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  1. Dear Lada.
    The following article from AiF adds another piece to the puzzle of the US biolabs that are sprouting as mushrooms around the Russian border. I found it so newsworthy as to write a snap-translation:

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    • Thanks, Nemo, good addition! I am posting a new report on Patreon tomorrow: Russia Sends Message: Vostok-2018 + Syria. It’ll mention the Georgia bio-weapons labs!


      • Thank you for finding time to repost this, Lada.
        Though I doubt that the US would use biological weapons in an open act of war, it’s impossible to say ‘no’ to a question if they’d be desperate enough to use it in an underhanded kind of terrorist attack hoping somehow to not become affected by the attack themselves.
        The reality is, however, is such that the bacteria and viruses mutate so fast, that even if the first wave would indeed genetically modified to target Russians, those bacteria and viruses would very quickly alter themselves to affect the rest of the humanity.


    • This article is up: Weaponizing Georgia: Secret US Labs Test Plague & Anthrax on People Next to Russia’s Border


  2. Regarding the schism of the Orthodox Church, which you mention in your report.
    A few days ago I read an excellent article by Rostislav Ischenko on it, and was pleased to find that someone wrote a translation of it here:
    I am sure you are going to delve deeper into this topic in your upcoming posts.


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