I Am Sad and Disappointed! WHY? BIG CHANGES! (Essay 1)

I wasn’t planning on posting this. I was getting ready to plow on, to carry that load without complaining, to continue rolling that rock up the mountain. I was ready to jumpstart the new year by working on my new books, planning special events and gifts for my 1st anniversary on Patreon and 5th Anniversary of the Earth Shift Report and FuturisTrendcast. I was ready to be my usual positive self. But then something got triggered…

One of my VERY VALUED and wonderfully caring Patrons posted this comment under my latest Patreon post: Useful Info! Inverted Collapse & Earth Shift Predictions Confirmed by Western Astrology! (2019 Head Start!)

Happy New Year! Lada, I was just checking “psychic predictions 2019” on YouTube, and even the most primitive videos with people flipping a few greasy cards from a mouldy basement will get a few thousands hits, more pro ones gets 50,000-200,000. I know your abilities are much more than “psychic predictions 2019”, just an idea to attract new people, by using some of the popular terms so people can find and get to know you.

I replied:

You are right. I’m usually so busy putting out VERY high-end, VERY enlightening content that I don’t have time to promote my stuff, and no time to go down to lesser things and do something rather pedestrian so more people would get ‘hooked.’ I am too naive to trust that if you put out truly stellar content people will see it and they will come. Not the case. Just a confirmation of how low people’s consciousness is at this time, if they don’t appreciate what I offer. Very sad. I know you are trying to help, and there are so many others who say similar things. I so appreciate all of you guys! THANK YOU for caring!


I should be happy, I have no reason not to be. I just had a lovely New Year celebration. 2019 began and, as always, I am brimming with new ideas, I have so much to share with people, so much to give to the world! My creative juices are flowing and I expect better and bigger things to come. I am working on new posts and reports… I am working on specials and gifts for my followers to mark the 1st anniversary on Patreon, the fifth anniversary of FuturisTrendcast and Earth Shift Report… What’s more, I am working on my new breakthrough books! So much good stuff is happening in my world!

People who read my content, who listen to me, my clients, real followers, patrons — they all love what I do and they are very grateful. They write me heartfelt testimonials and I know I helped them. And this makes me truly happy!

Alas, sadly my world and the world around me are not moving in unison. There is this illuminated and hopeful world I live in, and that which I try to share with those who want to see and hear. There is a lot of clarity, order and beauty in my world.

Yet around me there seems to simultaneously exist the world of drudgery and confusion, very much unlike mine.

Why am I sad? What I will say now is completely out of character, but it has been on my mind for a long time, at least since 2016… or perhaps, it has been on my mind forever. At one point it simply needs to be said and I decided that today is the day!

In short, we are talking about people’s negativity and indifference.

Everyone tells me I am prolific, that my output is much larger than the output of anyone in comparative fields. Everyone tells me what I do is unique and valuable. They also tell me that I bridge and unite together things that most people find un-bridgeable or irreconcilable. They also tell me that my wisdom is in-depth, innovative, hopeful and enlightening, like no other. Many people over the past years told me that I helped them awaken, see the light, understand the world, get the inner-workings of geopolitics and higher energy, etc., etc. Many people thank me…

You can simply check my TESTIMONIALS page. There are tons more testimonials on Patreon and FuturisTrendcast, which I didn’t have time to put up.

Speaking of output and the body of work, on FuturisTrendcast alone I have over 1000 one-of-a-kind FREE articles, predictions, reports, etc. On Patreon we are approaching 250 cutting-edge, in-depth articles, reports, predictions, quantum calibrations, Earth Shift revelations, and soooooo much more!

My material is so vast, so in-depth and forward-looking that it will open up new worlds for you!

All this time I tried very hard NOT to pay attention to the fact that my prolific FREE major articles, podcasts, predictions and reports on FuturisTrendcast, Youtube and elsewhere hardly get any likes. Oh yes, plenty of readers come. These people take my knowledge and intel and promptly disappear, without giving anything back. I don’t mind, usually. But that kind of usurious attitude is just one part of the problem. The moment something isn’t to someone’s liking, they attempt sending bad vibes towards me.

