1st Anniversary of Failed Belarus Maidan | New York a Region of Belarus? | Lukashenko’s Last Term


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Link: 1st Anniversary of Failed Belarus Maidan | New York a Region of Belarus? | Lukashenko’s Last Term

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The Belarus Maidan bears a distinction of being one of the very few failed color revolutions.” ~Lada Ray

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The Belarus Maidan bears the distinction of being one of the very few failed color revolutions ever. Usually they succeed, and as a result, they completely demolish the country and society, as we know them – as seen in Ukraine. In ESW19 I explain in detail why it failed and who outplayed the West in this dramatic game! 

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Not by accident, to coincide with the failed Maidan’s 1st anniversary, Belarus president Lukashenko conducted an unusual international press marathon. He advertised it more like a dialogue than Q&A. His style, as usual, was boasting and egocentric. But he is a great performer, and of course, unlike the opposition, he has charisma, in his own way. 

You know my opinion of Lukashenko, which I discussed in detail in ESW19. Here’s a bit:

He’s done a lot for the country, basically saving it in the ’90s, but his pride and ego got the best of himself, while almost losing him the country in 2020. 

Good thing he has Putin and Russia, who can step over their ego and do the right and BIG thing, no matter how many small people and countries (not size-wise, but soul, heart and energy-wise) get in the way. 

That said, Lukashenko today is as good as it gets for Belarus. The opposition is MUCH, much worse, some borderline Nazis, criminals and terrorists, and many sold-out, feeble-minded and/or misguided.  

All this and much more in ESW19!

During the marathon press conference, Lukashenko invited journalists from all over the world, no limitations, including US, Ukraine, of course, Russia, etc. (I’m just recalling how US and UK have been discriminating against Russian and Belorussian journalists!)

During the event Lukashenko showed himself as this big papa-bear (not bad), who is very much offended at the West for the mistreatment of himself and his country, and rightly so. 

He disclosed many facts and clandestine ops that you and I talked about in ESW19.  

Russian journalist of Belorussian descent, Konstantin Pridibaylo, was the one who delivered many up-to-date events and showed the real situation on the Minsk streets in 2020. From him we all, yours truly included, got the real images and facts in real time. It was his facts that I sometimes shared with you, including in the webinar. If we didn’t have his work, we would have to rely on politically charged, one-sided Belarus TV or on opposition’s manipulated and falsified footage. Actually, the guy is a hero – he was threatened more than once by both opposition and Lukashenko’s people for showing and telling the truth.. (And what a good-looking man, too. I have to say, Belorussian men can be very good-looking in that ancient Slavic way: the practically perfectly harmonious, honest and kind faces). Oher Russian journalists also heroically worked in Minsk last August, and some were arrested and mistreated by Lukashenko’s police and KGB. 

So, Konstantin Pridibaylo asked Lukashenko: ‘Who will come after you?’ to which Lukashenko paused, seemingly puzzled, and then said, ‘You could’ve phrased it somehow differently. I got scared for a moment. After me? You mean like president? I have many people, like 15-20, all good patriots, who are worthy.’ 

Later in the presser, Lukashenko got back at Pridibaylo for asking an uncomfortable question, by saying “Kostya (intimate form of Konstantin) and Russian media didn’t do a good job showing what went on to Russians.’ And that’s the entire Lukashenko for you. 

From what I gather, many questions were repetitious, because people pretty much wanted to know the same things: when are next elections, what about reforms, how does Lukashenko feel after all the threats, etc. The event didn’t need to be that long: Lukashenko was simply using it not so much to answer questions as to spill his truth, let the world know how he felt and who he was offended at, and to complain about injustices. But there was a feeling of a spectacle – he was definitely playing a role.

Of course, no one can surpass the Russian President’s style, who does such press conferences every single year, with poise and grace! Putin does two: for the international journalists and for the Russian population. In fact, it’s Putin who invented the genre of the hours-long, all-encompassing dialogue with the press and people. 

