On the Crossroads of History: How Belarus & Ukraine Wanted to Betray their Past & Become Something Else (NEW FREE Lada Ray Forbidden History & Linguistics Report!)

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On the Crossroads of History: How Belarus & Ukraine Wanted to Betray their Past & Become Something Else (Lada Ray Forbidden History & Linguistics Report!)



On the Crossroads of History:

How Belarus & Ukraine Wanted to Betray their Past & Become Something Else

I thought the previous Belarus piece was quite educational and I decided to continue with the truths and lessons all of us on the planet could benefit from. The same lessons apply to us, no matter whether we are big or small; they apply to countries, leaders and simple individuals. 

The lessons are: those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it; betraying yourself and your heritage leads to confusion and destruction; trying to be someone else is a way to nowhere. Being authentic and true to yourself is the only way forward!

Our Seeker was kind enough to do some extra research for the last piece: 

Belarus white-red-white Color Revolution & Flag Controversy

Seeker: Had to read a lot about flags and history to understand this. Yes, Lada, the white-red-white had a really horrible past, and the Pahonia coat of arms seems more Lithuanian. I like the crests, with grain, flowers, sun rays – a lot of peaceful energy.


Good point by Seeker, and let me share the crest or coat of arms of Belarus from both today and the BSSR days. All Soviet coats of arms looked similar to that, denoting ‘the 15 sisters’ of the USSR. I always liked the idea behind it. Look how prosperous and harmonious they appear:

Latest BSSR coat of arms 1981-91. Note how the map is turned towards Russia/Eurasia. The words on the red ribbon on the right are in Russian, on the left in Belarussian, which is really a dialect of Russian, but was promoted in the USSR as a separate language, as all republics’ languages were promoted, to ‘add them more self-esteem’:

INTERESTING FACT OF RUSSIA’S GENEROSITY, TURNED AGAINST HER: It also has to be noted that because of the results of WWII, USSR being the hands-down winner, when the UN was organized, Stalin negotiated THREE seats in the UN for the USSR/Russia as a whole, then for Ukraine and Belarus separately, which gave the USSR three separate voices. The West agreed – that was how powerful and influential the USSR was after the war! Also, both Ukraine and Belarus, along with the USSR as a whole, were written into the UN charter as ‘co-founders.’ But when Ukraine turned anti-Russian, to prove Ukraine was a separate country, Kiev twisted history by saying they always were separate because they were an independent co-founder of the UN, with a separate voice. Belarus never went as far, but similar signals were peeking through, as well. Similar situations, but even worse, were happening with Poland and others from the ex-Soviet Block, when Russia’s generosity and helping those countries get back on their feet, while forgetting and forgiving their atrocious past, such as Romania’s participation in WWII on Hitler’s side, occupying Odessa and the Black Sea south, was paid back through extreme Russophobia. Read about Poland below, and whatever is said here, it’s just a drop in the ocean. 

Yep, Russia was sooooo naive…

Current Belarus coat of arms 2020. This is the new crest I described in my previous article, Belarus white-red-white Color Revolution. Note how the map is turned towards Europe/Trans-Atlantic and away from Russia. And the darker colors, of course! Read more in Belarus white-red-white Color Revolution & Flag Controversy! (Ah, yes, the words ‘Republic Belarus’ are now only in Belarussian – no Russian here, even though the majority of Belarus residents speaks Russian.)

Russians took that change as Belarus/Lukashenko’s turn to the West and away from Russia. The Belarus opposition and the West took it as a signal to start color revolution. Since nothing happens in Belarus without his blessing, by changing the coat of arms Lukashenko has no one but himself to blame for what happened next! The whole sequence of events is explained in detail in ESW19 LUKASHENKO CONUNDRUM & WEST’S ICE WAR AGAINST BELARUS! And my full historic assessment of Lukashenko is there, as well!


Thanks to Seeker for the bit about Lithuanian connection. This seems about right. Hence their proclamation that they aren’t Russians, they are Lithuanian (they call it ‘Litvins’ which is the old name). And the whole real reason for that is the idea that perhaps ‘they’ll be allowed to join EU and get rich quick’ or at least get high-paying jobs. Not very high-minded at all. 

