Poland: Russian Flag Deliberately Removed During World Championship Match to Cause Russian Player to Lose! + Ukraine Still Alive: Immortal Regiment Inside Kiev Rada!


Original post: Poland: Russian Flag Deliberately Removed During World Championship Match to Cause Russian Player to Lose! + Ukraine Still Alive: Immortal Regiment Inside Kiev Rada!



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Poland: Russian Flag Deliberately Removed During World Championship Match to Cause Russian Player to Lose! + Ukraine Still Alive: Immortal Regiment Inside Kiev Rada!


Friends, just had to share these two very telling situations from Poland and Ukraine! The deeper meaning of what’s going on goes beyond any single country and applies to everyone living today in the world. 

Through the vividly unpleasant and shocking events, there peek some silver linings. Every person in such circumstances decides whether they are on the side of the light or dark. During the EARTH SHIFT & GREAT REBALANCING everyone gets tested, and as we see below, some pass with flying colors, while others fail. How one reacts either creates a heavy karma, or clears up past karma. Some will rise to a higher dimension, and others will fall. Up to each of us where to stand! 


During a decisive women’s checkers championship match in Poland, in the midst of the game a Polish organizer suddenly came to the table where two participants were playing and began taking off the Russian flag. The game was between a Russian, 6-time world champion Tamara Tansikkuzhina and a Polish player. The flag of the country is displayed on the side of the table as a self-adhesive plaque, together with the name of the player. The Polish man ripped that off. Then he went directly to the table and took off the mini flag of Russia displayed next to the player. On the footage we can see as Tamara Tansikkuzhina,    who was focusing on her next move, gets distracted, lifts her head in surprise and looks around, trying to figure out what’s going on. 

This, understandably, broke her concentration and she lost that game to the Polish player. 

You can see the incident on this video starting at 0:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2K7VCUxjug

When you look carefully, you’ll see that when the plaque with the flag is taken off there is another neutral one underneath, which seems to have been prepared in advance. Therefore, it leads to speculation that the act was deliberate and pre-meditated. Taking off the flags at the exact moment when Russian was considering her next move means only one thing: trying to cause her to get distracted and lose. 

The Polish organizer, who was the ex-head of the European checkers association, said after the game in pretty good Russian that ‘he felt very uncomfortable’ but did it because he received a call from ‘a woman on behalf of the ex-Poland’s minister of sports’ who said to take it down now because WADA says so. The Polish bureaucrat apologized, saying he was afraid Polish organization would be sanctioned by WADA. In other words: someone calls him, he pees in his pants and with his tail between his legs scampers off to do someone’s bidding, without any regard for how it looks or who he offends in the process. This is a typical and usual Poland for you. In crisis situations like this the real character of the people comes out. 

Also as it turns out, approaching the table during the game is illegal in checkers or chess, which of course he knew.

And the apology in this case… it’s like a burglar apologizing he killed entire family because they got in the way of his burglarizing their home, while expecting forgiveness. Or like Nazi soldiers during Nuremberg tribunal saying they ‘just followed orders’ when killing millions. 

What’s amazing, I think Russians actually accepted this ‘apology,’ and are talking more about the ‘decent’ behavior of one Polish player, instead of the sabotage by Poland, which is very well-known for its blatant Russophobia. 

Russians always try to move the situation into some sort of higher calibration and see hope and the best in everyone. ‘Ahh… he apologized… ahh… he spoke Russian…. he must be not so bad, after all.’ Turning the other cheek, frankly is getting old, isn’t it?

The NAZI anti-doping agency WADA banned Russian sports for participating in world competitions for two years. I discussed the bogus allegations which reek of discrimination and deliberate sabotage of Russia on all levels several years ago, so I won’t go into that again. Frankly, it’s tiring and too low of a calibration for me. But they’ll continue finding new ways of poking Russia, no matter what. That’s the problem. My view always was that Russia should withdraw from all such competitions and organize alternative games, but I do realize how hard and potentially unrewarding it may be. 

The funny part, in this case, WADA did not confirm any urgent calls or demands to Poland in that regard, saying they should’ve taken the flag down before the game. But WADA and the Anglo-American controlled world sports mafia did make it good to prosecute Russians and bad not to. 

