How Putin Took Away Trump’s Initiative & Led the Helsinki Summit in New Direction (& more on the Mystery of Trump, Earth Shift Agent Extraordinaire)

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Despite my earlier skepticism (expressed in my 6/27/18 article mentioned below), I have to say I am impressed by both Putin and Trump’s performances at the Helsinki Summit. To be sure, I’m, more impressed by Putin’s than by Trump’s performance, but they both did an A job (in my book, Putin gets A++), in the circumstances dealt to them by the Dark State and Western establishment.

Putin and Trump took a huge cart of lemons thrown at them from all directions, and together, they managed to produce some pretty impressive and delicious lemonade. 

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Were my predictions founded? All in all, the summit went exactly as predicted in terms of my main predictions that US has nothing to offer Russia, and that Trump has much more vested interest in this summit, than Putin. However, my analysis was done based on assumption that Trump would be the one initiating, and that the US would be the country that would try to recruit Russia as an ally. These assumptions still stand, but as I told you in THE BIG MAIN REPORT, Helsinki Summit and its consequences are very complex and controversial. The consequences of the Summit are bound to branch out in different directions, and the timeline shifts will continue occurring, all thanks to the enormously earth-shifting time, in which we live.

I am confident that taking the lead of the Helsinki Summit was in fact US President Donald Trump’s initial idea. And I am even more sure that the Russian President, Grand Master Vladimir Putin, LET Trump and his advisors, as well as the whole world, believe Trump would be the one leading the agenda, the same way Trump led the agenda during earlier NATO Summit in Brussels and UK meeting with Theresa May.

And that is why Putin is Putin (by the way, I explain how Putin works in ESW6: THE PUTIN ENIGMA).

Trump gave everyone a nice and thorough preview of what was to come by showing us all how he treated his EU, UK and NATO allies. Trump was assertive, if not aggressive, and I’ve heard rumors he even made Angela Merkel cry when he attacked her in absentia regarding Nord Stream-2, including his bizarre assertion that ‘Russia occupies Germany.’ In short, throughout his entire European tour, Trump looked like a pushy but undisputed leader, while the EU/UK/NATO elites with trepidation awaited to be told what to do. As a confirmation, read on FT: Trump at His Best at NATO Summit: The Ultimatum to EU, Russian Gas Scandal and Rift With Merkel!)
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Why and how I know Trump was actually preparing to LEAD Helsinki Summit, but was unable to do so, as Putin took away his initiative: Strange behavior by Trump, Bolton and Pompeo & how it goes with my predictions

PROOF 1:  Remember the initial joint press statement by Putin and Trump, which took place before their 2+ hour tet-a-tet talks? During that brief opening presser, Putin said only a few words, while Trump went on and on for several minutes, going as far as mentioning ‘our mutual friend’ Xi and China, as a topic of future discussion with Putin. China and Xi were in fact never on the preliminary agenda of the Helsinki talks, surprising analysts, and causing much alarm in China. I personally listened to that presumption with raised eyebrows. It should have been clear that Putin would not discuss China and Xi behind their back, and without a necessary heads up, due to Russia’s very special and close relationship with that country. We know that topic was breached by Trump during confidential talks, per our discussion in THE BIG REPORT. But how far has Trump gotten?

PROOF 2:  A recent White House leak suggested that Trump’s advisors prepared hundreds of pages of guidance on how Trump should conduct himself at the Summit. The guidance suggested that Trump was to strongly pressure Putin, attack and criticize him, demanding various things on the US agenda. It was assumed that this would be Trump’s stance, but he simply did not follow these instructions.

Also, let’s recall the curious appointments of Bolton as main advisor and Mike Pompeo as State Secretary. Both are known to be some of the biggest Russophobes in existence, yet they both behaved relatively neutrally at the Summit. At the very least, they didn’t spew hatred left and right, and both pretty much let it be known that their own views notwithstanding, they will be loyal to Trump and serve at his pleasure. Nevertheless, when Russian journalists tried to approach Bolton for a comment, he shook his head, silently and gently holding his finger to his mouth (no comment). What really surprised Russians was that he did it gently. Pompeo, when approached, simply walked away with a stone face, as if not seeing Russian journalists.

