Assange To Be Expelled From Ecuador Embassy? And What I Wrote In My Book…

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I’d like to show you these telling videos on YT, please watch below! But before I do, I want to remind you that I wrote extensively about Ecuador and Assange in my new book



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Ecuador has its own chapter in the Latin American section of the book. In it I calibrate and discuss the country and current leader Lenin Moreno’s calibrations, along with Ecuadorian economy, sovereignty, solvency and more. As a bonus, I also compare current calibrations of the country and leader with past leader Rafael Correa and country calibrations several years ago. The difference is dramatic and very educational.

In the book’s World’s Most Powerful People segment I also have a piece dedicated to Assange and his calibrations, with multidimensional revelations and my prediction on whether Assange will end up being extradited to the US, or not!

Stay tuned! Soon I’ll post the Ecuador Excerpt! If you aren’t convinced as of yet, it will demo to you how spot-on Lada Ray Predictions are and how useful my Quantum Calibrations can be!

And I hope you buy my book!

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FIRST VIDEO REPORTS – Assange expected to be expelled from Ecuadorian Embassy in London:

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LIVE FEED: Julian Assange expected to be expelled from Ecuadorean Embassy

What you’ll hear Slavoj Žižek say in the beginning of his interview, resonates strongly with what I wrote about Ecuador in my book.

Also, there is a resonance with what Ron Paul says. But my calibrations and analysis go a lot deeper, broader, being more precise and touching upon many things never discussed in the media, nor by those who are considered world authorities on various subjects.

And remember that this chapter of the book was written in 2018, yet it is very relevant today, and will remain so for years to come!

Stay tuned – will post it soon!

I’ll also consider posting free the Assange piece and perhaps more excerpts – if I get a good support from followers and readers. 



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