To All my Patrons: THANK YOU & Update on Patreon sales tax/VAT/GST



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Hello friends,

This is the least favorite topic for me to talk about, but Patreon sent me this update, which I am reposting below. 

Unfortunately, the sales tax/VAT is being charged on my intellectual content on Patreon. I would’ve hoped it would be exempt as it’s not physical goods, but that’s not the case. Sadly, it seems some people in the past may have left because of the tax being added to their pledge. 

Please know that I have absolutely nothing to do with this. My job that I try to do as well as possible is to share my advanced content, vision, analysis, calibrations and predictions with you, and I hope you continue enjoying it and learning from me! 

Nothing changes there, and we’ll continue talking, calibrating and predicting things, as before. 

I know how much many of you hate taxes. Unfortunately, the taxes are there, as sure as life and death, no matter where we live. Eventually, the countries and states/provinces (if in US and CA) catch up to it and claim their share of taxes from Patreon. Looks like Patreon, due to its size, is getting on the radar of the tax man everywhere. They have no choice but to comply. 

If you haven’t been in this category, hope it stays that way for your area. So sorry, if you live in one of the countries or states where they charge you tax, whether it happened some time ago or just begins happening now.

And I thank you, if despite tax/VAT you still decided to stick with me! I know what this means and I appreciate your loyalty and dedication very much!

I know that you have to ask yourself: what is more important, a relatively small additional amount of tax added to your pledge… 

OR staying on top of the global events and the Earth Shift changes, hearing my predictions and revelations that helped many people feel the peace of mind and prepare for the future. 

I’m sure you all know the answer in your heart! And I am very grateful you continue choosing me!

I’ll be doing more things outside of Lada Ray Patreon – I promise. 

But I want to tell you that the current Lada Ray Advanced Community on Patreon setup,  where we discuss geopolitics, global calibrations and predictions stays the same for the time being. It would not be practical to move elsewhere at this time.

Per my Multidimensional Teachings, the lower 4D internet reality is very malleable, compared to the physical brick-and-mortar 3D world. Several years on the internet equal 20-25 years in 3D. So, in a few years, who knows… But for the time being I am quite comfortable here, as I was telling you guys around March-April 2021, when some asked me about it because of certain other creators moving out of Patreon for a very different reason, unrelated to tax. I don’t know if it was the right move for them, but hope they found peace of mind wherever they moved.

I did explain to you all why it would not be the right move for me at this time. I now have close to 600 articles/reports/posts on Lada Ray Patreon, a huge archive of work and one-of-a-kind reports, predictions, quantum calibrations, videos and photo galleries that are practically impossible to move elsewhere. Until I find a better archival option, it all stays here, so you can refer back to any post published any month or year, any time.

On Lada Ray Patreon you are paying not only for the current articles and reports – you are also paying for uninterrupted access to my huge archive, one of the biggest and richest on entire Patreon! If we move, much would be lost.

As I said, you can look forward to my many changes and very exciting future expansion! But it’ll be first in other areas of my work, primarily the Multidimensional University (MDU/MHAP), Workshops and, as well as social media. 

The announcements are coming between August and December 2021!

I want you all to know that I am flattered by and privileged to receive all of your guys support! Some of you continue being very, very generous! Many thanks for that from the bottom of my heart! I truly appreciate all of you and hope you continue enjoying our higher-dimensional community and our warm, lively interactions!

For my part, I’ll continue delivering the regular content you’ve come to expect on Lada Ray Patreon

And I’ll keep you appraised of any and all developments. 


***FYI – what Patreon sent to me. **Again, sorry if your area is on this list!**

**Please either email me, leave a private message, or a comment below, if you want to discuss other options or if you have any questions.**

“Hey there!

We hope you’re having a good day. We’re writing to give you a heads up about a small change for some of your patrons. Patreon already adds sales tax/VAT/GST to some pledges from patrons in most US states and several other countries—anywhere we’re required to by law.

We’re now required to start adding tax in a few new places beginning July 15th for new and per post patrons, and August 1st for existing monthly patrons. You have patrons in one or more of those areas, so we wanted to give you a heads up. Below are the new places and base tax rates (in FL and KS, rates may vary based on the city), though in some cases only a portion of a patron’s pledge may be taxable so their rate could be less.

We’ll also email your affected patrons.

You can learn more about sales tax on Patreon here.  If you still have questions, please reach out to us here.

The Patreon Team”

I also received Patreon clarification for Canada last night:

CORRECTION: Update on Canadian Sales Tax

“Dear Creator,

On July 6th we sent an email with updates about required sales tax on Patreon. We’ve since received additional guidance from Canadian tax authorities and need to make a correction.

Our email said that the GST rate we’ll charge is 5% across Canada, other than Quebec where the QST rate is 9.975%. We wanted to clarify that the 5% federal GST rate applies in addition to any local/provincial taxes. So for example, patrons in Quebec may be charged up to 14.975% tax (federal GST of 5% plus Quebec QST of 9.975%). In some provinces, the combined federal and local tax is called HST, or Harmonized Sales Tax.

To see a list of provinces in Canada and their local tax rates, click
here. For more on sales tax on Patreon, click here. If you have additional questions, send us a note here.

Thanks for your patience as we navigate changing tax laws.

The Patreon Team”


​ ✨🎉




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Best wishes,

Lada Ray

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