The LINGUISTICS OF TRUTH – What Putin Really Told Biden!


Incidentally, western publications twisted Putin’s answer – likely on purpose, or out of ignorance. It was translated as if Putin said in response to the ‘killer’ remark: ‘It takes one to know one.’ While it’s the easiest translation, this is not exactly what Putin said. The translation implies that Putin admits he is one, but then again, Biden is too. In reality he said, (Rus transliteration: kto obzivaetsa tot tak i nazivaetsa, as we replied to anyone rude when we were children), translation: whoever calls others names, so names himself. 

There are other Russian expressions that work here: (na vore shapka gorit): the thief is whose hat’s on fire; or (vor krichit gromche vseh: ‘derzhi vora’): the thief cries the loudest, “catch thief!” In other words to deflect the discovery of the truth from himself a criminal will blame someone else, but in reality the truth is clearly visible for everyone – it’s his hat that’s on fire!”


Lada Ray on Putin’s Killer Answer to Biden

& Which Country Deserves What President!


Lada Ray

And proof is in the pudding – this just in: Biden stumbles 3 times while boarding Air Force One —— someone posted this very mean video WHY BIDEN FELL:

Lada Ray

Hillary 2.0?… What I said in previous post: Chernenko 2.0, but worse. Or reverse Yeltsin, more like, based on Inverted Collapse! Karma…

Lada Ray

And more: Biden mistakenly refers to ‘President Harris’ during speech



A small story about the origin of the expression “The hat on the thief’s head is burning”. It is said that during one of the market days a hat was snatched from the stall of one of the merchants. The merchant could not see the thief in the crowd and no one was running, so it was impossible to give chase – the thief simply blended in with the other people. So the clever merchant bellowed at the top of his lungs, “Fire! The hat on the thief’s head is on fire!”. The thief instinctively reached up to his head to check if that was the case, and thus revealed himself.


In the comparison between Putin and Biden, they are so different it is almost impossible to compare. I have watched those HOURS LONG Q & A’s that Putin does and they are breathtakingly brilliant! Unbelievably brilliant. The thought of Biden trying to entertain such an event is cringe-worthy and scary to think of. So sad- but true.


Lada Ray on Putin’s Killer Answer to Biden & Which Country Deserves What President!





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  1. Polli’s comment is so true! I too have watched hours of President Putin’s marathon Q&A sessions. Amazing. There are few who could do that. Yes, he is brilliant. And gracious, and compassionate. And so patient. I could go on. I have come to have a lot of respect for him.

    Therefore, I knew instinctively that there was something wrong with the “takes one to know one” translation. It was, to be generous, lazy at best. Others who have not patiently watched President Putin in action would not pick that up, so thank you so much for clarifying, Lada.

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