Belorussia’s Tongue in Cheek Asymmetric Response to the US

One of Lada Ray Community members shared this and I thought you guys would like to see it!

Stanislav has his own blog, – VISIT by clicking on link!

“Lada, you’ve probably seen the Belorussian MFA’s response to the US.

If not, I posted the official translation on my site as well. For some reason I cannot help, but hear Maria Zaharova’s voice when reading it 🙂 It’s actually quite in tune with what you wrote in this article. PS: Noticed that an official English translation appeared on MFA’s site. When I first started translating it, only the version in Russian was published.”

Read: An asymmetric tongue-in-cheek sarcastic response from the Belorussian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the US State Department’s insolent “congratulation”


Lada’s reaction & commentary:

Lada Ray

Just read the Belorussian text. You know, it’s all fine and good, hilarious and right on point, and it’s within the Russian sense of humor and wit, but I have to say, these kinds of subtleties and intricacies are lost on the American ear. If you don’t just do it the direct cowboy style, hammer it in, they don’t get it. ‘Rubit s plecha’ – ‘ax all the way from shoulder down,’ as the Rus saying goes. So, I’m sure they had a laugh, but they really need to be more direct and more crude with the US for them to get it. Unfortunately.

I don’t think there will be much of a reaction from the US – unfortunately. I wish it was different. Just my two cents.

P.S. But it’s good that countries are at least not taking US insolence on the chin any more and are fighting back! Too bad they don’t work together and only do it when the lightning strikes them.

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