Much like what some Moldavians proclaim, who say they are Romanians, not Moldavians at all. They think by that they’ll get more ‘respect.’ A really banal, cynically mercantile thing, and a very short-term thinking at that. At least Moldavians really are the close relatives of what we call ‘Romanians’ today, the country that didn’t exist in history before 1870s, when the Russian Tsar insisted on forming it after Russians liberated the Balkans, Walachia and Transylvania from the Ottomans. The Moldavian Dukedom meantime existed since 1500s, and on that front, Moldova has ‘pedigree’ compared to Romania. But the whole twist is that Romania, not Moldova, is part of the EU, with a potential to emigrate to a rich EU country and get a relatively high-paying job there. Meantime, Moldova is stuck with non-working economy and fleeing population, after the USSR collapse. 

Plus, it’s not fashionable to be with Russia. The ‘good’ countries (aka, US and EU) don’t like Russia, therefore Russia is bad. Only being anti-Russian one can get paid by the West, therefore, at least some – or many – will say they are anti-Russian to get the benefits. This kind of low-brow logic is the tragedy of certain low-calibrated humans. 

This is the same tragedy that happened in Ukraine and Georgia, and in part in Armenia, and began happening in Belarus. Kazakhstan is trying to go this route too, but as I explained in ESW19 LUKASHENKO CONUNDRUM & WEST’S ICE WAR AGAINST BELARUS, Belarus and Kazakhstan play a very crucial role as parts of the Grand Armchair of Eurasia, and so their destiny is more predetermined than the others. This means it’s not so easy to change their affinities, no matter how much the external players may try. 

The Grand Armchair of Eurasia is explained in the last episode of ESW19

I’ll talk more about Kazakhstan and its dilemmas being a buffer between Russia, China and the turbulent areas of Central Asia and the Middle East in upcoming webinars:



And read this newest REPORT! US Recognizes Defeat in Afghanistan but Tries to Gain New Foothold in Central Asia! Danger or Opportunity for Russia & China? + NEW BIG PERIOD 9 PREDICTIONS for UK, RUSSIA & CHINA!!

So, unlike the relationship of Moldavians to Romanians, in the previous centuries the territory of Belarus was under Poland and Lithuania and Belarussians were slaves under Poles/Lithuanians, considered second-class. But that part they conveniently forget, because they think by joining the pack they get visa-free regime with Europe. Much like those Ukrainians who eagerly move to Poland to get the Russophobic brainwashing in their ‘special quote colleges’ or pick strawberries in the Polish fields. Like Belarusians, Ukrainians from Western and parts of central Ukraine in prior centuries were considered slaves to Poles and definitely second-class. They were called ‘bidlo’ by Poles, which means ‘cattle.’ I wrote many times about that, but it’s worth repeating: we are talking the rural areas of western and some parts of central Ukraine today. Most of Central and Eastern Ukraine – Malorossia and Southern Ukraine – Novorossia were never under Poles. They were a part of RUSSIA proper for centuries and gifted to Ukraine as part of the USSR. They were never meant to be a part of a separate country called ‘Ukraine.’ Just imagine waking up one morning and realizing your capital isn’t Moscow any more and you are now living in a different (almost said ‘wrong’) country – and you had no say in it.  

I don’t really blame the poor people from Ukraine: if that’s the only way to make money in their decimated economy, then perhaps that’s that. However, many in Ukraine and even more in Belarus didn’t succumb to this and didn’t forget their heritage for the ‘quick buck.’ Again, we need to emphasize that many, many people in post-Soviet space did not forget who they are and have rejected this kind of mentality, but they are being suppressed by those who came to power.

The simple dream of the Kiev Maidan 2014: join the EU, betray heritage and you’ll be making as much money as the population of the EU member states – and that’s the whole big idea behind their little brains. Of course, these grand ideas came to a crushing end when it turned out that “Europe” wasn’t planning on accepting Ukraine as equal. The new mantra now is: ‘we are GOING to Europe eventually.’ 

I know it’s a bit hard to wrap your mind around what I’m saying, if YOU live in the West and see how it’s starting to rot and lose power, as the Great Rebalancing evolves. Isn’t it time to join Russia and China? That’s where the future is, you might say. It’s not so easy or great in the West, you might say. It’s not what it seems to be from the outside, you might say. 

But you and I – we are intellectuals, we are highly calibrated and justice-oriented individuals, and we are the beings of higher dimensions (4D and above). This means you and I, we really see things in historic and multidimensional perspectives! And I can tell you, that’s a small minority in any country. 

