FULL ARTICLE! Ukraine’s Degradation Complete: Slimeballs Zelensky & Head of His Admin’s Sex Scandals on Stage AND their Zombie Populace!




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Ukraine’s Degradation Complete:

Slimeballs Zelensky & Head of His Admin’s Sex Scandals on Stage

AND their Zombie Populace!


It’s not by accident that 25 Ukrainians stuck on the Coronavirus-infected cruise ship off the coast of Japan preferred to remain on board, rather than return home. That’s despite the fact, as has been admitted, that the Japanese authorities have mishandled the situation by allowing sick people to leave, hundreds more were infected and some people on board died. Those Ukrainians, all crew members, preferred Coronavirus risks to meeting their compatriots. As one Ukrainian girl tweeted after she was greeted with rocks in her ‘native’ land: “How do I change nationality?”

Full report on these recent bizarre events – soon!

In this post!

Not too much to say here, simply watch the educational videos, as indicated by my timestamps below. And forgive the racy footage and graphic details – they are unavoidable and necessary to demo to you the depth of degradation that is happening in the place I once, a very long time ago, called ‘sort of’ home… The place I don’t recognize, the place that’s now alien to me…

Go to this video: Вечер с Владимиром Соловьевым от 25.02.2020 – the Russian political talk show, which exposes what’s going on in Ukraine.

Start watching at 16:38 – the man is singing a famous romantic Ukrainian song  “Karie Ochi (The Brown Eyes)” to a girl. The song talks about her pretty brows and brown eyes, but keep watching! At 16:55 this same man is singing about another pretty girl’s eyes, while staring at her cleavage, and then the size of the boobs gets bigger with every next girl on stage, until… at 17:17 he… explodes – keep watching to the end! The man on stage is the current head of the president of Ukraine Zelensky’s administration! 

And notice the reaction of the audience – they love it!

Keep watching… and at 17:54 – who’s that coming out and getting cozy on the girl’s generous you know what?.. That would be the current president of Ukraine Zelensky! 

All this was shown on national TV of Ukraine!

Nice, ha?

That’s just one episode. On stage Zelensky also had a number in which he pretended to play piano with his male organ, while there were children in the audience; and other very distasteful stuff.

Just want to remind you that Zelensky is a comedian by trade, but of the most low-brow and tasteless kind. I couldn’t watch his stuff, but that’s what appears to be in demand in this completely degraded version of Ukraine.

As mentioned by me previously, this has happened because 20 million of decent Ukrainians left Ukraine in the past 30 years, or were killed, or died of shame or heartbreak, or were thrown in jail, or had to flee.

You may remember my Quantum Calibrations of Ukraine: it is on the level of GRIEF/DESPONDENCY (80 AND BELOW), and at times it plunges to GUILT (45). These are disastrously low calibrations of a country nearly on death bed!


I calibrated Ukraine more than once very thoroughly on Patreon. All the detailed calibrations for Ukraine and nearly 100 other countries can be found in my book:


It’s natural that all the people who were best calibrated, most talented, educated and with higher IQs left Ukraine and are now in Russia, or elsewhere in the world. What’s left is dregs with little talent, low IQ and not much consciousness. In the land of the blind… Among such people the likes of Zelenksy and his cronies seem like kings, although of the dumbest and lowest grade.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine recently, in a leaked recording, admitted that he was an absolute ignoramus when it came to economy and called on his ministers to find a manipulative and dumbed down explanation of Ukraine’s economic situation for Zelensky; after all, said PM, president is just as ignorant and will believe anything we say.

The sad truth of the extreme degradation is openly recognized and often articulated by Ukrainians themselves, including president Zelensky. He has said that recent Coronavirus riots in Ukraine indicate that the country’s population has lost decency and compassion and descended into Medieval Dark Ages.

With this background, is it any wonder that’s what ‘peaceful’ Ukrainian ‘patriots’ did to the police during the 2013-14 Maidan. Click HERE and go to 5:20 and onward; don’t miss how they beat them up, set them on fire and bulldoze them over, while waving Ukrainian flags! Very educational!

How many UNARMED policemen were killed by those ‘peaceful’ protesters, fully supported by the US and EU in 2013-14? We still don’t know the real numbers! Many lost limbs and eyes and became invalids.

And the most recent: absolutely crazy and bizarrely beastly behavior of the Ukrainian populace in Lvov, Ternopol (both western Ukraine, the hotbed of Ukro-nazi Banderites) and Poltava (central Ukraine) when healthy Ukrainians were evacuated from Coronavirus-hit Wuhan. It was this behavior that prompted Zelensky to say that Ukrainians, who yell everywhere that they are ‘not Russians but Europeans’ in reality live in the EUROPEAN Dark Ages.

Hey Zelensky, and what did you expect?

YOU helped along the process of dumbing down and de-humanizing the population with your low-brow jokes and skits!

YOU supported Maidan, lauded ukro-nazis and donated large sums to war against the people of Donbass!

And now… where you are going, there you are!


George Soros calls Ukraine his most successful project. Translation: ‘for subverting and creating anti-Russia on Russian borders!’

Per reports, Soros ‘invested’ $126 million in Ukraine. What did he invest it in? Education: to re-educate young people and re-write their genetic code; re-writing of history books; bribes and grooming of politicians.

He BOUGHT UP the entire Rada (parliament). Every faction and every party has members called ‘sorosiata’ (which rhymes with ‘porosiata’ – piglets). They say that it’s not Zelensky’s party who has the majority in the Rada, it’s Soros who does.

Zelensky’s party ‘Servant of the People’ is full of sorosiata – the Soros agents. PM of Ukraine Goncharuk is his asset, and so are many in the government and administration.

By the way, the current Minister of Health of Ukraine is a young girl of 29 years of age. Her resume can make anyone laugh. She finished college and then was unemployed for 2 years. Following that, in 2013-14 she was an activist on Maidan. In Poroshenko’s government she was appointed advisor to the Minister of Health. And under Zelensky, she was made the Minister of Health. Based on what credentials? None, except being on Maidan.

With such unprofessional contingent at the helm, is it any wonder people don’t trust their government and panic when they are told that potentially dangerous virus carriers are being brought to their neighborhood. They know they have thieves, liars and unqualified ignoramuses in the government, who won’t protect the population when needed.



THE ULTIMATE SHAME OF UKRAINE! I have recorded a video report, with my commentary, footage and images of what happened several days ago, complete with proposals to burn down or leave in Chernobyl the 45 people, including children, evacuated from Wuhan. No other country greeted their Coronavirus evacuated citizens with so much hatred and violence! My narrated details will be included! Coming in a few days!




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