Our Adventure 1 in Pics: Charming Little Falls, NY & Cool Rock Climbing On Erie Canal

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Since it’s summer, I want to say hello to you all from some of my favorite places in Upstate NY, where I feel probably most at home in the US. In the summer we try to travel every weekend. I took so many great pics that it took me some time to decide which of my recent destinations to post first.

I finally decided to go with Little Falls and Erie Canal rock climbing. Most of the Erie Canal highlights will be in next post, together with Herkimer ‘diamond’ mines. l’ll post more of my little explorations on a regular basis and I hope you enjoy this summer series. I will also make this post public after some time, so more people can enjoy it.


New England and Upstate NY is where the growth and industrialization of America really began. Erie Canal, which is currently used only for recreation, was one of the 10 historic mega-projects that made the USA into what it is today: a super-wealthy superpower.


Complete article includes nearly 40 of my pictures, plus, my travel notes and observations!



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  1. Beautiful little upstate town! You have a knack for finding these hidden gems and sharing with us, we’re all richer for it! Blessings my friend. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for sharing Lada! Glad you and Az had such a lovely time in Little Falls.


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