NATO Soldier With Grenade Launcher Taunts Russians, Climbs WWII Monument in Estonia!

Urgent from Estonia!

NATO drills, with 10,000 soldiers from 13 countries taking part, are being conducted ON PURPOSE next to Russian border, in the center of town where the majority of the population is Russian-speaking, and during May 9 Victory Day celebrations!

Some children in town got scared, asking their parents if they were at war. To top it off, NATO soldier climbed the monument to the fallen Russian soldiers from WWII. But he wasn’t arrested or disciplined. And it is being concealed what country he belonged to. Must be one of those neo-Nazi wannabees, such as the ones who infested my blog several days ago.


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  1. Playing soldiers and wars, probably the man didn’t even know where he was… outrageous is this kind of exercise in the middle of a town among russian or russian-speaking inhabitants and at Russia’s door.

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  2. Sad display of intimidation, from a powerless clueless man-child playing soldier. Perhaps this should be a movie… THE AMERICANS ARE COMING, THE AMERICANS ARE COMING!
    LMOA. 😀


  3. 10 kilometres from the Russian border… On the 9th of May…. That’s a pure provocation.

    It may soon come to pass that Russian passports will also be issued to the people of the town as well if NATO stays on this course.

    But even more thought-provoking is the fact that NATO now has the highest concentration of the assorted Western troops right on the Russian border since the German troops took positions there in June 1941.


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