My Kinda Girl! She Won Despite Everything!

The saga I told you about in a previous article, Poland: Russian Flag Deliberately Removed During World Championship Match to Cause Russian Player to Lose! + Ukraine Still Alive: Immortal Regiment Inside Kiev Rada! received a spectacular conclusion!

Despite provocation during the match and despite unfair sanctions, Russian checkers master Tamara Tansikkuzhina is now 7-time world champion!

The saga continued throughout the match. The Polish player, unlike her federation, acted decently and removed her standing flag. However, the Polish flag remained on the side of the table. Russian player had no flag anywhere. But Polish hosts decided to add their standing mini-flag back somehow and they placed it on top of the mantelpiece above both players (again, a total violation of any rules).

After Poland took off Russian flags during the game, breaking all the laws and common decency, Tamara won the next game outright. But she was still behind. She continued narrowing the lead and after the last 9th game the score was even, 54-54. By rules if there is a final tie, a blitz consisting of 4 rounds is played.

Three first rounds were a tie and Tansikkuzhina won the last, 4th round.



A few words in Russian: Pоссиянка Тамара Тансыккужина одержала победу на чемпионате мира по шашкам, который проходил в Варшаве. Тансыккужина обыграла польку Наталью Садовскую в матче, который состоял из девяти раундов. После девяти раундов счет был равным – 54:54. Победитель определился на тай-брейке: две партии в быстрые шашки и три партии в блиц были сыграны вничью, в четвертой партии в блиц победу одержала россиянка. 27 апреля по требованию Всемирного антидопингового агентства (WADA) организаторы убрали российский флаг со стола во время матча. Садовская в знак солидарности убрала флаг Польши.


Thanks to Polish and WADA provocation, Tamara has become a national hero and checkers, often overlooked, received a boost of interest worldwide. Good going, losers!

You know, I think I’ll dedust my old checkers set and play a game or two this weekend with the Wizard of Az, when we go out to town. As a big chess player, Az thinks checkers are beneath him, but I don’t mind, as long as I win – in honor of Victory Day on more than one front 😉 lol.

I hope you guys get my insider jokes ;). HAPPY VICTORY DAY and SEE MORE BELOW!


Friends, HAPPY VICTORY DAY! Taking a couple of days off to celebrate VICTORY DAY ON MAY 8-9!

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  1. Good job, fair play wins out in the end. 🙂

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  2. Bravo! Happy Victory Day!

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