URGENT TRIPLE REPORT! Last Pro-Russian Politician in Poland Pavel Adamovich Knifed to Death on Stage! What Does It Mean?


This is a non-planned urgent post, due to the events taking place in Poland and because I feel this is a preview to the wholesale crackdown on anyone and anything pro-Russian in various countries of the EU and N. America. The signs are very disturbing. Meanwhile, there is also an assault on the hearts and minds of people in Europe and Anglo-American world through the insidious propaganda spewed through MSM and movies. Read to the end to see what I am talking about! The three stories I lay out for you are all shocking and everyone needs to know them!



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URGENT! Last Pro-Russian Politician in Poland Knifed to Death on Stage! RUSSOPHOBIA CRAZE SWEEPS POLAND! What Does It Mean?


Mayor of Gdansk, Pavel Adamovich, one of the last high-profile politicians in Poland, who’s been openly and systematically pro-Russian, has been killed while giving a speech during a charity concert. Thousands of Gdansk citizens and guests, including children, watched him being wounded on stage with a long knife wielded by a local resident, 27. Adamovich, 53, died in the hospital from three knife wounds, despite doctors’ efforts to save his life.

Pavel Adamovich has been an institution in his city, re-elected as mayor for 20 years. He again was re-elected last November. He consistently lobbied for the restoration of good relations with Russia. In the midst of the sweeping Polish government hatred, Russophobia and destruction of Russian WWII monuments, he established a tradition to lay flowers to the graves of the Soviet soldiers, who perished liberating the city from German Nazis. He also maintained a Russian-language blog, although as a consumate politician that blog was posted through Russian Russophobic/neo-liberal publication Echo Moskvi. Adamovich tried to survive by sitting on two chairs and made moves towards neo-lineralism. He probably had no choice but to do so.

Just recently another prominent Polish politician, senator Machei Grubski, was ousted from his party ‘The Civic Platform’ (I am translating, so the party name may sound different in English) for giving interview to Sputnik, where he stated that he respected Putin, was against Poland being in bed with the US and against Polish support of the Kiev junta. He explained his position pragmatically, saying that Poland loses economically from bad relations with Russia, and from having to buy more expensive gas from the US. This cost him his party membership!

And that’s how risky it is to be an honest politician in Poland these days! It gets worse, keep reading to the end!

Here is a video in Russian, which shows some of the footage and discusses the details of Adamovich killing:

Clearly, killing someone on stage, for thousands of people to see, is meant as a WARNING! Don’t be pro-Russian, or just honest, or else. The worst mafia intimidation methods at work. They are trying to squeeze any memory and any remaining humanity out of Poles, just like they are doing it in Ukraine. The ultimate goal is to create an impenetrable IRON CURTAIN between Europe and Russia, but especially, Germany and Russia. It’s done to prevent Nord Stream-2, any good relations and trade from ever being made a reality! This was my prediction and my warning since 2013-14, at it continues being so! It’s up to Europeans now, it all depends on how they decide to react!


I previously touched on FT upon the plague of Russophobia that has swept Poland in the past 5-10 years. It was present previously, but largely swept under the rug and kept under wraps. It was given a green light about 10 or so years ago, and the Kiev Maidan unleashed it full force.

A long time ago I had some good friends in Poland and I had known the character of Poles well enough to see what’s what. In my opinion, in many ways Poles are a lot closer to Russians than they want to admit (or are scared to admit, because then they’d have to reconsider their entire worldview). But there are forces in the world who are bent on dividing and conquering. It’s truly sad that people don’t see how they are being manipulated, often based on their own unresolved issues and frustrations, also often based on religion, perceived historic injustices and various untruths or half-truths. It is with a heavy heart that I had to write this FT article: Poland orders DESTRUCTION of 500+ Russian WWII memorials. You will find a very in-depth analysis of the situation in this article!

Also check out this FT article, for a better understanding: EU Trouble: Why Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Romania Support Separatism in Ukraine. This is relevant as well: Ukraine as anti-Russia: full list of goals for the 2014 Kiev Maidan and takeover of Ukraine. There were other related FREE articles written by me over the years; you’ll find them on FT.

I am especially sad because I know there are normal Poles out there. They are currently being intimidated, threatened, or even killed, like the mayor of Gdansk. It is a similar picture to the one we are observing in Ukraine. However, in Poland it’s more insidious, basically for the time being hiding behind the fake facade of ‘the mild Euro-fascism.’ As we see, masks come off easily.

Here is a shocking story of lies and deceit, demonstrating how easy it is to demonize Russia and how many high-profile forces are eager to do it.

