VENEZUELA New Syria? Country & Maduro Calibrations & Predictions! (Excerpt from My New Book, GEOPOLITICAL & GEO-ECONOMIC QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS)

Due to extremely volatile and unpredictable situation in and around Venezuela, I am posting an excerpt from my new book, with telling calibrations and predictions! Read it below, after important EBOOK & PAPERBACK UPDATE!







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Venezuela Maduro vs Guaido

President Maduro (left) and self-appointed ‘alternative president’ Guaido (right)

Jan 25, 2019

John (comment from Lada Ray Patreon): Any hope for Venezuela to avoid becoming the next Syria?

Lada Ray @LadaTweets: Another Washington regime change in the making? Very serious situation in Venezuela! Maduro government breaks diplomatic relations with US, gives US diplomats 72 hours to leave! Washington threatens invasion!


Calibrations for Venezuela (whole country)

QC      40 – GUILT


Exceedingly low QC, coupled with pretty high CHI denotes upheaval and revolution. But Chi isn’t high enough for the meaningful change in the form of a violent revolution to take place. This volatile combo denotes upheaval and trying to resolve it somehow, but not quite succeeding. Another push, in any direction – to the left or right is needed.

Russia and China, plus other countries, such as Italy, Bolivia and Cuba are trying to support Venezuela. EU isn’t sure what to do. Some pro-US neighbors, such as Columbia, are helping in the regime change. The world is almost equally divided on Venezuela’s future, and this is partially good, because there is enough opposition to US intervention. Bad news! This may become a frozen, long-festering conflict, much like in Ukraine, with no way out in either direction.

But let’s look at the sitting president’s calibrations, and see how that helps clarify the situation.

Leader: President Nicolás Maduro

QC      200 – COURAGE


He keeps his courage, and he is trying very hard. But he is no Chavez. And – he is no Assad either, who calibrates MUCH higher, and this is the reason the Syria outcome is different. My above diagnosis stands: This is a long-festering situation, which will take years to resolve. More Ukraine than Syria.


QC        180 – PRIDE

CHI       180 – PRIDE

Surprisingly high QC and CHI considering the problems in the country! Armies in Latin America have historically and notoriously been an agent of regime change, often siding with the US against local government. In this specific situation, Maduro’s government is saying that the army is on his side. This in itself is a huge win for Maduro, as the armies in these countries are notoriously fickle and prone to corruption by foreign interests.

Having army on his side will all but ensure that the US regime change won’t succeed, at least in the short run. Longer term, the US will continue buying up politicians, army and influencers. It’ll continue squeezing Venezuela.

I can tell you also that if Russia decides to get involved in Venezuela, like in Syria albeit on a smaller scale, there could be a solution on the military/security level. But it’ll be hard for Venezuela to get out of the financial and economic clutches of the US. Unfortunately, that’s where Venezuela’s main weakness is.

There is another interesting possibility: China getting closely involved, in addition to Russia. That could tip the scale, but it’s a big question mark whether China would get involved any closer.


QC    90 – GRIEF

CHI   40 – GUILT

Very, very low calibrations for the economy. But I’ve seen as low and even lower elsewhere, with no revolutionary situation. Therefore, the economy alone isn’t enough for the current revolutionary/regime change development. Therefore, there is a very definitive influence from abroad!

This will help us clarify matters:

 BONUS! Let’s calibrate the truth in the statement: USA IS INTERFERING IN VENEZUELA AND IS TRYING TO ORCHESTRATE A REGIME CHANGE! This will show us the real in-depth truth of the situation!

510 – LOVE (!)

In other words, the level of truth in this statement is exceedingly high! This is as close as it gets to the complete truth!

Back to Venezuela calibrations:


40 – GUILT


49 – GUILT

As we see, the levels of financial solvency and sovereignty of Venezuela are extremely, disastrously low. This should have been expected, considering the current crisis. This is very close to the death throes, and that’s when international vultures descend to take over Venezuela’s oil fields!

The silver lining: Russia and China are interested in keeping Venezuela away from the US clutches. And there is also a very serious involvement by Cuba. Thirdly, half of the world, if not more, is against the US interference. This denotes hope for Venezuela.

Maduro is so far acting correctly, forging alliances abroad and solidifying his support within the country. The future will show whether Maduro can sustain pressure for a prolonged period of time.





The book contains nearly 1000 calibrations for 91 countries and regions, economies, armies, global organizations, superpower index, analysis and predictions, and much, much more!



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  1. Hello Lada,

    Thank you for all the above info...this was great getting all the different types of Calibrations to give more depth in understanding. I am buying your book and hope you will have more details like this in there.  Regarding the US in general, for those of us who live here, and want to see improvement, I believe these CHI readings aren't set in stone certainly.   For instance if there was a large group that did some meditations...sending intentions of high light coming into our government and cleaning out the many many years of corruption (including the influencers such as the Fed Res, etc.) I believe this could change faster.  We have the you agree?  Also, I have never seen you say anything about the Qanon this in the book or do you have anything thing to weigh in on that?

    Thank you for all your work and help!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi dear Susan, thank you for buying the book. Meditations certainly help and per the Calibration theory a small group of highly calibrated individuals outweighs the negativity of thousands and sometimes even millions. There is a precise formula as to the numbers and we sometimes discuss it on Lada Ray Patreon with our group, which does a lot of work to lift humanity.
      Re: Qanon, I believe I answered this before of FT, possibly it was someone else’s question. I wrote about him twice very extensively and clarified the whole thing. You may be surprised as to my conclusions and revelations. These articles are also available only on Lada Ray Patreon, and to access the latest post on Qanon and many others you only need to contribute $5 a month. Thanks so much.


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