A Tiny Russian Girl with Huge Mystical Talent: My Collection of Songs by 9-year-old Yaroslava Degtyariova

I didn’t misspeak in the title. I did mean ‘mystical talent’, although her talent is ‘musical’ at the very same time. I feel like talking about the amazing mysticism of Russian music and art, and I hope to do a number of posts on that.

I subscribe to only two singer’s channels on YouTube. One is a ‘people’s singer’ Yaroslav Sumishevsky, who organizes magnificent flashmobs, who has a beautiful heart and lovely voice, while being largely ignored by Russian TV (but this is beginning to change under the pressure from his fans). I love his energy and songs, and I may at some point feature him on Futurist Trendcast.

The only other singer’s channel I subscribed to recently is that of the 9-year-old Yaroslava Degtyariova (the same first name is a coincidence… or not), a little girl with a giant presence. There is something very Vedic (See Forbidden History Webinars) and something very mystical in the high-consciousness sense about these two.

As part of our Multidimensional University /Multidimensional Healing & Activation (MDU/MHAP) on Patreon we just recently were discussing the nature of charisma and where it comes from (see HERE). This little girl’s charisma comes not from the lower chakras, but from her unspoiled heart and her light, along with the personal power she radiates. A very rare occurrence indeed, characteristic of the higher-dimensional souls.

She stole the hearts of millions in 2016, when at 7 years of age she entered the Russian children’s competition ‘Golos’ – ‘The Voice.’ She became a finalist, but didn’t win. Yet, Yaroslava Degtyariova’s blind audition video has been the most watched ever children’s Voice video on YouTube. This tiny girl shocked everyone by her blind audition song choice. She picked a very adult and serious song ‘CUCKOO’ by the Russian singer Viktor Tsoi, who was a sort of Russian Bob Dylan, and who was killed in the ’90s. Last time I saw it, the original video of Yaroslava’s first performance had over 57 million views.

A bit of the lyrics translation: ‘My Sun, look at me! My hand has formed a fist! And if there is still gunpowder left, give me fire, and so be it!’

Yaroslava Degtyariova, CUCKOO, blind auditions at children’s Golos (the Voice), Russia, 2016. Ярослава Дегтярёва – Кукушка (Слепые прослушивания, Голос.Дети-3)


Despite not being the Golos winner, it is Yaroslava who has become the most requested child singer in Russia. At 9 she performs everywhere alongside the big names, from her native city of Rostov, to the recent opening of the Crimean Bridge and the Kremlin Palace.

Iconic Russian/Soviet world peace and anti-war song ‘CRANE ON THE ROOF’, Yaroslava Degtyariova, Valentina Biryukova and the children’s group Neposedi. The nationwide Day of Love, Family & Fidelity concert, July 8 2018, Murom, Vladimir Oblast.

A bit of the lyrics translation: ‘Crane on the roof, happiness under the roof, peace in the world.’

Ярослава Дегтярёва и Валентина Бирюкова – Аист на крыше (День семьи, любви и верности, 08.07.2018)


The little girl who can sing anything! Yaroslava Degtyariova at the Day of Love & Family concert, July 8, 2017, Murom: THE BALLAD OF THE THREE SONS.

The ballad talks about a beautiful land, the tsar of which has sent his three sons on a quest to find their truth. One returned back home saying he became a great hero, he killed enemies and made his father proud. The second son came back rich, and thought his father would be proud of him for bringing home a lot of gold and silver. The third son got down on his knees and begged forgiveness for never having achieved any greatness of which his siblings spoke, having instead been humble, sharing his wealth and forgiving enemies. The tsar bowed to the third son and chose him to lead the country for his good heart.

PRICELESS! Pay attention to Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev’s expression during the song (his wife Svetlana sitting next to him, is the organizer and chairwoman of this holiday). See Medvedev’s pensive expression starting at 4:12! This expression resonates not only with Medvedev’s present life, but with his past life, too. Also recall what I said about Dmitry Medvedev in my classic Webinar, ESW6: THE PUTIN ENIGMA – where all about him is explained.