This is also a story of a normal, honest Pole, who wanted to do the right thing and paid for it dearly. The international scandal was huge at the time. About two years ago, Russian Minister of Culture Medinsky was in Poland in commemoration of special events related to the Red Army’s liberation of Poland in WWII. He was invited for a TV interview. The female host, apparently a big name in Poland (which I don’t remember) bated Medinsky with provocative and aggressive questions on live national TV. She lashed out at him, for instance, saying that her father or grandfather was killed by Stalin, that he was sent to concentration camps and died there, therefore, Soviet Union was aggressor, who occupied Poland, and not Poland’s liberator. Medinsky, out of respect to the host country, tried to politely reason with her, but she wouldn’t let him speak. The interview was a total fiasco and left a terrible aftertaste in everyone’s mouth. Russians were shocked to see the foaming at the mouth Russophobia of the TV host, and the fact that the interview went on like nothing happened. It appeared that Poles perceived the politeness and professionalism of Medinsky as a weakness. BIG MISTAKE EVERYONE MAKES WITH RUSSIANS!

But that was only the beginning of the story! The real scandal began after! First, it quickly became known that the female TV host LIED ABOUT HER FATHER (OR GRANDFATHER)! He never was in any concentration camps or Gulags, and he died in his own home, and his own bed, in late 1990s, well after the USSR didn’t exist! The lie was so blatant that Russians made it public. To which the Poles, including the government and that infamous TV station, laughed at their faces.

There was one man who had enough common decency to apologize. He was the producer of that show. Since his TV company wouldn’t do it, he sent his own letter of apology to the Russian Embassy in Warsaw. He said that the questions posed by the host were not planned, that what happened was not part of the show and she took it upon herself to change the script. After which the producer was promptly FIRED BY THAT TV STATION, with a black mark on his employment record!


And here I want to tell you how incredibly easy it is to subvert people, preying on their emotions, religious feelings and their sense of right and wrong. A few days ago, I published this report, which is a part of our DOUBLE ANNIVERSARY OPEN HOUSE.

This is the FREE REPORT, which if you haven’t read yet, I highly recommend that you do:

Truth & Karma! How USA Created 20th Century Cold War & Arms Race: Russian Berlin & Manchuria Operations vs. USA’s Hiroshima/Nagasaki Atomic Bombing.

One very nice lady and my very good supporter posted a comment, and I know her heart was in the right place (or she believed so). I think this is self-explanatory, so I’ll just post the comment and my reply, and let you judge for yourself:


Dear Lada, I found this report to be very interesting and revealing. I was especially interested in your comments in #10, ” lately have been spreading a myth that ‘Russian troops raped a million German women during the 1945 occupation.’ It is a blatant lie, — it never happened”, as I just watched a movie a week ago on Netflix, that I think was made recently, called “the Innocents”. There was the line in the beginning that said it was based on a true story. In researcing it, it does appear to be a true story about a convent of nuns in Poland at the end of the war, who were raped by Soviet soldiers and who were pregnant. The film was in Polish and French with English subtitles. I think the movie was made in 2018- recent. Obviously it was not millions but it seems these nuns were raped by Soviet soldiers.



Did they say what happened to those soldiers?.. I can’t believe we are even talking about it, but…Isolated incidents may have happened of course. Humans will be humans. Point is: there were strict orders against it and anyone caught would be tried and executed during war by war tribunal, or punished after the war ended. Do you think American soldiers never raped anyone? Just ask the Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese women, and German, Greek and Italian too. And do you know what happened to the US soldiers who did that?… I bet nothing, as it was swept under the rug. You didn’t think US soldiers were punished or executed, do you? And who do you think FINANCED such a horrible movie? And why?… You do know that Poles are some of the biggest Russophobes on the planet, with lots of unresolved issues? And currently the US is trying to butter up Poland to place its missiles against Russia on Polish territory. It’s a bribe and propaganda to paint Russians as villains for Poland and Eastern Europe – all in one. If bad Russians come, they’ll rape EVEN POOR NUNS! That’s how bad those ‘horrible Russians’ are. Can’t you see the obvious fear mongering and hateful propaganda, targeting the feelings of religious people? Russophobia and double standards in US and West’s films have been exceptionally prominent always, but esp in the past 20 odd years.

You’ll find this comment and my response under this post!

And that’s how easy it is to trigger the feelings of people, directing their hatred or at least doubt in the direction the manipulators want! 



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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    It’s crazy how brainwashed the majority of Polish ppl are, spreading Russophobia. Perhaps they have forgotten their slavic roots, literally the same family tree, humanity?


  2. This is a real tragedy. The long knives are out. It is like the Russian diplomat who was shot in Istanbul a few years back while opening a cultural event. An act like this, I think, sends out lots of bad feeling. I pray that the EU steps back from the brink, and soon. Thanks for your insight, Ms. Ray.