The moment I actually FINALLY asked people to contribute and support me, I started getting sharp dark energy attacks from some people, some of whom prior to that thanked me profusely for explaining the world to them, for enlightening them as to the truth regarding Russia, US, Ukraine, Novorossia, US dollar, ruble, gold, silver, bitcoin, not to mention the Earth Shift, Quantum Calibrations, Multidimensional Universe, Forbidden History and more. There were a few who even lashed out at me in comments on FuturisTrendcast! One of these ‘supporters’ told me she won’t support me because I dared(!) not to write and publish for free some article in her warped mind I ‘promised’ to write. Another said she used to support FuturisTrendcast but now she boycotts my FREE STUFF because I asked for contributions elsewhere and she has no money (and apparently that is my fault, too). Someone else suddenly emailed me and said that he and his wife want to pay less for my webinars and how dare I don’t give them discount, ‘because they are 50 years of age and they are used to doing things the way they want.’ And incidentally, all these people came not from some third-world, but from rich Western countries.

You have no idea how upsetting and hard it is to keep going, despite these hurtful energies, unpleasant comments, and worst of all , indifference I have been encountering ever since I dared to ask people to support me on Patreon! I even had spies and indirect attempts to disparage me from at least one ‘rival’ geopolitical blogger’s minions, whose name I won’t say (the blogger may not be at fault, it could be his overzealous groupies).

All this is very upsetting and sad for me to see and hear. I only want to help and I do what I can for as many people as possible. I want to lift up the world and every person in it. It’s shoking to see such reaction to my efforts.

There is one group of people who always come through and who always appreciate what I do, and in return I always go out of my way to thank those who truly do support me on Patreon.

TO THOSE VERY FEW PEOPLE who stick by me through thick and thin, who believe in me and who want to give something back – YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! (There were 67 of you as of the end of December 2018, now only 65 again, but perhaps someone just forgot to pay?)

Not only I receive highly valued financial support from my Patrons, but they try to give me emotional support as well. Seeing that the support I really need right now isn’t materializing, and wanting to support me when I need it most, while I write my books and put out my world-changing theories, some of my very generous patrons even increased their pledges to higher amounts, some as high as $25 a month and even $100 a month! YOU GUYS ROCK! AND YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS MEANS TO ME!

There are also quite a few Patrons who took the time to write me nice notes and say supportive words. Some even did that during recent consultations, using their own valuable time! And interestingly enough, there is one striking common thread in many of these supportive comments. The synchronicity is enormous as I know none of these patrons talked to each other. They all came to the same idea on their own! And here it is! As you’ve seen in patron comment I posted at the top, many of my patrons are scratching their heads. They cannot understand why I do not have bigger following; why so few support me on Patreon; why I receive so few likes on FuturisTrendcast and YT, and why there are so few views on my YouTube channel. I regularly get large numbers of Patrons expressing the same sentiment, and trying to help me. The comment at the top of this post is typical.

To reply, I don’t want to descend to other people’s level. I want to lift them up. The rest is up to the people. They need to choose to listen…

But yes, some things depend on me, too. There is only one of me and my time isn’t just valuable – it’s precious. I have to choose very wisely what I spend it on and with whom I share my wisdom! I am very good at geopolitics, analysis, conspiracies, truth-telling and such. I have an enormous number of articles on these subjects on FuturisTrendcast. All of them are free. I also have a large number of Earth Shift Reports, which go much deeper on these topics, and they are donation-based. You can donate even as little as $1 to read or listen. I also have a bunch of free videos and podcasts on YT. The body of knowledge on these topics I’d posted since 2014 is enormous.

However, I am so much more than a geopolitical analyst! SO MUCH MORE!

Besides, very sadly, I’ve found the strictly geopolitical and conspiracy crowd to be the most ungrateful of all. Most of this crowd just want to take the info and knowledge and run. And some would even send negative vibes the moment something isn’t to their liking, or just for the heck of it. They’ll drop you on moment’s notice and even disparage you. I don’t enjoy sharing my hard-earned and important wisdom with such people.

