“The Ukraine and US Did It, Suspects Arrested” – DNR Army Commander Uncovers Zakharchenko’s Assassins. With Putin’s assessment



Alexandr Zakharchenko’s Death: Multidimensional Perspective (with Lada’s Higher Dimensional Thoughts & Geopolitical Update)



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  1. My country, the United States, was involved in the assassination, according to the militia man interviewed in the video. What does it mean that a country is involved in something? Does it mean that every citizen of the country approves of the act? Does it mean that the Head of State did it, directly or indirectly? “Every man is responsible for the life of the whole cosmos”–Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in “The Untapped Source of Power that Lies Within.” Other than tapping that source of power that lies within, what can I do to create an Ideal Society? What can I do with that power to protect everyone? To create a cosmos where there is all good everywhere, and non-good nowhere? Maharishi stated that if one has gained permanent Enlightenment, he has done his duty for all time. Is it that because from that time onward he will be doing maximum good, quite spontaneously? “We must just pick something great to do and do it. Never think of failure at all, because as we think now, that is what we get.”–Maharishi. Somewhere in the Vedic Literature it says: “There is no joy (or happiness) in the small.” Pick something great to do and do it. We can consciously pick to do something, even after we have gained that status in which everything we think and do is completely life supporting. Of course. And we can pick and do, and pick and do, and pick and do. Some things take more time to do than others. One can pick to create permanent world peace. One can pick to create heaven on earth. One can pick to become Enlightened. Let us take our pick. And when we have accomplished it, take our pick again. Anything is possible. And anything means anything.

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    • I think they mean that the US advisors in Kiev have been advising SBU or other Ukraine intelligence structures, on what and how to do it. Or simply that the order was given. Russians have a pretty good idea due to embedded agents in Kiev. But the investigation has just begun, let’s wait.

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  2. Will the people who gave the order ever be held accountable?

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  3. I see Russia has to take a more active role to reign in Ukraine, or else the whole volatile situation may spin out of control. I’m sure most (sane) Ukrainians would welcome it.

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