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  3. With all this brainwashing and people in the west not wanting to research and know the truth, I fear some day there’s no return 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi there,
    Let me write some of my thoughts. First I write something about major of Gdańsk, Adamowicz. He was one of the most famous opposition party politic. It is looks like the moment when he was killed wasn’t accidental. Like you wrote, it happened in a front of TV cameras during live show. Most probably to show “others” to stay away from sth. or keep mouth close. Maybe you notice (probably not) but form manny months in Poland, there is government investigation committee whose analyze one of the biggest private, financial fraud after communism fall. It was started in Gdańsk few years back and there were involved manny prominent persons like former polish president and his son. Adamowicz was one of committee wintriness and he probably knows a lot about that fraud. Another issue is russofobia propagate by present ruling party and official government’s TV. Well, since polish government choosed USA as his only and no real alternatives ally, Poland became another USA colony. It is happening quite often among weak states. Just take and look how other European nations express them selfs against Russia. Maybe thats a fact that russophobia is the biggest one in Poland but in fact, it’s common phenomena in Europ in recent years, especially after annexation of the Crimea and war with Georgia. Key question is why is that happening? The answer is relatively easy – because USA loosing hegemony. They slept when other grown in power. Russia is only a pawn or bishop (in chess example) because of its military strength. The real enemy of USA is China. USA are trying to drag everybody to their side and if they have to, they will punish rebellious states most often by strong economic sanctions or war (by others hands in best way). This what we see nowadays is nothing more than typical Big Game of political powers. States like Poland or Ukraine are just pawns. It’s so easy because all western media are in Jewish hands and as we know, USA is ruling by them for a very long time.
    What about your accusation about demolishing Russian army monuments in Poland, well I believe that you are Russian citizen, born and educated in Russia. You are convinced that Red Army liberate Poland. What about September, 17th 1939 and Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact? It was liberation? If yes, so from what? What about summer 1944, it was liberation by the occasion in pursuit of Hitler’s army for the glory of world revolution. Germans and Russians are Polish natural enemies but it doesn’t mean that poles should quarrel all the time. Fortunately or not, present World Order is falling like a sand castle. Let’s hope that when it ends and the new beginning will come, overall world population want be oscillate around 1 bln people.
    In recent years Putin show new types of supersonic weapon. This weapon if really exist, is chance to avoid nuclear conflict.


    • And what do you know… the moment I decide to write something about Poland, actually something much more balanced and fair than your country deserves, the ‘wounded’ Polish trolls start crawling out of all holes. The only thing your country figured out is to blame everyone else for your own sins.
      Thank you for the perfect expose of half-truths and lies, propagated by narrow-minded Polish nationalists.
      HINT: Selectively half-awake is worse than 100% asleep.

      “Russia and Germany are Poland’s natural enemies”?? That’s a normal Polish nationalist/fascist mantra. No subtlety at all. Poor ‘victimized’ Poland will never learn and that’s why problems for you will continue and grow.

      Re: Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. Oh really, you truly think you want to go there with me? You really think you can win this argument?
      Selective memory: conveniently forgetting about Poland’s own pact with Hitler, which preceded every other pact and which was made well before 1939, complete with Poland’s occupation of Czechoslovakia together with Hitler!
      Selective memory much? The USSR was the last to make any deal with Hitler, well after Poland and after UK/US, and it happened ONLY in 1939, as a last resort measure to postpone the day Hitler would attack Russia, and only AFTER US/UK and your treasonous Poland refused to work with the USSR against Hitler!
      AND: Soviet troops only entered Poland AFTER Polish government fled and Poland stopped existing as a country. Enough with your transparent lies!
      More selective memory: Poland gained part of German territory as a result of Stalin negotiating it for you in 1945 – shouldn’t have done that!

      In reality: Poland was and continues being one of the biggest aggressors, but because it’s weak it always hides behind someone else’s back. This time it happens to be the back of the USA. The smartest thing US, Germany and everyone else can do is to just FORGET ABOUT POLAND, STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO IT AND STOP FEEDING THE PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE UNIVERSAL TRAITOR, who’ll betray the US just as easily as they betrayed Russia.
      I sincerely hope one day the US realizes who they are dealing with! One day the world will simply pass you by, and that will be the best karma for all your actions!

      Previously, Poland hid behind the USSR and Germany’s backs. And how many billions did the ‘poor unfortunate’ Poland suck out of its ‘natural enemies,’ Russia/USSR and Germany over the years? Germany is your enemy? Then stop taking the ENEMY’S MONEY, you hypocritical liars!

      And lastly, I am sick and tired of all these silly Polish trolls and your silly Polish propaganda! Over 500,000 Soviet soldiers gave their lives to liberate your good for nothing country, and you are destroying their graves and talking about Russia being your natural enemy! Should’ve bypassed it and left you all to rot! Thank you for the confirmation that Poles are by far the most ungrateful bunch on the planet.
      Keep generating your self-fulfilling prophecy, one day karma will really be a bitch, again.


      Liked by 1 person

      • A very good, detailed response, Lada! That’s the way to go with these trolls, though from own experience I know how emotionally taxing that is.

        An additional detail about the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact: at that time USSR was busy fending of Japanese in Mongolia with most of its troops concentrated there. If not for that time-buying pact, which prevented a war on two fronts, gave USSR time to freeze the Japanese advancement and to regroup to the West, the whole of Eurasia would be speaking German and giving raised-arm salutes now.

        Liked by 2 people

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