Most importantly, by doing simple geopolitics, I am robbing myself of my true destiny, which is to do much more. It is to facilitate the Earth Shift, it is to shine the light on my Predictions, Quantum Calibration Theory and Earth Shift System, and on my new advanced Multidimensional System. Geopolitics, money and global economy will continue being huge parts of what I do. But going forward, everything I do and talk about will be from the standpoint of my cutting-edge theories and predictions.

No straight geopolitics and current events any more, except some special occasions!

The priority will be MY PROPRIETARY LIFE-CHANGING AND CUTTING-EDGE MATERIAL! Those who really want to learn the in-depth workings of the world, those who really want to see ten layers deep, and those who want the truth, hope and real knowledge, YOU ARE ALL VERY WELCOME TO STICK AROUND!

But I sincerely hope that in response to my hard work you at least take a moment to support me by liking my FREE posts and podcasts on FuturisTrendcast and YT.

I also sincerely hope you follow me on Patreon, where you’ll get much more!

The knowledge you’ll receive through me will expand your horizons, reveal the true mysteries of our universe, and propel you to the higher consciousness. It will open up not only the third dimension, but 4D and 5D as well!

You are welcome to share this fabulous and earth shifting journey with me! If not interested, have a good life. 

There was a time last year I got so upset with some former ‘followers’ that I considered closing down FuturisTrendcast. I also considered closing down my YT channel. But I decided that I would not get discouraged by negative and lowcalibrated people no matter what.

FuturisTrendcast is turning 5! There is such a vast body of info and knowledge I accumulated there since 2014 that it would really be a shame to deprive of it those people who can and want to learn. Therefore, FT is here to stay and celebrate its 5th anniversary, and many more to come!

So is Lada Ray YT channel, which will be rebranded soon!

Earth Shift Report is also turning 5 in May, 2019! It will be getting a new life through my upcoming book!

I am working hard on my new, very exciting and cutting-edge BOOKS – coming this year and next!

Patreon is turning 1 on January 16, 2019! This is the place where I’ll put a lot of my energy and where you’ll get the most by joining!

Many exciting and important events and changes coming! Stay tuned!




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About Lada Ray

Lada Ray is a linguist & former financial consultant with Smith Barney. Born in Russia, Lada lived and traveled to nearly 30 countries on most continents. She is the internationally certified Feng Shui Master and author of 3 novels + multiple novelettes; most notably, top-rated metaphysical thriller THE EARTH SHIFTER & bestselling thriller GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure). Lada has extensively written re. Russia, world cultures, geopolitics, empire collapse, feng shui and consciousness. She is known for her accurate predictions. Lada's Blogs: FuturisTrendcast - geopolitics and predictions. Lada Ray Blog - books, writing, world cultures. We are presently working on expanding Lada Ray Youtube channel to include Lada's original geopolitical analysis and far-reaching global predictions, as well as her mystical futurism. The world is going through a massive tectonic shift of consciousness on all levels and in all aspects of life. Make sure you are prepared! Subscribe!

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversaries, Lada. Wishing you and Az a happy and prosperous new year!

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  2. Your messages are aways hopeful and uplifting, since your goal is to help humanity by raising consciousness. I can understand your disappointment in ppl, but the masses can only evolve when they’re ready, light switch turns on when the 100th monkey gets it… perhaps when you get 100 patrons, everyone starts seeing the light! 🙂

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    • I just love the astute 100 monkey reference, Maddie. Blessings and thanks for your super-loyal support!


    • Lada, I don’t know why “Like”ing things is so important to some of us.


      • Tim, LIKES are a very clear and simple indicator of YOUR support of my work. How else do you want me to proceed and know my message doesn’t fall on deaf ears, that it is heard by people if none of you reacts to it? LIKES are a globally accepted 4D indicator of approval and being on the same page. By LIKES on some platforms, such as YT, Twitter, FB and WordPress the new people and the search engines judge how popular an item is and whether to put it on top of searches. It is a digital applause of sorts.

