President Putin is Adamant: “You Are Crazy If You Think I Will Ever Surrender Crimea”

Starring Putin, Berlusconi and the Crimeans… Self-explanatory, take a listen –


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Excellent article Lada, so much information it’s unbelievable how much I learn from your writings. Thank you

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  1. Yessss!! 🙂

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  2. When Berlusconi (does his name mean “ligh bear”, by the way?) talks in the interview about the “weird circumstances” which lead to Ukraine getting Crimea, his is making an understatement in a diplomatically softened way. The real “weirdness” would include violation of the Soviet and RSFSR Constitutions in 1954, Yeltsin’s coup d’etat in USSR in 1991, and multiple humanitarian violations from Ukraine, terrorising the Crimeans into submission after the independence referendum in the end of the 90s.

    In 2016 I wrote an extensive translation of the articles and decrees, which lead to the illegal transfer of Crimea to Ukrainian SSR.

    Lada also presented my work here at Futurist Trendcast, back then, but it is never too often to recap such things.

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