Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step to Prepare for America’s Next Big Crisis

Ron Paul recorded this interview in the beginning of 2016, after he resigned from Congress. Take listen, share what you think.




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  1. I’ve been following Dr Paul for years. Hard assets, I feel, are the way to go and I have slowly been acquiring those. The energy of the “doom & gloom” being pushed in this interview is not what I personally want to dwell on though I realize they are selling you on this Stansberry guy. Being prepared for any type of emergency is a wise thing. Attracting opportunities that help yourself and those you care about can also open doors for others who are interested and aware.
    As you have said in your writings, Lada, we are in a shift and change involves destruction along with construction. We can’t be squeamish about how change shows up nor judge the route it chooses if we desire what is for our highest good.

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  2. I agree with Paul, but timing is everything. In “The Future of Money” you mentioned, if I’m not mistaken, EU and NATO disintegration being obvious by 2020. Does that still hold now that Trump appears to be facilitating the Shift? And when would we expect to see real problems in US debt sales, which would, I assume, signal international moves out of the dollar?

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    Ron Paul always made sense, even if his timing is off. He should subscribe to FT!!


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