Zelensky tried to copy Putin; during his single, much too lengthy, press conference, he looked insincere and trite. The questions Ze got also were very repetitious. In this performance, Lukashenko looked like a better actor than the professional stand-up comedian Ze. 

One of the things I noticed is that Lukashenko tried to use this event to send signals to certain countries that he wants to reconcile. This was the impression when he was replying to questions by a Ukrainian journalist. It almost sounded like a signal: hey, I’ll forgive everything, let’s make up, maybe we can do some business. This is after Kiev was instrumental in almost unseating him, when it harbors terrorists who plotted to kill him and his children, joined anti-Belarus sanctions and almost succeeded in creating a rift between Russia and Belarus. Not to mention sending ukro-nazis and supporting opposition. 

All I have to say is that Lukashenko’s many faces and frequent flip-flops are getting old. To this day, he still haven’t learned his basic lessons: this ‘multivector’ policy of his won’t get him anywhere good.

Lukashenko showed his real emotional side when he talked about the plot to kill himself and his children and also how the opposition was hunting down Belorussian journalists. It was clear such gross violations of personal safety and security touched him deeply, and he worried not just for him, but for others, too. 

In ESW19 we discussed with you the plot to kill his family, including children – one of the many Belarussian dramatic events of the past 12 months. 

The latest plot that took place after the release of ESW19 was against Belarussian journalists who exposed the opposition. The most infamous was the attack against Azarenok, a well-known patriotic journalist, who was ambushed near his apartment building by a group of attackers trying to disable him and cut off his tongue. Azarenok was supposed to be first in a long line of such anti-journalist attacks. Minsk KGB uncovered the plot and warned Azarenok, who was used as bait. He started defending himself, while a police squad waiting in ambush came to his rescue and apprehended attackers. The plot was designed by an oppositioner hiding out in Kiev, with apparent ties to CIA. The whole thing was exposed and shown on TV.

I am hearing that in Belarus no one trusts Tikhanovskaya any more, who was recently received by Biden and before that, by Macron. I believe, she was also given the podium in Europaliament. Tikhanovskaya’s husband is in jail (a questionable decision), which makes him a political prisoner. However, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya never even mentions her husband any more – doesn’t really care about him now that she is wined and dined by the West? Meantime, her husband Tikhanovsky, who was an original presidential candidate, met with Lukashenko, who came to see him in jail in an attempt to show he was open to dialogue. Tikhanovsky infamously said that when they take power, they’ll kill the whole president’s family. When asked for what reason, he replied: when the time comes, we’ll find reasons. This doesn’t sit well with the Belarussians, who generally are pretty peaceful people. 

When asked when Belarus will recognize Crimea, Lukashenko replied: ‘After last Russian oligarch opens business there.’ 

There were some funny moments:

At the outset Lukashenko called out, ‘Looks like that young lady over there is from one of our Belarusian regions, let’s give her the mic.’ The journalist gets up and says, ‘Mr. President, I am from New York and I represent New York Times.’ LOL – NY, a new region of Belarus.

Overall, it was an awfully long event. Looks like Lukashenko decided he won’t get another opportunity and resolved to milk it for all it’s worth while he has the attention of the world media. Somehow, it resembled a heartfelt swan song, a performance for the global audience. See, that’s how I am – I want to be remembered like this. 

Is it Lukashenko’s last term? I think so. I don’t see how he can possibly remain in power beyond that. But as discussed in my predictions to ESW19, the road to a new and more forward-looking Belarus is illusive and shrouded in fog. Good thing he gets help from his ‘older brother,’ as he called Putin, and as many from ex-republics and beyond call Russia. 

Only snag between the two: compared to Putin, 68, it’s Lukashenko, 66, who looks and acts like an old man, complete with outdated notions!

Generally, what we talk about in ESW19 is confirmed by this press conference. 

But I have to say, my webinar is a lot more interesting to listen to. 😉 🙂 

Sounding a bit like Lukashenko? 😉 But check it out for yourself and make your own mind!

ESW19 – last 2 days at $28, or even less for members! Price goes up on this webinar and whole series after Aug 11, 2021!

Thanks for listening and reading!

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