UKRAINE ELECTIONS REPORT! Poroshenko’s End, Yulia Timoshenko & Dark Horse Zelensky!

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Ukraine election 2019 candidates

Ukraine presidential election candidates: first row left to right: Petr Poroshenko, Yulia Timoshenko, Vladimir Zelensky; Second row left to right: Yury Boiko, the infamous Nadezhda Savchenko, who is currently in Ukrainian jail (as predicted) after being released from Russian jail. A record total of 44 candidates are running. That many candidates were necessary to manipulate and dilute the field as much as possible.


Poroshenko’s End, Yulia Timoshenko’s Call for His Impeachment 

& the Dark Horse Zelensky?

Please have a watch of this video report: In the beginning, check out how Poroshenko treats his constituents in the crowd who ask him inconvenient questions, such as the guy whose nose he is pinching:




In my new book, Geopolitical & Geo-Economic Quantum Calibrations I have an extensive chapter on Ukraine, which was written before these latest polls and events. The calibrations of Poroshenko, Ukraine as the country in general and Ukraine’s economy are exceptionally low and very telling. I also said a few words about Poroshenko’s rivals, Yulia Timoshenko and Vladimir Zelensky.

triple cover LRGE



For all revealing calibrations, including the country, Poroshenko, army, economy, solvency and sovereignty, please refer to UKRAINE chapter in the book!

The video update from Vesti is very telling. Poroshenko is losing it, knowing he is risking not only to lose elections, but also his freedom, and possibly, life.

Meantime, the dark horse of Ukraine’s elections, a stand-up comedian and actor Vladimir Zelensky, is ahead in the polls.

To increase his ratings Poroshenko tried every possible and impossible trick in the book: the failed scandalous religious schism; provocations in Black/Azov Sea; breaking up any remaining ties with Russia and calling it aggressor; attempting a new Donbass war escalation, which he was forced to fold after Putin’s warning; rallying the support of the West against Russia by various fake accusations. No matter what he did, his ratings increased only marginally. What’s more, the EU, whose support he desperately needed, abandoned him early on after all his and government’s lies the Europeans didn’t appreciate. The fatigue with Ukraine and anti-Russian sanctions in Europe is great, and the new governments in Austria and Italy are pushing for change. Due to the importance of Nord Stream-2, even Merkel has suddenly rediscovered her reason, patriotism and even courage! All this doesn’t bode well for the Kiev regime and Poroshenko.

**What I am saying here is all described in detail in the new book (including detailed calibrations, analysis and predictions): look for chapters on Germany, Austria and Italy, as well as Hungary. Overall, I have calibrated 21 countries in Europe, 16 expanded and full, and 5 shorts!

Poroshenko’s latest blow was truly devastating. Recently a leak was circulated that the US won’t support Poroshenko any more. Based on recent US actions, hints and analytical publications it does appear the background is being promptly prepared for ditching him. Incidentally, I predicted and talked about this possibility three months ago in my Earth Shift Podcast 4 (see video below)! Even the US is tired of Poroshenko and they are desperately looking who to replace him with.

Poll results: I don’t know to what degree the polls can be trusted in Ukraine; it’s very possible their results are ordered by Poroshenko himself and/or by foreign players to influence public opinion. That notwithstanding, polls do convey a modicum of truth. For one, just about everyone in Ukraine hates Poroshenko (and I’d say outside of Ukraine, too). In the book I describe Poroshenko as a giant predatory ‘black hole,’ zapping energy from his surroundings. Poroshenko also has dubious distinction of being THE WORLD’S LOWEST CALIBRATED COUNTRY LEADER! And Ukraine currently, the country I can’t recognize any more, is one of the world’s lowest calibrated as a whole. Same is true for economy, solvency and sovereignty.

Unfortunately, there really aren’t any ‘good’ politicians or bright stars in Ukraine today. Anyone elected will be a sort of ‘black hole.’ All the decent ones were pushed out, and the worst were pushed to the top. This includes Yulia Timoshenko, who was initially leading, but is now trailing in the polls in the #3 position, and who is calling for Poroshenko’s impeachment.