Moreover, the world checkers federation always disputed WADA decision: even assuming there is anything behind it, where is sports doping and where is checkers? How exactly does a player dope when sitting down for hours and thinking? 

Therefore, the whole ‘op’ looks like a deliberate fabrication by Poland to hit the player where and when it’s most sensitive. In the game of wills and psychology, such disruption can be very damaging.

It has to be noted that the Polish challenger acted decently on her part. For the next game she chose to remove her standing flag. However, the plaque showing Polish flag remained in place, while Russian played without hers. 

The Russian player got some of the loss back by winning the next game outright. But she is still behind in this world crown watch.

To conclude, as I discussed in a previous report, this is more than an attack against Russia. This is a deliberate attempt to divide the Slavic World, with the ultimate idea to get rid of Slavs altogether. by rewriting their genetic code in such a way that they not only forget their heritage but also turn on each other. And various Pols, Czechs, Bulgarians, and what not, are happily going to the slaughter, and with tail between their legs run to fulfil the orders of the Big Master, a lot more concerned for their cushy jobs than for their heritage and country.


Meantime in Kiev. For the first time ever a giant Ukro-Nazi march took place through the center of Kiev to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the SS division Galichina staffed during WWII with western Ukraine nationals and responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of people in Kiev and western Ukraine. Kiev alone lost 200,000 peaceful people to the Nazi German/Galitsia occupation. 

Zelensky and his fake party ‘servant of the people’ are silent, with tail between their legs. One of them, when interviewed, said that ‘there is so much going on in Ukraine, who pays attention to some march.’ Mass Nazi marches took place previously, but they never dared to go through the very center of Kiev. The Kiev police freed up the streets, greenlighting the Nazi march and protecting it from any protesters.

But here’s the good news! Ukraine truly is still alive and not all decent people are gone! The Opposition Block – Za Zhittia organized the Immortal Regiment March right inside the Kiev Rada. The parliament members from this faction came out to the Rada podium, holding the portraits of their ancestors who died defending Ukraine and USSR against German and Galitsia Nazis. They called the Ukro-Nazi march ‘the new invasion of Kiev.’

See the Nazi march and Immortal Regiment in Rada on this video: Бессмертный полк” в зале парламента Украины

It’s actually shocking this didn’t cause a fist fight in the Rada. Previously, lesser situations did. I guess everyone was shocked by the audacity of Ukro-Nazis, attesting to how lawless the country has become. Or rather, protective on Nazis, if the police was on their side.

As the Victory Day approaches on May 9, the clash between Nazis and those who want to rewrite history vs. those who want to preserve the truth and memory, intensifies all over the world. Pressure on Russia and anyone who speaks Russian also intensifies. 

If you recall me write about it, three TV channels belonging to Opposition Block were shut down by Zelensky’s government. An outright prosecution and a hunt against anyone who opposes or criticizes him was announced in Ukraine and internationally. Zelensky’s grandfather fought in the Red Army against Hitler and current Ukraine leader is widely considered the traitor to his own family and heritage. I don’t really think he’s concerned about that though. He’s more concerned about kissing up to the Ukro-Nazis and US. 

The remaining in circulation TV channel Inter, not as rabidly Russophobic as other Ukraine channels, promised a major May 9 show and concert to celebrate 76th anniversary of Victory. In the past few years more than half of the country tuned in to Inter’s annual Victory Day concerts (you may have seen my post on that last year on FuturisTrendcast). They are also organizing the all-Ukraine virtual Immortal Regiment March online, to which 1.5 million people already subscribed. 

The Immortal Regiment March (Rus Бессмертный полк – translit: Bessmertny Polk) is a grassroots Russian creation, which started several years ago in a Siberian city. It took off like fire and before COVID it gathered over 10 million people every May worldwide. In Moscow alone close to a million people came out every year with portraits of their loved ones, who fought in WWII against Nazis. In Kiev, Odessa and other more normal Ukraine cities and towns massive Immortal Regiments took place, despite prohibitions and prosecutions. 

The idea of the march is honoring the ancestors who fought to liberate Russia/USSR and the world from Nazis. This is especially important when so many countries and forces out there actively try to rewrite history and erase people’s memory. 

The march inspired many songs. Watch this clip on YT, by Gazmanov: Олег Газманов – Бессмертный полк (премьера клипа, 2018).


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  2. update: WADA denied that they made this call.


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