The majority see things as ‘the grass is greener somewhere else,’ as ‘give me the benefit now!’ and as ‘who cares about history or justice, I want what I want when I want it: how come someone else has that, and not me – I want it too and to hell with everything else!’ And these are the kinds of people who take part in those color revolutions. Of course, some are much more cynical and they simply get paid. Some are simply full of hate and denial and some want to be in the headlines and spotlight no matter what. 

Therefore, the whole thing is very banal in its psychology; it’s common knowledge that the West always uses the lowest of the low emotions of those who want to live better and who are ready to blame their country for not giving them enough, in order to destabilize said country. This is the nature of all color revolutions and that’s what they tried to orchestrate in Belarus in 2020. 

But the wrapper has to be pretty, such as the white knights on the flag. Or: we are ‘Litvini (Lithuanians), not Belarussians.’ And of course, ‘we are fighting for freedom and democracy, against the terrible dictator.’

Meantime, the only goal those who pay for all this music have is: to tear Belarus (or Ukraine, or …. add a name) away from Russia, and then, after weakening Russia, go in and destroy it. That’s a very old and clear goal: the Great Balancer always stands in the way of the West’s globalism. 

Notice the author of this ‘historic document’: the infamous Radio Free Europe, which was instrumental in demolishing pro-Russian regimes in E. Europe in 1980s. It was resurrected recently, together with its counterpart Radio Freedom, by Hillary Clinton when she was the US secretary of state, to wreak havoc in Russia and post-Soviet space (since all of E. Europe is done). 

The ‘Pahonia’ knights were related to Polonia, I presume. Polonia is an old name for Poland. In fact, as you see, the English name sounds very close to it: Polonia-Poland and it means exactly the same ‘ flatlands.’ (For the whole spread refer to my forbidden history and linguistics articles on Lada Ray Patreon and FT, and of course, to the Series 2 Webinars

Pahonia sounds like a spinoff of that and was probably a reference to the lands near Baltic Sea. Actually, that’s where the north-western Rus/Slavs lived 500-1000+ years ago.)



Also, an interesting forbidden linguistics moment: the tragic history of Ukrainians, who were sold to slavery by Poles is preserved in the language. 

The word ‘polon’ in Ukrainian means ‘being taken prisoner or hostage,’ or ‘capture, captivity, being held against will.’ Now look: Polonia – polon: the same root for a reason. It were Poles who enslaved and captured Russians and Malorussians, and the language remembers that even if people have forgotten. In Russian the word sounds like ‘plen’ – clearly the same root: polon – plen. Therefore, Russians and Ukrainians share the same genetic memory of being mistreated by aggressive Poles. 

Now, this is yet another confirmation: the Polish word for the aristocratic/ landowner class of Poland is ‘shliakhta.’ Shliakhta comes from the word sounding the same in Polish and Ukrainian: shliakh, which means ‘big road, highway.’ So, the name for the landowner class comes from the highway?… That’s because the Poles who got rich did so by being highway bandits during medieval times. When Russians and Malorussian Cossacks passed through with the goods to trade with other countries, Poles would attack the caravans and rob everything they considered valuable. Then they would either kill the traders or take them prisoner to either enslave them or sell them to Europe and Middle East. This was how they rose during medieval times. 

I’m afraid the English word ‘slave’ may come from that or similar acts. Slave = enslaved Slav. Slavs were strong men and very pretty women, and so they were considered especially prized and valuable slaves. Horrible, isn’t it?…


Do you remember my Forbidden History Webinars – we talked about Rurik being from the parts around the Baltic. Rurik was the early medieval ruler of the Russian lands who tried to unite the world. But the Western mentality won.

Ivan IV the Terrible or Formidable, was the last of the Rurik dynasty. The ancient Rus capitals, Novgorod and Lada (aka, Staraya Ladoga), were located there too, near Lake Ladoga and the Baltic coast. 

Russian researchers think many of the events portrayed in Western medieval and ancient history were in fact mirrors of the events related to Rurik and other ancient Russian rulers, stolen and repurposed so to make Western history seem more substantial, and Russian less so. The researchers in mind are the linguist Prof. Chudinov and authors of the New Chronology Fomenko and Nosovsky. While there is some controversy to these claims, there is a lot in them of what I knew and figured out even as a child. There is a lot that rings true the moment you open your eyes. Some is just simple common sense, with a little true knowledge thrown in, such as my knowledge of linguistics, which helps me see what lies and truths have been preserved in the language, even if humans forgot them. 

