So Long, Farewell – The Collapse of the American Empire?

Yesterday I posted Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step to Prepare for America’s Next Big Crisis.

Today I am posting a very different interview by an award-winning American journalist, complete with alternate, non-partisan view of the US Empire and US economy. However, you may notice that the views and problems identified by both are strikingly similar.

What does it tell us? Simply that the problems of the US are visible by a naked eye, no matter what political views you hold otherwise.

The views in the video below aren’t necessarily the ones I agree with, but there are some sane and valid ideas expressed. There are certain more straight views of Trump and current American economic policies than any I’ve seen recently emerge from the US pundits. Take a listen at around 6 min mark, see what he says about manipulated US unemployment figures. I can fully sign up under this statement. There’s more I can tell you about how unemployment and other numbers are manipulated and where the supposed economic growth comes from.

Give you a hint: a big part of current American unemployment number of under 4% is due to new and growing military contracts, as the US escalates dangerous global hybrid and sanctions wars and drags the world into a new arms race. Another part of the artificially inflated employment numbers is due to temporary employment supported by government contracts. I’ll talk about these manipulations in a separate piece of mine.

I know how much many people want to believe in a fairytale, magically produced by Trump. The reality will be different. What will it be, in fact? –We’ll talk soon.

I do not necessarily endorse some of the views expressed, and then there are others with which I do agree, but there is a lot of food for thought, especially in view of my various predictions, which are manifesting or will manifest in the foreseeable future.

Chris Hedges calls Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders ‘symptoms of decay.’ I would argue that the conversation in the video below is a symptom of same.

Take a listen, share your thoughts in comments:


One preliminary conclusion I want to make: The confusion reigns supreme in the US, and it’ll continue being so as we continue on the road to the monumental changes produced by the Great Earth Shift. 

The real global future is being made somewhere else, and I’ll tell you later where that is… 

Stay tuned: my big announcements coming!


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  1. The following are just a few items that the Founders of America allowed the King of England to claim shortly after the Revolutionary War. If these problems are not addressed not much could possibly change for the good of all. the problem is, myself and those in my circle of like minded cannot find anyone that sort of has a bully pulpit to help educate the people.

    *The King was made Arch Treasurer and Prince Elector of the United States of America in1783. What is it that is not understood about these two positions given him? Think Money, Banking and Votes.
    *The States were recognized as sovereign and the King’s men were to rule over these states as Esquires and Masons.
    * The King was given a share of all the Gold, Silver and Copper found in America. These shares would be passed on to his heirs in perpetuity.

    Now try and find a document that states what the people received as the spoils of war, as winners of the Revolutionary War or so called War of Independence. None exist.
    The people had no representation at this 1783 Treaty, Constitutional Convention, or the 1st Act of Congress. Therefore, we are not recognized as a sovereign people. Therefore, we have no control of our money and banking systems, Therefore, we have no right to own our land with a free and clear title (Allodial Title), Therefore, we are Tenants (read your deed) on the land you believe you own and are required to pay rent in the form of taxes and fees. don’t pay those taxes and fees, they take it away from you to rent to another.

    Anyone want to take a guess what Rule of Law the King’s men forced on the people or due to the people’s silence = consent they received? Do you consent to having laws written by the King’s men and now the BAR?
    The people lost or gave up control of their money, banking, commerce, trade, land ownership and their justice system based on God’s Law, Natural Law, utilizing the MAXIMS as guidance for verdict and remedy.

    Be careful of your expectations, especially the Q followers of those calming messages “Trust The Plan.” Also know no one has ever taken the oath to the U.S. Constitution repeating phrased words “the Constitution for the United States of America” including POTUS Trump. The Emergency War Power Act is still in effect for it’s possible good and bad uses.. There is proof of all I speak to, and if you find this to be true, what will you do?

    Just presenting the facts. Any questions or is it crickets = your consent.

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  2. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    You and Ron Paul are true Patriots (in the most honorable sense of the word). Senator Ron and Rand to a certain extent defended Russia and Putin, Putin has done so much to save Democracy in the Western world but US politicians are so brainwashed they don’t even see it or acknowledge the obvious.


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