Gas Wars & Nord Stream-2 vs Focus on Developing the Domestic Market: Huge Russian Natural Gas Market Still Untapped

Gasprom gas routes

This is an interesting twist when it comes to Nord Stream-2 and other Gasprom’s international gas projects. It is a very good idea for Germany and other EU countries to secure their quantities of the Russian gas now, while it’s available. Russia may be redirecting some of her natural gas to China and Asia, and even the US is now buying Russian LNG gas. Since last year several tankers already quietly delivered Russian gas to the USA’s East Coast, and more are expected. Imagine the paradox: this is happening despite all of USA’s muscle flexing in regards to EU/Germany, so they would buy the fracking LNG gas from the US, instead of Russian gas through Nord Stream-2. This, of course, is a typical geopolitical intimidation, so that EU/Germany toe the line the US wants.

But there is another competitor to foreign consumers of the Russian natural gas, and it is Russia’s own domestic gas market. The most spread out and the largest northern country in the world, with areas where it was impractical to provide gasification, now such untapped internal gas markets are set to begin developing.

Gasification plans are being drawn in Russia, quietly for now. In the next several years we’ll see a growth of Russian domestic natural gas consumption. When the explosion happens, it may be a very different energy spread.

One interesting signal was given by Putin during his latest Annual Q&A. Replying to a question, he said that Russia is best positioned to develop the new types of energy based on natural gas, instead of oil. This includes the cars running on gas, instead of oil or electricity. Natural gas is much cleaner and better for the environment than oil (unless it is extracted through the harmful chemicalized, invasive fracking process, as it is done in the US, but not in Russia).



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  1. Oh the irony of the US buying Russian LNG. How sweet! I hope this news travels fast in Germany.

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  2. You know it’s feels much better to laugh at, to mock and to ridicule the perpetrators of injustice and lies then it is to hate. I’m beyond hate and my stress level is so much better. I just have to look in amazement as to the idiocy of political life here in the west.

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  4. Russia needs to invest more heavily in solar – which they can do cheaply with China’s help. If they care about the survival of the human species, they need to leave the natural gas in the ground.


    • Why don’t you start with yourself! Do you drive a car? Does it run on gasoline/oil, or on solar? Do you use gas in your house for heating or cooking? Or solar? Alternatively, do you use electricity for all that? (And do some research how electricity is actually produced in your country, which I understand is the USA – I guarantee it’s very far from solar!) Or do you use solar for all your needs such as heating, cooking and airconditioning?
      If you are 100% solar ONLY, then you have some right to give advice to others, if not, this is just plain hypocrisy.

      Start using 100% solar, ‘if you care about the survival of the human species.’ If you don’t, then it would seem YOU don’t care, so start with yourself before judging others.

      Re. ‘the help from China’ – educate yourself first and do some research: China is THE MOST polluted (or one of) country in the world. Russia is one of the LESS polluted countries in the world. You also obviously have no idea about Russian breakthroughs in solar and Tesla energy coils.

      My EDUCATED advice to you: talk about things you know something about.

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      • Good reply, Lada.
        Besides, solar energy makes sense where there is an abundance of the light-hours throughout the year – that is at the latitudes of Kazakhstan and southwards.
        A much cleaner alternative is, actually, nuclear, provided it is done responsibly and using the latest technology, where Russia is at the forefront.


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