HAPPY #VICTORY75! Tajikistan Children’s Flashmob Performing Russian WWII Song Smuglyanka Goes Viral! #ImmortalRegimentOnline #БессмертныйПолкОнлайн

Happy May 9, the 75th Anniversary of Victory!


VIRTUAL #VICTORY75 & #ImmortalRegimentOnline MARATHON


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Tajikistan Children’s Flashmob Performing Russian WWII Song Smuglyanka Goes Viral!

Children from a small Tajik town’s daycare “Gulshan” and their teachers got together and made a cute, full of heart and humor mini-film.

Plot: A day care teacher is trying to teach the children to sing a Russian children’s song, but it doesn’t work. When kids go for a nap, she dozes off too, but that’s when all the fun begins. Kids quietly get up and begin performing a serious adult song Smuglyanka, from the blockbuster Soviet film ‘Only Old Men Go to Battle,’ depicting relationships between male and female flying officers during the WWII.

A local repairman hears the children struggling with the tune and magically adds the music and Russian uniforms. The choir performs the song and then more magic happens, as it seems the whole town, by osmosis, begins to sing. It ends with honoring a local Red Army/Great Patriotic War vet and laying flowers to the monument commemorating those who perished defending the country – a touching ceremony. That part takes place to the tune of another legendary song ‘Den Pobedi’ (Victory Day). And in the end we learn that the vet who inspired the whole thing, died after the video was finished, 9 days before the actual May 9th Victory Day.

The video made in 2018 gathered millions of views on the internet. In the end we can see what went into the making of this mini-film, including the sewing of uniforms and rehearsals.

Very touching and charming video – watch:


One of the most popular Russian songs pertaining to the Great Patriotic War era, and one of the most performed Soviet songs. It is a story of a Red Army officer who falls in love with a pretty, dark haired Moldavian girl. Made world-famous by the film ‘Only Old Men Go to Battle.’

This year, Smuglyanka has become one of the symbols of Victory Day 75, after a western Ukrainian 12-year-old orphan Maxim Tkachuk won international competition in London with this song. After returning home, he was attacked on social media by various western Ukraine nationalists and ukro-nazis, ostracized in his local village and his grandmother – his guardian – lost her job. That generated a major backlash all over Ukraine, where people began creating Smuglyanka flashmobs (thus proving that Ukraine indeed is alive – read my article: No, the REAL Ukraine Is NOT Dead & Never Will Be! VICTORY DAY, No Matter the Threats).


Ex-Soviet republic, currently a separate country. After USSR breakup doesn’t have direct border with Russia. Religion: Muslim. Language: Tajiki, but Russian is widely spoken and studied. Recently Tajikistan has been begging Russia to send more Russian teachers, so the young generation would not forget Russian language.

Tajikistan is a country in Central Asia surrounded by Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. It’s known for rugged mountains, popular for hiking and climbing. The Fann Mountains, near the national capital Dushanbe, have snow-capped peaks that rise over 5,000 meters. The range encompasses the Iskanderkulsky Nature Refuge, a notable bird habitat named for Iskanderkul, a turquoise lake formed by glaciers.
Population9.101 million (2018) World Bank


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  1. Awww, such beautiful children! And yes,a very touching story. Thank you for sharing some the traditional songs previously. Because of that I could hum along with the children singing Smuglyanka. That was very nice. Happy Victory Day, Lada!


  2. Such a touching rendition of this iconic song! It’s so wonderful to see Tajikistan not forgetting our common victory.

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  3. So cute 🙂 RIP to the veteran…

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