Much is described in my FORBIDDEN HISTORY & FORGOTTEN ORIGINS webinars, and more in my forbidden history and linguistics articles here on LADA RAY ADVANCED COMMUNITY-Patreon and on FuturisTrendcast.

Also recall my article Are Scandinavians Slavs? Later, as the West became the dominant energy force on the planet, being part of the Slavic World became unfashionable and some tried to forget it, saying they are something different, something more western-sounding. That would be fashionable, and actually, this is what you had to become if you wanted to survive the invasions of those ‘white nights’ and shliakhta, who are romanticized today, but who were in fact Nazi-like invaders, bandits and pillagers, with little if any consciousness. I think those times, called ‘dark ages’ not for nothing, were brutal everywhere. Still, some chose not to betray, when others were seduced with some sort of glamor, and did. 

How this worked was brilliantly described by prophetic Nikolay Gogol in his famous story, Taras Bulba. I’m sure you can find it in English online or in a library. Gogol was in fact Malorussian and he wrote in both Russian and a bit in what was then Malorussian and today is called Ukrainian. Taras Bulba was a Cossack chief, whose two sons went the opposite ways. One was a patriot, who died defending his motherland Malorossia, while the other was seduced by the glamor of the Polish kostiols (Polish catholic church) and a seductive Polish woman. He betrayed his people, siding with the Poles. In the end, when Cossacks prevail and Poles flee the battlefield, that son is captured. Taras utters the famous phrase, “nu scho, sinku, dopomogli tobi tvoi liahi?” In Malorussian it means: “So what, sonny, where are your Liahi to help you now?” Liahi was a dismissive name used in Malorossia for the Poles who constantly attacked them and turned them to slavery. After uttering that historic phrase, Taras kills his son, the traitor. 

That phrase is so famous it is often used today when Russians want to make a point of how the West duped Ukraine with its Maidan dreams of euro-integration. 

What we are seeing now is sort of a replay of the old, except this time the tables are turned… and the limitrof countries are late to that proverbial table, as they usually are. Being one of the West is not so fashionable any more. However, those who still dream of joining it live in the past and judge by the past events. 

During major shifts, like this Great Earth Shift, that’s the curse of the in-between limitrof states, located on the crossroads of history and civilizations. 

Only being a part of Russia would give a country like Belarus the stability a country needs to function. Except now, Russia and Belarus are too different. 

I forgot to mention that while Poland through history only took someone’s lands, absorbing western and a bit of what’s today central Ukraine and turning their country folk into veritable slaves, Russia gave Ukraine more lands, increasing its territory between 1918 and 1954. Unfortunately, that played a really bad joke on everyone who considered themselves Russian in 1991, when the USSR fell apart. Same happened with Belarus, to make it a bigger and more substantial state, part of Russia-proper western territories were given to Belarus. Russia was equally too generous with others and gave parts of territory to Poland and Lithuania. Hopefully lessons learned. 

Currently, due to Russian economy being different and far ahead of the exes, Russia isn’t that eager and ready to fully accept Belarus or Ukraine back as part of Russia. Crimea alone cost Russia at least $25-35 bln to rebuild since 2014. Donbass, per reports, is costing between $5 and 7 bln a year to support, and that’s a big black hole, due to sabotage, smuggling and war. For Russia these numbers aren’t that large, but taking on Belarus and supporting its economy fully will take even more resources. As I said in he webinar, the machinery of Belarus in quality is falling behind the new forward-looking Russian designs and Russia isn’t too interested in supporting the economy that has little advantage. Bu there is more to the story… See the whole discussion in ESW19

I still have lots to share on Belarus and post-USSR, and of course, on RUSSIA!! I’ll have more expose and features here on Patreon, but of course the big juice will be in the 


Stay with us for the continued revelations on LADA RAY ADVANCED COMMUNITY on Patreon! Lots more in July and throughout 2021!

And hope you join us for the next SERIES 5 webinars, where we’ll dive head on into the past and the FUTURE! 


I think I’ll go ahead and make this report a patron-only early-access feature, to later be made FREE for my FuturisTrendcast followers. More people need to hear this! 

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