As Predicted in 2014! Russian Farmer Thanks the West for Sanctions!

Yep, long story short, it happened exactly as predicted: Western sanctions only benefited Russian economy!

Russian Farmer: Thanks for Sanctions, Mr President! Putin: Thank the West.

That said, sanctions are never good, if the world can live without them. Bottom line, all the aggressive moves by the West against Russia have either backfired already or will soon.

Consider this my new Earth Shift – Russia the Great Balancer prediction! 



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Excellent article Lada, so much information it’s unbelievable how much I learn from your writings. Thank you

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  1. Lol. President Putin in a moment of candor taken by many as sarcasm. Yes, I do recall you did predict that outcome, Lada! And I remember commenting the sanctions were really a boon to Mother Russia as she was in the process of turning motion to advantage and adjusting, to her own great benefit.
    I wonder how many of the general public are yet perceptive enough to see that there are several layers of play occurring upon the international chessboard? “4D Chess”, as some like to say. I know your long-time readers certainly are aware of it ~ and the 5D and 6D components as well!
    For those newly arrived to the conversation, consider: Is it possible that certain moves have been made by both President Trump and President Putin that to many eyes are intended to appear antagonistic to one other (as expected due to conditioning) when the opposite is the actual intent? In other words, strategically helping without appearing to?
    It is requiring a monumentally complex effort to turn the globalist juggernaut aside and replace it with a plan for our world that is life-affirming for everyone. BTW, I would also include China as each of these leaders is simultaneously being challenged mightily by the globalists embedded in their countries and elsewhere in our world.
    We public are not meant to be privy to the back-channel communications between our world leaders. Most public people are not educated in the nuances of statecraft, therefore will not understand what takes place. These channels exist for privacy, speed and efficiency. We must keep in mind that “All the world’s a stage” and most of what see on the surface is mere theater.
    Pray with me for our leaders that they are calm, wise and work for the benefit of all. And for our peoples, that the scales quickly fall from their eyes so they can perceive the path leading into the Light!

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