Another observation of the same strange behavior: Putin gave a big interview to American MSM (see my FT analysis: Extremely RUDE AMERICAN ‘journalist’ keeps interrupting Putin, not letting him say a word + MY INSIDE RUSSIAN INTEL! #Helsinki2018). Yet, Trump DID NOT give an interview to the Russian media, which Russians didn’t very much like.


All three were afraid to talk to the Russian press for fear of being accused of colluding with Russia. This yet again confirms my ESR16 and ESW1 predictions (2016-17) that Trump continues being confined by the Dark State to a STRAITJACKET, severely limiting his moves. Yet, at the same time, he is trying to work around this confinement in order to fulfill as many of his election promises as he can, with varied result. He has more successes on the domestic front than on the international front, with Russia being the most sore point. Despite all that, what he is able to do is already a monumental leap forward. This is why I call Trump the Earth Shift agent extraordinaire, even if he is unaware of his true role.

Another conclusion is that the US continues following the Inverted Collapse trajectory of the USSR (per my predictions made in ESW2: INVERTED COLLAPSE and The Time of Russia predictions made in ESW4: PERIOD 8 PREDICTIONS).

During The Time of Russia – Inverted Collapse, we are observing a very interesting phenomenon: Russia and Putin have assumed an open to the world position, which the USA once – during its heyday – enjoyed. Meanwhile, the USA and its leaders maintain the closed-up to the world position the old Soviet leaders once were confined to: no interviews to foreign press, accompanied by a stone-faced silence.

Add to that extreme fear and suspicion of the other side. Although I have to say that the US was always hysterical and paranoid about Russia and the USSR, while the USSR was a lot more relaxed and Russian people were not fed as much hatred towards the US as Americans were. There were no silly school drills, such as those described to me by my American followers of a certain age (eg., hiding under your desk in case of a Russian nuclear attack). In the USSR no one built individual nuclear bunkers in their backyards; no US-style cold war hysteria was prominent in Soviet MSM. I happen to know all this for a fact, having grown up in the USSR. Sure, there still was a great deal of antagonism, but it was very measured, and as is usually displayed by Russia the Great Balancer, reasonable. Just like today, it was fact-based. Overall, it was very significantly less, compared to the USA’s.​

How Putin turned around the Helsinki Summit to lead it in a new direction

Putin managed to turn around the Summit’s agenda in a new direction by making those brilliant billion-dollar offers to Trump, which I described in detail for you in THE BIG REPORT. Putin gave Trump some serious passes and a leg up. And he said very clearly in the end, ‘Now the ball is in your court.’ Putin’s gifts and his leg up shocked and completely turned around the entire Summit. There was absolutely no way Trump could behave the way his advisors suggested.

But there were deeper reasons as well…



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ESR23 #3: How Putin Took Away Trump’s Initiative & Led the Helsinki Summit in New Direction (& more on the Mystery of Trump, Earth Shift Agent Extraordinaire) 


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ESR23 #3: How Putin Took Away Trump’s Initiative & Led the Helsinki Summit in New Direction (& more on the Mystery of Trump, Earth Shift Agent Extraordinaire) 

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  1. Nothing went for US dark state as they planed. Syria is winning against US-Saudi terrorists and war is slowly comming to the end. But what is more interesting is the fact, that a new hot spot is brewing in Zakarpatje in western Ukraine between Hungary and Ukraine. In Ukraine are now realizing, that Hungary, Poland and Romania prepare partitioning of western Ukraine, what mean if Ukraine go in war with them, Ukraine will be in war with NATO members. Ukrainian army now is not able to win a war against Novorussian army, but with the socond front in the west Ukraine will be in the real trouble as they will need to take their units from Novorussian front and drive them to the western part, what will make Ukrainian army weak on both fronts. Ukraine will be soon partitioned and will remain in Kiev and some central oblasts. Loosing in both Syria and Ukraine will be a relly hard blow for US dark state.


  2. This is not all. US also started sanctions war with Turkey and now Turkey want to arrest US officers in Incirlik air base in Turkey for their activities in failed cup against Erdogan. I think it will not last long, when US will have to leave Turkey and close their bases. That will be a big change for ME.


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