Globalist Banker BRAGS About Sucking Russia Dry; Begs Trump For Safe Harbor From Justice

Sergey Grishin, former co-owner of Rosevrobank, explains in detail how he was making profit out of forged letters of advice in the early 90s. He allegedly stole four trillion rubles ($60 billion), and possibly more. He admits he almost managed to destroy the Russian banking system back then.

Fugitive from Russian justice, Grishin lives in Santa Barbara, USA, and is desperate to obtain US citizenship. He apparently thinks that by telling US authorities that he hates Russia and has successfully harmed it in the past, he would be on fast track for citizenship. Moreover, he says, he has secret valuable intel he wants to sell to the US authorities, to further harm Russia.





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  1. Hi Lada, from what I’ve read about the current astrological configuration a lot more stuff like this is going to be emerging into the light of day. Also going by what you’ve said the fun is only just beginning and all bets are off. Ah well back to battlefield France!!


  2. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Many of these holdover creeps from the 90s only know how to destroy, interesting that most of these oligarchs fled to US and London, perfect match! Khodorkovsky is also up to his old political tricks, breaking his condition for criminal release. Great to see these thugs outed!


  3. To be honest, he looks like he’s been drugged. I won’t be surprised if he is disappeared, and then Russia is blamed for it. Skripal-style.


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