Wow! Amazing: Thousands Join the Sacred Christ Pilgrimage in Historic Odessa!

The Sacred Christ Pilgrimage through Historic Odessa (Rus. pransliteration: Krestniy Khod) to celeberate the beginning of the Pravoslavny (Russian Orthodox) lent. Great video and lovely singing in the end.

Quite a sight! The Krestny Khod – from the beginning till about 11:00. Then the text prayer is read by the elder for the wellbeing of Ukraine and Odessa. Around 13:50 prayer is sung for peace, health, and long years of life for “our Lord, the Sacred Patriarch of Moscow & ALL Russia, Kirill,” as well as the metropolitans of Kiev and Odessa and all parishioners.

Lovely singing on the following video ‘Our Eternal and Glorious Pravoslavna Faith.’

Poroshenko and his cronies in Kiev, along with thier Western sponsors, between 2014 and 2019 tried extremely hard to tear Ukrainian church away from the Russian Pravoslavnaya church and from the Moscow Patriarchy. There were all kinds of subversions planned and executed: I wrote and spoke about that on several occasions.

And the result… The people in Kiev, Odessa and all over Ukraine didn’t allow themselves to be subverted. They stood fast in their principles. For these people, ‘being prosecuted for their faith’ aren’t empty words.


The Patriarch of Istanbul, who, with the support of his US sponsors initiated the schism, is now under church anathema. As payment for his betrayal, he was supposed to receive the entire Ukraine Orthodox Church, with millions of parishioners, thousands of historic churches and dozens of famous monasteries, plus all the relics, gold and art in them, as his domain once the subversion was complete, but instead lost a number of his international parishes in Europe, who sided with the Moscow Patriarchy and since joined it. He lost the support of other Orthodox churches around the world, who also sided with Moscow. For Poroshenko, his various actions, and in part his betrayal of the church, cost him presidency. Too bad he is still not in jail, but it’s early yet… More to come!

Dear Odessa, hold on! So happy you still haven’t lost your spirit, despite all the hardship!

You are the best city, and you aren’t forgotten!

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  1. This is beautiful Lada.  I am always so impressed with the cleanliness of Russian streets, no cell phones, very well behaved.  Oh my Thank you,Holly 10.03.2020, 16:25, “Futurist Trendcast” <>:Lada Ray posted: “The Sacred Christ Pilgrimage through Historic Odessa (Rus. pransliteration: Krestniy Khod) to celeberate the beginning of the Pravoslavny (Russian Orthodox) lent. Great video and lovely singing in the end.


  2. What a sight, really! Again, slowly, slowly, the circle is closing:) Wow!

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  3. Enjoyed it all, especially Odessa, Parts 1 and 2. As I was finishing Part 1, I thought, what a great place for Russians of Saint Petersburg (a beautiful city) to recover from seasonal affective disorder! Then, first part of Part 2, Pushkin was committed to Odessa! What, was Siberia booked up, he had to endure the harshness of Odessa? You had a happy childhood, I see. The settings of mine, much different, were good in their own way.


    • Pushkin’s was a very light and relaxed exile. Odessa was lovely at his time also, although not as developed. For him the punishment was to be away from all the glitz and social activity of St Pete.
      And at the time, very few, only hardened criminals, were ever sent to Siberia.

      But if you saw what those crazed ukro-nazis turned Odessa into today… Still hard for me to believe it happened…


      • P.S. Meantime, Siberia, as Russia all around, is developing very, very nicely and is looking great, energy is great too – a lot better than Odessa nowadays.


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