift Agent Extraordinaire)

This is also the INSTALLMENT 3 of ESR23! <Click to read the whole report!

3. US is still very powerful and dangerous, and the Dark State never sleeps. As US backtracks on any and all connections with Russia, which Trump and Putin tried to re-establish in Helsinki, the US arms manufacturers receive new government orders for hundreds of millions worth of new Javelin hand-held missile launchers to be supplied to Ukraine, Baltics, Turkey and more.

4. Meanwhile, as US backtracked on deals, Russian FM Lavrov and Chief of Gen. Staff Gerasimov did a surprise tour of Israel, Germany and France, where they met with Netanyahu, Merkel and Macron. Syria and Ukraine were on the agenda. Separate Patreon article is coming.

5. US is doing a new round of muscle flexing, threatening Russia with more sanctions. The new rounds of sanctions are supposed to introduce a new, bigger than before pressure by the US/West against Russia’s rich and ex-oligarchs. The new sanctions will also target Russian sovereign debt and finance sector. NOTE! Can’t even blame neoliberals for that; it’s all US neocon idea — draw your own conclusions!

6. Reacting to US threats, Russia sold off over $80 bln in US treasuries, leaving only $14,8 bln, citing risks due to US cavalier attitudes and escalating sanctions. Russia used to own nearly $100 bln in US treasuries, which was widely criticized in Russia. This is actually over one-week-old news, which made it to the dinosaur US MSM only now. This old news has infuriated Trump, who knows that there are fewer and fewer buyers for US debt. This sell-off was long in the making, but I guess no one gave Trump the memo before the Summit. (This speaks volumes of how poorly US and West’s intel gathering works — yet another sign of the collapse, which we’ll discuss in upcoming article on Lavrov/Gerasimov EU tour.)

The sell-off of treasuries is connected to the revocation of Putin’s invite, which Putin appears to have not noticed.

As I was telling you in ESR23:

Putin brilliantly utilized the Helsinki Summit to advertize to the world Russia’s new initiatives on Syria and Ukraine/Donbass!



You’ve read my recent Patreon article:

ESR23 #4 Per Predictions: US backpedals on Trump-Putin Summit! (ESR23 surprise addition)








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  1. Sorry to be dense, but I don’t understand what “continuous timeline shifts during this Earth Shift” means. I understand the Earth Shift, more or less. But these timeline shifts are a complete mystery to me. So there are multiple (how many?) versions of us and our world existing now, and they interact and then, at some point, resolve and come back together?

    Maybe it isn’t important to understand what’s going on at the moment, but I think it would be useful to explain what this means at some point. Thanks for all your work.


    • We actually have discussed the timeline shifts on Patreon. Pop term: the Mandela effect.

      But you are right, and we will be doing something dedicated this topic in the fall. It may be in the form of a new Lada Ray Q&A on Patreon.

      P.S. There are no ‘multiple versions of us’. It’s just an American scifi BS, based on 3D consciousness and to sell more books and movies. We experience something very different. But it’s a long story. More soon.


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