I personally have never heard this philosophical ballad before Yaroslava’s performance. Within a couple of weeks the song got over 3 million views on YouTube.

THE BALLAD OF THE THREE SONS. Ярослава Дегтярева – Баллада о трех сыновьях (2017)


‘GENEROUS SOUL’ – Yaroslava Degtyariova at the Warm Heart Awards. Ярослава Дегтярёва – Бескорыстная душа («Горячее сердце», 15.02.2018)


Love this song; also never heard it before her performance! ‘MY RUSSIA’ (I like the alternative title ‘Your Majesty Russia’) –  Yaroslava Degtyariova. Rostov concert for the 80th anniversary of the Rostov Oblast. Ярослава Дегтярёва – Моя Россия (80-летие Ростовской области)


Cuteness overload! Russian folk-style song, ‘PECHKI-LAVOCHKI’ (Hearths & Benches), Yaroslava Degtyariova and Alexei Petrukhin, a Kremlin Concert. Ярослава Дегтярева и Алексей Петрухин “Ах, печки-лавочки” Концерт Олега Иванова в Кремле (2018)


The beautiful and legendary Russian song ‘KON’ (‘STEED’), Yaroslava Degtyariova and the Taganrog Lik Male Choir, 2016 – she was 7 at the time. A mesmerizing and truly serious song, usually performed by Russia’s big names. I never thought a 7-year-old girl could carry it, but she did a great job.


At first, I just wanted to share the songs, but then I realized I had a lot more to say.

In my Quantum Calibrations system, Yaroslava’s QC and CHI both calibrate at 580 – HIGH CREATION. A very rare and exceedingly high calibration. I hope she protects her heart and her light, and remains as unspoiled for years to come. It is this light that is attracting people to her. Russians have proven very wise; interestingly enough many people picked up on the fact that this little girl needs to protect her big heart and high vibration from being tarnished; I see prayers for her posted all the time in YouTube comments. And this is my wish for her as well!

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“The Ballad of the Three Sons” truly captivated me!
So much so, that I wrote a translation of the lyrics:

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  1. Wow…Yaroslava certainly sings with a lot of artistry, heart and purity! She reminded me of Jackie Evancho (incidentally Russian/Ukrainian descent) who made a splash in America’s Got Talent a few year back, though her heart and light may have dimmed over time. I wonder if star child singers are becoming more common during this time of Earth Shift. Thank you for sharing – I learn a lot about Russian culture in the process.


    • Yes, Jachie’s heart dimmed, you are exactly right. That is from overstraining her energy, aka, from overexploitation. This is why need to protect our heart chakra and soul energy at all cost. Nothing is worth losing it.

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  2. Reblogged this on The Way of Love Blog and commented:

    We live in a time when very advanced children are incarnating on Earth–to lead us into the Higher Consciousness of LOVE and ONENESS WITH ALL OF CREATION. “The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat,
    the calf and the lion and the yearling together;
    and a little child will lead them.” (Isiah 11:6


  3. Ohhhhhh so sweet!!!


  4. Resonates deeply, especially (for me) Cuckoo and The Ballad of the Three Sons… The second reminded me the russian tale of the Frog Princess and the frog for my Pandora bracelet I bought in Moscow 🙂
    May Yaroslava keep her light and purity!

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  5. Thank you, thank you, Lada, for such an amazing discovery!! Yaroslava has such a strong, yet tender and soulful voice, it sent goosbumps. This girl is a treasure that humanity needs to protect.

    Listening to her songs brought forth another child performer from my own childhood – Natasha Guseva, who played in the film “Guest from the Future”, and the theme song from the film, “The Beautiful Farway”, of which I wrote and translated in one of my posts last year:


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  6. You are absolutely right about Medvedev’s expression. Interesting that the cameraman chose exactly that moment to look at him! And what we see is not just a pensive expression. It felt like for a brief moment there was a time window opening to a not so distant past…

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  7. Found a recent performance of Victor Tsoj’s song Cuckoo by Yaroslava during the Crimean Bridge opening concert. How has she grown from her first appearance!


  8. “The Ballad of the Three Sons” truly captivated me!
    So much so, that I wrote a translation of the lyrics:

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