My Current State of the World Energy Review! So you can feel secure in knowing and planning your future…



My Current State of the World Energy Review! So you can feel secure in knowing and planning your future…


I am perceiving a lot of depressed and confused energies from many people around the globe at this time! This has been happening all past week. There are some astrological indicators, but it’s more than that.

The world events are getting more and more convoluted and confusing. This is due to the many forces clashing and fighting for their agendas during the time of the tectonic 4D-5D EARTH SHIFT & GREAT REBALANCING! This, in turn, generates confusion and various negative, sorrowful and/or angry response in various individuals and communities. 

I want to stress again! The turmoils and confusion are due to the lack of acceptance and a lack of understanding of the changes happening around us! It’s not because of the Earth Shift, it’s because of human karma and resistance to change! If humans worked together, not against each other, it would be much easier a transition!

As always, I’ll continue working hard on delivering the truth, multidimensional predictions and my unique and forward-looking Great Balancer geopolitical analysis, so you can feel secure in knowing and planning your future and so the world is a little better and brighter! 

The previous article on Armenia, which I am now making free to public, is a good example of what I publish on Patreon when I talk about current hot world events that I feel deserve my special brand of Multidimensional Earth Shift analysis and predictions! We also just had some recent articles on the Rusin Tragedy and Ukraine, which are also great examples of the same! 

However, LADA RAY PATREON is about so much more!

In the past month or so I wrote on:

Will Trump Be Impeached? And What Happens Next? LADA RAY PREDICTIONS! – and these predictions already came true!

What a patron says about my predictions:
Anthony: Nailed it again for the millionth time 🙂

Another new major piece: 

LADA RAY Energy Revolution PROPHECIES & PREDICTIONS: Who, When & How WILL DEVELOP NEW TYPES OF ENERGY? Which Countries Will Be at the Forefront? (THE FUTURE OF ENERGY Series Part 4!)

And some other topic, showcasing the scope of the themes I breach:

Earth Shift Reaches Wall Street! GameStop/Robinhood Scandal & Rebellion of a small man! 👍

And: Quantum Calibrations of Lada Ray Patreon! + New QC/CHI of! Great News – Everything’s UP! 👍

To view the entire timeline of my articles (and videos/audios when they appear), go to and click on the POSTS tag on top!

In March I’ll release some new interesting pieces on some very different topics! Everything I say and write about is what I perceive as important to tell you at this particular time! So far, I’ve scheduled the following two posts for this week:

Rus vs. Ruin: Fascinating Forbidden History & Linguistics of Russia and Ukraine & their Echoes in English and Other Cultures! (Lada’s Chronicles P3)

How to Banish Crippling Self-Doubt, Negative Self-Talk & Self-Sabotage! (Special MDU/MHAP & Lada Ray Consultation Episode!)

More soon…


In March and April I was planning to make more of the past prime content free and accessible to general public. I also have been planning to release a lot of public videos on Lada Ray YT channel, based on my exclusive Patreon Q&As and some choice Webinar excerpts. 

This is the plan so that more people can see what I am doing. It’s still in the works and I’ll see how we go. I’ve had an intention of sharing more with the public at least since last year, but so far I’ve found it very difficult for a variety of reasons, one of which is the preponderance of negative and low energy, such as depression, self-doubt and pessimism out there that I, as an empath, find hard to come in touch with in cyberspace.  

I know some of you said that I am not doing nearly enough to promote my content and to allow more people to sample it! I totally agree. It’s often not only because of the energy out there, but also due to the lack of time – or so I tell myself ;). As you know, for years I was sharing everything for free on FuturisTrendcast and Lada Ray YT channel. But in the past couple of years I mostly shared with my Patrons.

If I am being completely honest with myself, I like the extra level of security the Patreon filter provides. It’s like a warm, cozy blanket of protection.

I realize the lack of time is just an excuse and I am now working on my inner resistance, as well as on restructuring my schedule in such a way as to allocate enough time for free shares on FuturisTrendcast and Lada Ray YT channel. 

**And as a reminder and/or if you are new! LadaRay site is were you find lots of info: free info on my systems and teachings; Earth Shift Webinars & Reports; Private Consultations; books and important links!


My EARTH SHIFT WEBINARS deliver a systemic, complete picture and/or knowledge on a specific area, theme or major topic, which always connects to the Great Earth Shift, Global Rebalancing and my predictions!

Don’t miss the new Series 4 and latest WEBINAR 17: 100-YEAR PLAN & FUTURE EXPANSION OF CHINA – in it you’ll find many eye-opening surprises!

If anyone wants to post reviews for any of the Series 4 webinars, you are welcome to do so in comments. I’d love to publish the best of them on my website and blog, so more people could see them! So far, I published a couple of your review on the Series 4 page.  Would love to add more!

**Replying to some people’s reviews and comments re. Webinar 17 from previous post!

Thanks for the ESW17 reviews so far! What an interesting reaction to my calibrations from some of you… it just goes to show how many misconceptions, unrealistic and wishful thinking there is about China, and perhaps a confusion, even from people who know more than most! Reality is not and/or will not be exactly as some picture it. Some of the questions you’ve asked about Russia for Webinar 18 prove the same. Recommend listening very carefully to my webinars – they do contain many answers sometimes overlooked on first glance (perhaps a second review of the material will help).

Just to be sure I didn’t overlook something and explained my Quantum Calibrations for China’s karmic past, as well as the Calibrations for China’s future relations with other countries, I asked Az what he thought. Az had listened to the whole webinar and helped me edit it, and as you know, he is Chinese and his parents are quite active in the Chinese community. He said that, and I quote: ‘I explained everything more than clearly, hence any listener confusion is not for a lack of info, it’s for a lack of acceptance of the facts.’ I’d add, due to misconceptions and wishful thinking. 

As always, I don’t sugar-coat the truth, both good and bad, positive and negative. I always tell you the truth and my vision of the future, as I see it. And I always show you the reality, which many prefer not to see. This is part of my promise to you. 

I am glad that there are people out there who get it and feel that what I do is important. I just wish there were more of us!

Webinars 15, 16 and 17 (USA, Europe and China) are all part of SERIES 4!


**Webinar 18 (Russia) was planed for late MARCH 2021 – CURRENTLY ON HOLD & TBD! 

Read my latest comprehensive update on ESW18 and why it’s TBD here: 

Hilarious: The Rise of Sputnik V Tourism! Hungary Tells EU to Get Lost & Slovakia Promises Russia Transcarpathia for Sputnik V! 

Rus vs. Ruin: Fascinating Forbidden History & Linguistics of Russia and Ukraine & their Echoes in English and Other Cultures! (Lada’s Chronicles P3)

(scroll below the articles for ESW18 info!)


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