Ahead of Her Time – Coming Very Soon!

One of Lada Ray Community members has published a new book, sharing her fascinating journey! I thought I’d share with you the good news!


Ahead of Her Time: How a One-Woman Startup Became a Global Brand

Published by Watkins.  Launching 13 April 2021

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Ahead of her Time tells the story of how I grew a publishing company from my spare bedroom and turned it into a successful global enterprise, selling millions of books all over the world.

The company became known for publishing popular novels and general non-fiction including cookery and health and then as a pioneer in the area of personal growth, popular psychology, business and mind, body and spirit.  We published many well-known authors and helped them become better known as experts in their fields.  Along the way I brought up a family and found unexpected rewards in other activities.

I have written the book for all the women over the years who have asked me ‘how did you do it?’ and ‘do you think I can do it’?  I hope you will enjoy reading it along with anyone who would like more insight into the publishing process of former years and a lively look at aspects of the changing culture of our society during the last fifty years. 

Please pre-order your copy to get the book off to a great start.  2021 will be the Year of the Entrepreneur and every entrepreneur needs support and encouragement to get their venture off the ground and to carry on going when times get tough.


Hello Judy,
Thanks so much for sharing the info. 
CONGRATS & GODSPEED ON YOUR NEW BOOK! 💟👑I’ll be sure to check it out! 
What’s the name of your publishing company? I’d love to look it up!
Thanks and if you want me to share this with my followers, let me know.
Blessings,Lada 💐

Best wishes, Lada Ray



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Thanks Lada. That’s very kind.
My publishing house was called Piatkus Books. Established as an independent it was bought by Hachette in 2007 and positioned under the Little Brown imprint. We published popular fiction and were pioneers in the area of mind, body and spirit and personal growth, bringing the work of many eminent American authors to the UK.  I think my book is of more interest to women but of course men can read it too and thank you for the kind offer.

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