Exactly As Predicted: Russia in Syria Developments

These videos from today confirm exactly what I predicted in my original report:

 Israel Responsible for Downing of Russian Il-20 Jet in Syria? Lada Ray’s Major Analysis & Predictions!


And earlier today’s new post: Why the French Frigate Misfired on Syria? (Ask Lada)

I said that 1: Israel is very interested in having Russia on her good side, and it’s crucial for Israel to have a rapport with Russia. 2. Russia will be covering the skies above Syria, especially around Russia’s interests, which is most of Syria, and 100 km radius around Syria. This means no-fly zones and S-400s.

And after I said all that, this is what comes out of the Russian corridors of power today:

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  1. Sandra Delesalle

    Netanyahu is a criminal and will continue to be one until the world push back on his agendas.

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  2. Hi Lada. I guess toilet paper supplies to Israeli government reached record levels after their cowardly plan went pear-shaped on them. They got a bit too clever for their own good.

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  3. Remember when Obama was ready to pull the trigger on military action in 2013 on account of the false flag chemical attack in East Ghouta which Syria was blamed. Well Lavrov made a bombshell announcement that Syria was ready to get rid of all her chemical weapons. This stopped the military action in its tracks and saved the day. Now when the western powers and Israel to boot were ready to pounce on Syria once another chemical weapons false flag took place in Idlib and were ready to make a harsh response if Syria and Russia were to take action to clean out the terrorists, Putin and Erdogan make a real stunning announcement of a compromise in Idlib province. Once again Russia pulls the rug underneath the neocon warmongers. With a cherry on top of the ice cream sundae stupidly Israel with help from empire-has-been France hatch a scheme whereby the IL-20 Russian plane gets shot down by a missile. I just finished listening to sympathy for Russian lives lost by the UN, Israel, France and the United States. This is the first time in a very long time that any sympathy at all has been expressed by the west towards Russia. The west has really had to eat crow. So the one-two punch of the Erdogan-Putin agreement and this action by Israel-France has at least for the time being took the air out of John Bolton’s coming war in Syria. A truly remarkable achievement for Russian diplomacy. I for one have seen my stress level drastically reduced from just a few days ago. Are we out of the woods yet? No because the neocons will try to hatch more plots because that’s all they do now, creating chaos and devastation wherever they can.

    As a side note this Israeli provocation is now a very large scandal in Israel with the Jerusalem Post even saying that this action was deliberate. Wow talk about blowback. Really great news.

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  4. Seen some speculation that the French ship shot down the Il-20, not the Syrians, in order to provoke a military response and to wipe out what little is left of French-Rus relations. The Rus, having wisely decided not to openly retaliate, is taking advantage of the Western “script” of the event to open the way for a no-fly zone for Bibi over Syria, as you have outlined.

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