Not that Yulia Timoshenko is much better, mind you, but there is still a tiny sliver of hope she may be just a little reasonable, if elected. At least she once worked with Putin in a somewhat civilized manner. The problem is, in the current spread Ukro-Nazis won’t let her work with Russia anyway, unless Ukraine is fully cleansed of the radicals, who have been given too much power between 2014 and 2019 due to the low calibration of the country and its elites. Poroshenko and his trans-Atlantic bosses truly created a monster.

Also, the interesting thing about Timoshenko is that many of those in the Rada may be afraid she will go after them, if elected. Terrible corruption is extremely widespread, and many in the positions of power have much to worry about. They are doing everything not to allow Timoshenko be elected. Timoshenko also has her own people embedded in the system and she possesses good administrative resource to stake out her power, once elected. She is guaranteed to replace current ‘fat cats’ with her own, re-starting a vicious cycle of corruption and leaching off what’s left of the poor Ukraine, but with the new gang. In the past she was called the ‘gas princess’ due to the fact that she very successfully fleeced Ukraine’s transit gas pipeline profits. This is why everyone in Poroshenko’s circles is worried; this is why everyone in any position of power works against her, trying to prevent her election.

In general, every ‘color revolution’ and every change of power in Ukraine has been simply a passing of the baton to the next gang of thieves and corrupt bureaucrats.

In my book Geopolitical & Geo-Economic Quantum Calibrations, among many other things you will read about peer groups and peer-to-peer comparisons. In the EURASIA/Russian World/Post-Soviet Space segment historically the closest peers are Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

**New article coming to Patreon, comparing all three. And what a fascinating comparison it is!**

With this background, is there any way Ukraine can be saved by simply electing a different president? ABSOLUTELY NOT! The corruption, violence and Ukro-Nazis became too deeply ingrained in the society. The place is too far gone.

Check out this, for example: Classy Ukrainian Thugs Throw Trash Bags and Condoms at Russian Consulate in Odessa.

What will continue happening is what I first said in the beginning of 2014: RUSSIA WILL SLOWLY, SYSTEMATICALLY CONTINUE WORKING ON TURNING UKRAINE AROUND. The timeline has changed: due to the extreme devastating loss of QC and CHI everything gets postponed dramatically. It’ll take a lot longer for Ukraine to cleanse itself, and frankly, it’s such a mess that it stopped being Russia’s priority. Instead Russia will continue focusing on the rest of the world, building alliances, working on strengthening other countries, working with those leaders with whom it’s possible to work, and like a wise man of old, sitting by the river and waiting for the corpse of the enemy to float by.

One – Poroshenko’s – will likely be floating by soon, and that’s just a start. But what will happen after Porohenko is gone? Will it get any better?


The frontrunner Vladimir Zelensky is a true dark horse, who wasn’t taken seriously until very recently despite his top showing. He is a comedian/actor by trade, popular ex-KVN player (KVN is USSR and Russia’s No.1 trademark international TV game show, running since 1961). Zelensky is a Russian-speaker, who made astronomical amounts of money on the Russian shows and movies. Between 2014 and 2018 he supported war against Donbass and donated to ATO, making some anti-Russian statements. He still runs a profitable business in Russia. Actually, all these Ukraine hypocrites have assets, investments and businesses in Russia. Any Ukraine artists and musicians worth their salt make most of their money in Russia. Why? Because, as the saying goes, that’s where the money is for those who remain, no matter how they deny it, a part of the Russian World!

**A few days ago there was a major Eurovision scandal in Ukraine, involving several such singers. The scandal proved beyond reasonable doubt how far towards Nazism and lack of any freedoms the country has gone.**

You’ll read more about Zelensky in my book. But no matter whether he wins or not, what I said, that he is a ‘for sale’ candidate, will continue being true. A consummate actor, with a very good grasp of what people would react favorably to, Zelensky already proved that he is able to easily morph into the image he wants to project. He is also by far the youngest of candidates, which gives him a huge advantage over others during Period 8. (Read about Period 8 in the book and/or listen to ESW4.)

Zelensky doesn’t really have any principles and he is financed by Kolomoysky. If it will be more profitable to deal with Russia, he and his puppet master will deal with Russia, if not, he’ll flip-flop in a jiffy. These people are extremely cynical, but ironically, someone like this gives a certain hope that provided Putin and his people continue playing their master chess well (and there is every indication they will), eventually some sort of improvement is possible with Ukraine.

