Omen? Paris Notre-Dame – 800 Years of History Burned! Europe Forgot Its True Roots

After my earlier positive post: Way to Start a Monday! Watch How Parrot Plays Peek-a-Boo with Neighbor’s Cat

didn’t want to talk about this… But, that’s life and this just in.

The symbol and pride of Paris, Notre-Dame, is on fire! Sad… Hope no casualties.

Live feed – ongoing:

LATEST: disaster! Notre-Dame seems being destroyed – its Spire collapses!

Too early to talk about who, how and why, and I know a lot of people don’t like hearing the truth; they prefer to hold on to the image of what is familiar to them and/or what used to be a long time ago

BUT! The truth is: France isn’t what it used to be and it presently calibrates surprisingly low; this manifests in various problems, from the population’s hardship and protests to the oligarchic frontman Macron.

And now Notre-Dame: things like this are omens of changes (to put it mildly) to come. Remember 9/11? The US and the whole world changed dramatically after that!

The spire on above video collapsing: does that remind you of 9/11 by any chance? Notre-Dame is to Paris what the Twin Towers used to be to New York. Think about it for a minute!

I often talk about Inverted Collapse of the West. And I talk about Period 8 and Period 9 Predictions.

And you know my Earth Shift theory + many forecasts and predictions.

As you know, my specialty is also Quantum Calibrations, which reveal the underlying truths.

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    OMG that’s crazy, Paris seems to be perpetually burning?!


  2. To tell the truth Lada I’m waiting for Micron to start fiddling, just like Nero did when Rome burned. So who gets the blame, the christians or the Russians???

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  3. Wow. That is truly shocking, and I too hope no one was hurt. “Notre-Dame is to Paris what the Twin Towers used to be for New York.” As someone who was here in NYC on 9/11, my heart goes to to the people of France.

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  4. I’m hearing no injuries, which is remarkably fortunate considering how many people visit that cathedral daily. C’est dommage! This beautiful cathedral made it through WWII largely intact, and today, we have this. It is a tragedy for all of us. I hope this incident will not prove to be another false flag that will be blamed on the Gilets Jaunes, but I am not holding out much hope.

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  5. Yes, Lada, a lot of symbolism here. You might want to discuss it at Patron. Could it also symbolise the end of Vatican-christianity? This cathedral is very special, the very strange creepy creatures all over the place without any good explanation to why they are there – could be a topic for your Forbidden History segment.

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  6. An omen indeed, it’s what came to my mind upon seeing the tragic and impressive images… What’s coming?

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  7. It occurred to me later that in their dreams they are thinking of rebuilding it as a mosque!! Only a thought.

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