        This should be soooo extremely crystal clear! I don’t understand why such simple things elude so many people??!
        Of course, if my readers don’t get EVEN such simple things, how can ever get more complex messages across?
        Is this really so hard to get?
        I’ve had one ask recently why I use Patreon and why don’t apply to the government to finance my work instead! And here’s that frustration again…

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        • Unfortunately Lada, YT, Twitter, and FB have reportedly been perfecting their algorithms to filter and ‘shadow ban’ content producers whose offerings run counter to the narratives of the day (especially if they have anything to do with Russia). Several of the people whose work I appreciate have been discussing and complaining about mysteriously disappearing subscribers and followers, de-platforming, and similar harassment both subtle and overt. FB is, itself, one funders of Integrity Initiative. It’s possible your following has been impacted by this ‘shadow’ management.

          I’ve been following and contributing to your work (in my small way) for a couple of years at least, but I cannot give you any LIKES on those platforms as I refuse to sign in to any of them. WordPress seems to be above board, so far.

          Don’t get discouraged, though. It’s going to be rough for a while.

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          • I hear you and thank you for everything! I have also discussed and ‘complained’ about shadow banning on ALL these platforms for some time. And some complete banning, like it happened to me on FB last year (then at one point they unblocked me, but I lost interest in FB and hope many other people did too). There is also de-ranking on Google and other search engines that occurred in 2017-18 and cost me dearly. This is an all-out attack of the dark forces against any truthtellers.
            The discouraging part is the indifference and silence of those who should be my followers and who should be especially supportive at this time. So far I am seeing the opposite.

            I know all this and this was in big part why I transferred my most important new stuff to Patreon a year ago, where my valued content is more protected and patrons feel secure communicating, liking and commenting.

            I am not discouraged, I have a long-term strategic plan, some of which you can glean by reading my comments under the reblog of this essay on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/i-am-sad-and-why-23713521
            The reason I decided to publish this essay is to finally let people know how I feel and what is happening. Looks like many have no idea what I have to deal with, and some, if they do, don’t care (just take a look at the last comment under linked free Patreon post!).
            A terribly lopsided one-way street, don’t you think?

            I will have more about my big plans soon! Please stay tuned.
            Thanks and be well!


    • The hundredth monkey refers to the last to make up the one percent of the population of the area, in this case the island in Japan where those monkeys lived. I don’t remember if there were exactly 100 monkeys on the island, or if when one out every one hundred of them there exhibited the behaviour, all the monkeys then did so too.

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  3. Thanks so much for all that you share, Lada. I think it’s a great decision of yours to focus more of your energy on your true purpose towards the great earth shift. Also, I wanted to compliment you on your books, which I absolutely love and didn’t want any of them to end. It would be great to read more about Jade plus Sasha and the twins sometime in the future. You have a great and rare talent. Much love from this nicely-calibrated corner of England! x

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  4. Dear Lada, I am solidary with your frustration but not surprised that you don’t reach more people: exactly because you’re SO MUCH MORE and SO BEYOND, you’re only “sensed” by those who attune with you or are getting ready to attune with you… Yes, it’s discouraging to have so much to give and to be misunderstood, abused and disparaged. But please don’t let the fact that sometimes you’re giving pearls to pigs which gulp them without really appreciating them, stop you from enlightening some pigs in the process and let them out of the piggery. And this year is the year of the pig! Together, you and your attuned community, are manifesting the Earth Shift 🙂 Happy and Fruitful New Year!

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    • Dear Teresa, I know you understand exactly what’s going on! This understanding comes from your past lives as a Wise One. Thank you for your profound multidimensional sense of the right and wrong, and for your support! 🙂


  5. Miss, why would you roll a rock up a mountain? I thank you for showing me that Russia and The Russian Federation are good, nice people like myself. I think I always new they were, in my present incarnation, but the propaganda became so ominous that I needed to “find” you. I will always be grateful for the lovely lady, Lada. Love and Kisses to You and Az.

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    • ‘Miss, why would you roll a rock up a mountain?’

      Not by choice or because I have nothing better to do. It feels this way only because people are not learning, not hearing and not responding to what I have to say.