Generally, Zelensky can be many things to many people. Personally, I always disliked him: a very slippery little individual. And he continues proving he is all that. Several days ago Zelensky said that he would sit down to talk and negotiate with Putin, if elected. This statement was supposed to appeal to the Russian-speaking electorate of the south and east. Immediately after, he started getting threats from Ukro-Nazis, and he promptly flip-flopped, saying that he would never talk to Russians, who are the enemy. This occurrence kind of reminds me of Trump and his infamous ‘straitjacket.’ The rabid Russophobes and Ukro-Nazis, who took over the entire Ukraine, will do everything to prevent good relations with Russia from being restored. And Ukraine overseas sponsors will do the same.

One thing Zelensky seems to be confident of: if he is elected, Poroshenko will go to jail. This kind of statement is safe to make as everyone truly hates the incumbent.


1. Zelensky, secretly financed by oligarch Kolomoysky, who is a sworn enemy of Poroshenko, has gathered around him much of the protest electorate. The fact that a protest/alternative candidate is the highest rated in Ukraine speaks volumes as to how people really feel.

2. Unlike Yulia, who is perceived by many in positions of Ukraine power as a threat, Zelensky, with his less than serious expressions and jokes, isn’t. Moreover, it’s being calculated that Zelensky, unlike Yulia, doesn’t have his people everywhere, and he has no administrative resource of his own. Therefore, the clans in power think it’ll be easier to deal with Zelensky, should he be elected. They are ready to betray Poroshenko, if their future is assured. It’s possible clandestine negotiations are taking place already. That said, I wouldn’t be underestimating Zelensky’s sponsor Kolomoysky and his resources.

Overall, due to distrust of any politicians, Zelensky’s outsider status may become his ace!

3. The No.4 candidate, Yury Boiko, is considered the opposition candidate for the Russian-speaking south and east. He is lagging a bit, due to the severe split and in-fighting within the opposition, hurting their showing. This reminds me of the situation in Moldova, which just went through its own election, ending in another stalemate of which you’ll also read in the book.

4. First round of Ukraine presidential elections is March 31. No one has enough votes to win outright, so there will be a second round, likely in May, unless Poroshenko manages to sabotage elections.

Who will end up in the second round?

Poroshenko’s goal has been to get into the second round no matter what, and whether the polls are lying or not, he seems to be getting in. If he isn’t, then it will most likely be between Zelensky and Timoshenko. Once in the second round, Poroshenko will try to overtake Zelensky or sabotage elections, whatever is more expedient.

Poroshenko is losing it, as the footage above has proven. He may not last till May vs. young and energetic Zelensky. Timoshenko and Boiko are also doing better energetically and health-wise. Some of Poroshenko’s rats are already abandoning the ship, as seen on the video.

That said, I would still not fully discount Poroshenko. He has proven over the years he has the tenacity of a dark entity clinging to life for all it’s worth. He managed to outmaneuver a lot of people. He is still clinging to power and he enriched himself on the military conflict and off the suffering of his people beyond belief. Some of the highest profile Russian analysts, such as Sergey Mikheev, believe he may still pull a fast one and get re-elected despite all odds.

Poroshenko really is a master of swindle, I’ll give him that. However, his calibrations are so incredibly LOW, with QC at GUILT (!) and CHI at GRIEF, that I simply don’t see how it’s possible. Generally, as a rule the candidate with highest calibrations wins.

The highest calibrated candidate is currently Zelensky.

5. In conclusion! Ukraine officially banned Russian observers from the elections, which is against the international law. This gives Russia perfect opportunity to disavow the results of these elections. There is plenty of leverage for Russia and if the results are not satisfactory in any way, Russia will use it. If Russia doesn’t recognize the newly elected president, whoever it is, essentially it means Ukraine isn’t recognized as a legitimate state. This, in turn will create all kinds of opportunities for Russia. But we’ll see whether Russia will use this weapon, or if Putin still decides to try working with whoever comes next. If Poroshenko gets re-elected, it’s practically guaranteed that Russia will act to disavow the elections. If it’s someone else, such as Zelensky or Timoshenko, and they make all the right moves towards Russia, restore the rights of the Russian language, put a stop to the religious schism, remove Ukro-Nazis, and of course, stop the war in Donbass, then likely they’ll be given a chance.


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