P1 This is Russia 2021, Baby! A Unique Realm of Our Planet! Countering the Ugly Lies with Beautiful TRUTH! (w vids)

This post is about a lot more than the images, comments and musings! It’s about the truth and lies and it’s about the brainwashing and twisted reality that has become a norm! How many people around the world have fallen prey to the lies? Is it even possible to change that ?

Above you can watch a cute brief clip about Russia! In this case, a picture really is worth a 1000 words. From Сделано в России YT channel (Made in Russia). Thought it was well done and self-explanatory, so posting it here for you to check out. 

Let me share a few comments, and below you’ll see where I’m going with this! 

The title of the above video, “This is Russia, Kids” is addressed to Ukrainians, who have been brainwashed to believe Russia is about to kick the bucket (and then they’ll get Russian territories the US will hand over to them). I don’t know what kind of an idiot would believe something like that, but apparently there are some ukro-nationalists and politicians who do, or most likely it’s their wet dreams due to low self-esteem and even lower IQ. 


“Загнивающая рашка” производит почти весь перечень товаров – от пшеницы до космических ракет. Путинская Россия она такая.

The ‘rotting Russka’ – pronounced ‘rushka’ (called so derogatorily by some ukro-nazis) produces almost the entire list of goods produced in the world today, from wheat to spacecraft. That’s how she is, Putin’s Russia. 

Альберт Чокуев Моя страна великая!!!! Храни Аллах Россию и его граждан.

A comment from a Muslim Russian: My country is Great!! May Allah keep Russia and her citizens safe. 

Fedor Hub а в Калмыкии сегодня выходной, День рождения Будды Шакьямуни, вот у нас такая многоконфессиональная страна.

Today we have a local holiday/day off in Kalmykia (a Buddhist autonomous republic of Russia), celebrating the Shakyamuni Buddha’s birthday. That’s how multi-confessional our country is. 

Андрей А.А. Спасибo))) брат… Мирного неба нам всем

Thank you, brother – peaceful skies to us all.

Shamm Мы вместе и Бог на всех один (зовем по разному) и в этом наша сила!

We are together and God is one for us all (we just call them differently) and that’s our strength!

Сергей Иванов Правильно, только вместе, делить нам нечего

That’s right, only together, there is nothing that can divide us.

Салман Магамедов Аминь, Россия самая лучшая страна в мире 👍👍🇷🇺🇷🇺

Another Muslim Russian, Salman Magomedov: Amen, Russia is the world’s best country 👍👍🇷🇺🇷🇺


Russians are very proud that on their territory almost 200 nationalities, different races, indigenous tribes and all world’s major religions coexist peacefully and with mutual respect for each other. All are native to their lands and they usually consider themselves Russians, whatever their ethnicity is. 

In fact, Russia is a unique and world’s only successful multi-national/multi-confessional realm of this magnitude, with Russians being the glue unifying unlikely neighbors, protecting everyone and encouraging them to work and live in peace together. 

There was a time in the ’90s when there was a civil war on Russian territory, fueled from abroad. It was in Chechnya, and I remember how Russians living abroad were telling me with dismay that that war will never end. Just a few years later, it ended and now Chechens and others from N. Caucasus are some of the biggest patriots of Russia. 

Russian brand of Islam is considered the world’s most moderate and peaceful. In Russia people less and less are inclined to judge by religion or the color of your skin: they judge by actions and on merit. All you have to do is read the comments. And as the people of Caucasus are given the respect they wanted, they gradually become the glue and protectors of their big motherland, a remarkable transformation. And of course, this only became possible due to Putin’s genius and ability to pick and trust the right people (I told you all about it in ESW6 The Putin Enigma). 

Sure, there are all kinds of people everywhere, including outright enemies, or crooks. But there are many more inspiring stories of heroism and just being good people. Maybe I’ll tell you some in upcoming webinars. 

Here’s another video from channel called ‘The Good Russia’ Хорошая Россия.

Настоящая Россия 2021! Украина в шоке, «рашка» не разваливается! “Real Russia 2021! Ukraine shocked, ‘Russka’ refuses to fall apart!”

Sarcastic Russian humor, since Ukrainian trolls keep predicting Russia falling apart any moment, and that’s who they listen to in the West. Kinda makes you wonder about the extent of idiocy of the Western politicians and MSM. 

The second video shows a southern Russian city of Stavropol, 400,000 population, just some random streets and people. Check out those tiled streets and how manicured everything is. The author, as I understand, is from some small town in Stavropol Krai; he showed his native town and it also looks cute. 

In this second video the nicest part starts around 8 min or so, don’t skip! Click here: Настоящая Россия 2021! Украина в шоке, «рашка» не разваливается!

More and more videos and channels of this kind are appearing, showing the real Russia, real people, cities and villages, real economy and how many new plants, bridges, roads, enterprises and whole cities are being built in Russia every month. New inventions and discoveries are made regularly. I subscribe to some of those channels and the videos are quite impressive. 

The reason such channels appeared is because Russians got sick and tired of the internet being full of lies and twisted facts, and sometimes outright falsifications. I personally saw videos portending some ‘Google earth’ images were Russia, with bad roads and destroyed villages, and then it turned out Ukraine or something else. It was very slickly done: those poor roads and towns were compared to the ‘beautiful’ Lithuania or Estonia, or Poland, or Czechia. Then of course some people would debunk it, showing the actual reality, but who is looking at links in comments. When I by accident stumbled on it because it was in YT Tops, that channel already had upward of 500,000 subscribers, with people from all over the world thanking the lying author for the truth!! Who knows, it may still be around and knowing how YouTube operates – they tend to put the content derogatory to Russia in top recommendations people are most likely to click on – it may now have even more subscribers, with more people being told lies, passed as truth, and thinking they have seen the real Russia. 

Another channel was posting horrible images of fields of trash near the seemingly newly built apartment buildings in bad condition, saying something like, ‘Life just a few kms away from Moscow is very different,’ implying that people exist in horrible conditions in Russia, if they aren’t privileged enough to live in Moscow. Then it turned out the infamous image was from Mariupol, Ukraine. 

The videos on the above channel show life about 1400-1600 kms away from Moscow: it’s a lot closer geographically to the actual Ukraine, than to Moscow or most of Russia. These are good towns, but there are some even better in Siberia, Urals and Caucasus, say Tyumen or Yekaterinburg, or the Chechen capital Grozny (which is amazing considering the war was there just 20 years ago – remember I told you guys about it). 

**Also see “My Town! Moving to Stavropol, Russia!”– patron access





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  1. Would you consider doing article on the Russian Orthodox Christians and their beliefs are and focus. Some then know what that delta is between the Church of Roma followers vs the Orthodox beliefs and practices.


    • Correction, should read > Lada Ray, Would you consider doing article on the Russian Orthodox Christians and what their beliefs are and focus for guidance. Some then will know what that delta is between the Church of Rome followers vs the Orthodox beliefs and practices.


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