      Take a look at comments on Patreon under this post’s reblog, you’ll understand more. This post is free: https://www.patreon.com/posts/i-am-sad-and-why-23713521?cid=18568326


      • When I got your email (automatic) of your Futuristrendcast post, I began reading the post; after the statement of which both you and I have quoted just now, I felt pain in my emotional heart (chakra perhaps: but I’m not an expert on chakras or astral body, mindal body, causal body–the intellectual understanding of them, theory which may or may not make my experience of them from the ’80s of practical use to discuss with others in immediate future) not immediately after the “rock up a mountain” allusion but soon after when, dear friend (if you don’t mind me referring to you as such) it seemed to me that you feel that most of we dear readers don’t “get you”. Dear Lada Ray, wife of Az, do you believe (or even feel) that since we don’t give you money enough, we don’t care for you and Az? I couldn’t go on reading at the time, so I went down to the comment section and commented my comment to which you replied. Upon reading your reply, I went to the Patreon free post of the post. (I lost track of my subscription to Patreon a few months ago). (I’m not certain how long ago). I’ve been under constant murder, rape and other attacks since about that time (when I lost track of your (and perhaps even access to) Patreon posts. I didn’t do anything with my bank account which paid your subscription cost by me. The bank closed the account in December, I think; they said they were going to. I will try again to finish read the, this, fine and much appreciated post (sincerely Lada, but I must relate to you now my own life experience sharing my heart, mind, soul, speech, time, energy, and ability with others. My Dharma is Music. No-one earns money by doing her allotted duty. Artha: mine is furniture restoration and hopefully philosophy. Kama: my hobby is Art: I am the self-proclaimed Artiste Par Exellance of our and everyone’s Time. Moksha: I’ve learned Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation technique upon December 9, 1972 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA from Bill (William) Witherspoon. So here I go and try to see if now I can complete your post without damage to my heart.


        • Hi Tim, thanks for sharing.
          I do not feel that readers ‘don’t get me’ because of money. That is a terrible oversimplification. I feel that because of people’s attitude. Since I am an empath, I feel 100 layers deeper than most, and I feel YOU and others deeper than you can feel yourselves. I feel the collective energy and that’s what makes me feel disappointed. It’s not as good as I’d like it to be, which is what I am describing in essay. When thousands, or hundreds of thousands at the very least should be reading and following me, I only get a few, while very simplistic stuff gets thousands and even millions of views. This is what frustrates me and my advanced followers. And yes, in part the support and how much people are on board with my message is expressed through Patreon participation. But it’s also expressed in big part through very simple and easy LIKES on FT. If people are too lazy to take a moment and click on that little button after reading my post, what else needs to be said…
          Cheers, and I know you are one of the good fans. 🙂 Hope to see you back with us soon, and I am sorry for your past troubles. Wishing you all the very best in 2019!


  6. I don’t know what a Ping is let alone a Pingback.


  7. Lada, do you really believe that because you share what you have, everyone owes you something? Or that even one person should Like it. Do Likes give you a benefit with something? Like lucre, or Mammon, or anything at all. What I really mean is: is there something tangible that a Like on WordPress gives one? Your WordPress blog Futuristrendcast.com is the only one I follow. I love you.


  8. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Hang in there, the world can’t afford to lose you, we need you! Much luv and respect. ❤


  9. NancyC/Seattle

    Congratulations on your anniversaries. I’ve been following your work since either 2014 or 15 but WordPress has never allowed me to “like” any of your posts or anyone else’s comments for that matter. This is also frustrating to me because I like to communicate & engage with others. I think I commented on WordPress glitch a couple of years ago that only people who themselves operate a WordPress blog appear to be able to “like” comments.

    Fortunately I am able to “like” yours & other members comments on Patreon.

    Looking forward to 2019 & your books when they are released. I have your blog front and center posted to my Firefox bookmarks toolbar.

    I haven’t a clue how to give support to a high functioning empath. Just know that you are very much loved,


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    • Nancy, your support is wonderful and always highly appreciated! Much love right back and thank you for being you! Please check out my latest on Patreon, where you’ll find I mention some of your comments! Hugs 🙂


  10. NancyC/Seattle

    Just now got around to reading this post on Patreon & the extensive conversation from the Community re marketing & attracting followers. Posting my input here because not sure if commenting 6 days late on Patreon would be picked up.

