Reset: Russia Returns to Cuba (Plus: Libya asks for Russia’s help)


Russia is renewing and expanding the previously special relationship with Cuba. The new president of Cuba just visited Moscow on his first official visit outside of Latin America. Cuba is changing, albeit slowly and reluctantly. You may recall that as a very young person I worked in Cuba. I later might talk more about how strategic and important geopolitically Cuba happens to be. But today, suffice it to say, Cuba is only 90 miles away from Miami. And let’s say — HINT — the more US meddles in Ukraine, the closer Russia will be to the US.

There is a lot of economic interest too. The old infrastructure is being revived and the new built. Cuba may become a springboard to Latin America in the future.

Good video from a Russian journalist who, like me, knows Cuba, having worked there – take a watch:


**And a little off topic, but an interesting side-news. After the ‘wonderful’ intervention by the US and EU, Libya has been plunged into violence, rampant terrorism and destruction, and the government of Libya has been struggling to regain a modicum of control and order in the country. Following Russian successes in Syria, Libyan government, together with the new government of Italy requested Russia’s participation in the Libya peace process and reconstruction effort, despite the great anger and resistance by the West. Lavrov has been meeting with the leaders of Libya to discuss Russia’s participation.**

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    Perhaps some semblance of order in the middle east with Russia’s participation. Dark state is running out of ideas and ammunition. 😉


  2. Good that US is getting a dose of it’s own medicine that it has been peddling to other countries. Russia only 90 miles from US. US is busy scuttling their own boat!!!

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  3. Russia is practicing the principals of “The Belt & Road”, principals invented “As Applied”, by the once partly Christian United States. Now, from China and Russia.

    Now civilization has moved Westward and the future is in the hands of China & Russia. E. Cayce commented, “China will be one day the cradle of Christianity, as applied in the lives of men.” June 22, 1944 3976-29 & “On Russia’s religious development will come the greater hope of the world.” February 8, 1932 1944 3976-10

    When will America again put Peace FIRST?

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