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Russian ship returning from duty in Syria made a stopover in Alexandroupolis, Greece, where Russian marines were surprised by enormous crowds that lined up the roads, deafening cheer and enthusiastic clapping. I hear it was in stark contrast to how the US/NATO troops were met in Greece just a year prior. And Greece happens to be a EU and NATO country. Watch to the end, note the loud cheer and never-ending crowds!

Description under video (not mine) – I don’t know who is behind this channel, but it makes sense:

“Russian Navy ship on a way from Syria, after fighting REAL Islamist terrorists, had made a stop in the Greek city of Alexandroupolis. People of the city had found out and insisted on greeting Russian Marines as true heroes. Almost entire city had gathered up to loudly applaud, cheer and welcome a column of them marching on the main street… A most stark contrast to the “welcome” NATO soldiers had received in the exact same city just a year ago. Common working people are not so stupid and brainwashed, to know and see what NATO is, whose tool it is and who really had and still are financing terrorism and spreads hatred and wars all over the globe… and what country is actually fighting it. No wonder the ruling western elites and the globalists hate Russia so much and doing all they can so to vilify Russia and massively obstruct Trump in every possible way, in his effort of building a friendly relationship with Russia. PS. They are the elite Navy ground assault strike force. Translated from Russian as Navy Infantry (Marines). In Russia Marines wear Navy uniforms and use a Navy flag. They also carry with them in this video the latest Russian automatic assault rifles, AK-12.”


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