    Lada commented: CONCLUSION: I NEED NEW READERS AND LISTENERS, WHO WOULD GET MY WORK! And these are higher dimensional souls that are rare and they need to be found. Doing just anything, posting just any video on YT won’t do the trick.

    I first came across your work when Jean Haines posted a FT link (can’t remember the topic) on her blog, What’s the Real Truth that I had been following since 2012. Jean’s blog is/was a smorgasbord newsletter posting other people’s work on various geo-political/economic/UFO/spiritual/health topics. I’ve not followed Jean or similar blogs for some time but I have your blog posted to my Firefox toolbar because that is where I am now.

    I’m thinking readers also find you when they’re ready and the block is often “fear” combined with accepting/realizing we are part of whatever “truth” we are examining. Years ago I read a comment by an astrologer, “The quickest way to raise your vibrations is to stay out of fear”. It’s taken me a while to understand the interplay of collective consciousness, “truth” & the personal power that comes with accepting responsibility for the process and outcome.

    Last spring Lada’s Personal Quality of Life Geo Calibration for my Seattle neighborhood registered surprisingly high at 408 Reason. I took comfort realizing I am in a good physical space to weather the Earth Shift. It’s only recently that I expanded my thinking to awareness that I am also in a good position to positively contribute to the Earth Shift, my community & the collective consciousness of the United States.

    In my experience the ability to “get” your work is a process. For example, reading the Earth Shifter today is a different book than when I first read it in 2014.

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    • Thank you, Nancy. So profound and so true! FEAR is exactly the problem.
      Desperately need more people like you! 🙂 But wisdom is often so hard to come by. No matter, it’s all good.
      Talk soon on Patreon. FYI: Prepping a new free article to answer your Patreon comment! Coming up! Cheers and hugs!


  11. Dear Lada, it is good that you put your feelings into words. Don’t be sad – what you describe is, as you know better, than most of us, the manifestation of the current human nature.

    Don’t abandon geopolitics – it is, after al, the more tangible (for the majority of people) glue, that binds the vents in our reality.

    And don’t give up on occasional free articles and the trove of information that you amassed here on FuturistTrendcast – people need to be able to find you. Many of the more awake are leaving FB, Twitter and such (or, like me, have never been there to begin with), so an open blog is a must in reaching out with your knowledge.


    • Thanks, Nemo. Not giving up, not abandoning anything and not being sad — no worries. More, along with BIG PLANS, will be explained soon for my Patrons, so check your Patreon feed regularly!
      I posted that essay as a wakeup call for those who want and are ready to hear it. There will be a continuation. Lots is explained on Patreon, specifically in my answers in the comment section of this FREE post. Along with my detailed replies, we have 43 comments there. Just click: https://www.patreon.com/posts/i-am-sad-and-why-23713521

      I also have this new essay with more answers, and it’s also FREE https://www.patreon.com/posts/futurist-lada-2-23891737

      As I said, more will be explained soon to the general public, and lots more exclusively for you and my other Patrons! Please don’t forget to check your Patreon notification emails! Cheers! 🙂


    • I know FB/Twitter and others are a problem. I have had bad experiences too, some of which are described in the post linked below. But I won’t leave them, although I won’t focus very much on them either. It’s still some sort of outlet for a little more exposure, although it’s severely curtailed, and getting worse.
      Social media will be experiencing a period of contraction for some time. I might actually do a Prediction ESP Podcast on that!

      But at this time I personally need more exposure, not less.
      FT will stay, but I need to feel more support from readers to give them more in return. Otherwise it feels like I’m spinning my wheels.

      This is why I will focus more on NEW BOOKS. The books people can read any time; the books will present a whole picture, a whole system of knowledge.

      SEE: http://ladaray.weebly.com/
      AND http://www.ladaray.com/
      More news and plans coming on FT and https://www.patreon.com/LadaRay


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