Fake Danube Bridge or How Major Brain Drain in #Ukraine Resulted in Extremism & #Russophobia


Опростоволосились: «мостом через Дунай» оказался Хабаровский мост в России

Проект моста через Дунай, который презентовали Порошенко и премьеру Болгарии Бойко Борисову во время их визита в Одесскую область, оказался банально срисован с фото моста через Амур в российском Хабаровске.


Fake Revealed! Ukraine simply copied a Russian Bridge across Amur in Khabarovsk, Siberia, presenting it as their own design of a bridge across Danube! The project of the new bridge across Danube, which was presented to Poroshenko and PM of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov during their visit to Odessa Oblast turned out to be simply copied from an Amur Bridge in Russian Khabarovsk. 

Poroshenko being presented the fake ‘new’ bridge project across the river Danube, Odessa Oblast:

Poroshenko fake bridge across Danube Ukraine

The photoshopped ‘international’ Ukrainian bridge, a direct copy of the REAL Russian bridge across Amur in Khabarovsk Krai, Siberia. This fake bridge is supposed to ‘easily’ connect Ukraine with Romania and multiple countries of the Balkans and E. Europe. 

Poroshenko fake bridge across Danube Ukraine 2

The REAL Russian bridge across Amur, Khabarovsk Krai, Siberia. Completely remodeled in 1999-2009.

Bridge Across Amur_Khabarovsk Russia


From Twitter:

Replying to 

No surprise. The major brain drain in since late 1980s resulted in inability to create anything original. Hence resorting to extremism and Nazism, and the only commodity that sells well:



Do you know what the major problem here is: during the USSR days Ukraine was one of the most, if not the most developed of the Soviet republics! While both Russia and Ukraine went through the turbulent and wild ’90s, in Russia Putin and his team reversed the rampant wholesale lotting of the country by oligarchs and Western interests, while in Ukraine this process never stopped, and accelerated in the 2000s. The rich Soviet heritage carried Ukraine till now, along with subsidies by Russia. But not any more.

Along with Ukraine’s de-industrialization and de-humanization, most of the people with brains, talent, reason, know-how and zest for life, left. There is no one remaining in Ukraine to create anything original, unless and until RUSSIA infuses Ukraine again with the life force.

And seeing what’s happening in and around Ukraine, at this point Russians don’t feel like it.

We discussed this in Forbidden History Webinars and in Ukraine Earth Shift Reports.


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  1. At least some there remember how to use Photoshop fakes… Or, maybe the images were made in UK by Bellingcat? 🙂

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  2. Btw, remember the Russian MoD briefing regarding MH-17? I wound the official complete video in English:

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    • Stanislav, many very disturbing events in Ukraine, of which you’ve probably heard, including the religious war possibility, Azov provocation, anti-Russian and Hungarian language laws, muscle flexing in Donbass, and much more. I wish I had time to address them all.
      Just wanted to mention this one very telling Freudian slip by a Ukrainian pro-Poroshenko, pro-junta guest at Soloviev’s show. Speaking of the avtokefalnaya Ukrainian church, Vasil Vakarov called it ‘avtofekalnaya’ aka, ‘made of the fecal matter.’ He’d made this same Freudian slip in several other shows prior to this one. See at 20:22 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1tMZGHwUSY


      • Yes, I am keeping an eye on what is going on there. Ukraine more and more reminds me of a powder keg that is about to blow up. And, the build-up the the religious war in Ukraine is especially alarming. Lavrov mentions this in the interview to the French journalists, and, as usual, calls the spade for the spade:


        “Lavrov also criticized US officials for encouraging the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople to push for a church schism in Ukraine, saying it was not normal for secular authorities to get involved in church affairs.”

        As for the Freudian slip, that particular word did cross my mind some weeks ago. It’s interesting that it is also on the mind of those stirring trouble, and clearly knowing what they are doing.

        By the way, Rostislav Ischenko seems to think that Barfolomew (my way of spelling that exulted patsy’s name) is trying to create the split so as to get the prospective “Ukrainian church” as his private domain. That may be so, as it does not preclude that Barf thinks that he is playing the US State Dep to his advantage, while in fact being played by the US.


      • Another litmus test of the degradation of the Ukrainian state into fascism: the prohibition of the de jure burning of the books. Here is a fragment of the following interview of Rostislav Ischenko, translated by me:


        Just yesterday, I read the publication of my good friend Dmitry Skvortsov, who writes that he was at the “Petrovka” market, where the sellers told him, that there is not only an official list of banned Russian books, but also a list of permitted Russian books. And so, if a book is not on the list of the permitted ones, then the seller is fined for its sale as if it were prohibited. In any European state, there is a principle of “everything that is not prohibited is allowed”. In Ukraine, the principle of “everything that is not allowed is prohibited” is in effect. This is just an indicator of how the Ukrainian system of government is built, and how the government interacts with the people. This is not a European model, so we cannot to talk about the movement towards Europe.


        • What ‘European model?’ No one is taking THIS Ukraine seriously and no one will ‘admit’ it into EU. They are just using this poor lost Ukraine as a weapon against Russia. That’s its entire purpose, and for that purpose the West will work with the devil himself.
          But those poor lost souls still think they are being welcomed into Europe. The scary thing is: EU maybe pushed by the US to accept Ukraine at some point as a member, despite EU’s resistance. I don’t think this will ever happen – this remains my prediction, but boy the deep state is getting desperate!

          Ukraine is the shadow side of Russia, I always said that. One day Russians will have to deal with this shadow side. Just putting it on the backburner forever won’t work.


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