UNKNOWN RUSSIA: Lovely Ryazan, Russia AND Loving Message from Lada! (REVERSING THE WORLD’S OPPRESIVE ENERGY!) + Amazing Stuff I’m Working On!

Lovely Ryazan, Russia AND Loving Message from Lada! (REVERSING THE WORLD’S OPPRESIVE ENERGY!) + Amazing Stuff I’m Working On!


I am offering you this lovely video, plus my good wishes and some positive updates, to counter the oppressive dark energy out there in the world! You know what I am talking about!

The energy out there in the world is extremely low and negative, filled with nervousness, uncertainty, dark conspiracies and unsavory deeds permeating the existence. 

Some of our dear members contacted me that they are not feeling good, some are unable to sleep, some are worried. I get a heightened number of requests for consultations for my multidimensional healing and activation, energy rebalancing, guidance and calibrations for global relocation, and practical advice on COVID issues and natural remedies (incl dealing with vaccination side effects). 

**Just to mention, if you are interested in the COVID/vaccine/health related advice, Az and I are doing some joint consultations at this time. Az has gathered, as a result of months of thorough and involved research, a solid number of natural remedies and developed the health protocols to counter and reverse the vaccination side-effects, and to support all-natural health. He is available for practical advice, together with me – I am here for the higher-dimensional guidance. We try to accommodate you on a priority basis for this type of consultation (about 2-4 weeks wait). Contact me as usual; order the usual PRIVATE PERSONAL CONSULTATION with Lada Ray. (Read about CONSULTATIONS).**

I want to tell you that as an empath, I am feeling your pain and all that energy very much, too. I am here if you need a consultation. I’m also here on Patreon every day

In addition, I am working on the future Multidimensional Workshops, which will help us in the huge wave of change we are experiencing now. This change will only intensify, and I am developing the Multidimensional Workshops to help you all cope and thrive as it happens!

That’s why being a part of our multidimensional community on Patreon is such a great way to stay together and help each other. 

MY IDEA is to make our Multidimensional Workshops into a safe and positive space of higher-dimensional learning and exploration in a friendly group of like-minded soul tribe! 

We’ll be learning many things, including how the energy in our multidimensional universe really works, what happens in our galaxy and beyond, how different dimensions work, what kinds of souls exist and incarnate on earth (I often consult starseeds, incarnated angels, wise ones, elementals, lightworkers, etc.); we’ll be learning how to do quantum calibrations, and much more. 

I have so many topics that it’s hard to choose what to start with!

One of the things I want to teach you is how to stay centered, grounded, balanced and in positive energy, no matter what any dark forces or just plain human stupidity may throw at us. 

Frankly, the negativity out there has become pretty pervasive, and we all need the best techniques possible on how to cope with that.

I’ll want your input and I’ll be starting a discussion with you guys soon on how we can best have our workshops – how to keep them in high vibration, while being entertaining and practical, what topics are best to start with, etc. I might do some polls or a discussion in the community (TBD). This will be soon, so please stay tuned for an opportunity to weigh in and contribute your view point – and to socialize a bit more. 🙂

Summer is nearing its end and I want to get some more time out during this stressful time for all of us, so I am the best I can be for you. At this point, I’ll probably take a couple of days off to recharge, recenter and ground myself in nature and in some favorite spots around my city. 


Meantime, on top and below – virtually travel with me!

Enjoy the video about a lovely, but overlooked by many ancient Russian city of Ryazan’ and its medieval Kremlin – located deep in Russia’s heartland. It’s very easy nowadays to get to it from Moscow – Russia has very good transportation, trains and new highways that are a pleasure to ride. There are also river tours.

I also added a link to the latest video from the same Good Walkers: one of the many they do in Moscow. Just random streets and people. They are really good at just capturing the real life in Moscow and other Russian towns, very high quality vids! Very nice, as usual, to learn about the life in Russia – the real truth, not that ugliness and BS spread in the West!

Enjoy with my loving wishes for you all!

~ Lada

**P.S. Meant for this post to be short and sweet, and easy! 😉 But you know me – have a lot to say, so here it is…

CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE WITH YOU! Some really interesting news are crossing my wires! If you’ve read my latest QUANTUM REPORT 1 you’ve already heard the preview! And if you are buying ESW20 or the whole ESW SERIES 5 you’ll know the whole VERY cool and amazing story of the North-South Corridor breakthrough, which is one of the New Silk Roads built by Russia to India! A huge feat that will be accomplished in one of the hardest and most unlikely regions of the planet, despite all the sabotage and despicable games played by the usual suspects (deliberately leaving the names out so not to spoil the energy of this post!). In this regard, the recent war between Azerbaijan and Armenia takes on a very new light, as a conspiracy designed to stop this mega-project. But Putin outplayed them all, as he usually does – see my articles, new QR1 and webinars on that! 

I’ll tell you the whole inspiring and fascinating story in ESW20!

The other ugly conspiracies and dirty games played all over the world, from Germany and Belarus, to Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan and Japan, also fold into this picture just perfectly – and the goal is always to damage Russia and prevent the Great Rebalancing! China and other countries are in this boat too, but it’s always the Great Balancer that gets the brunt of it! 

You may want to read QUANTUM REPORT 1 for more! + See these relevant latest posts:

and many more on my Patreon!

Unlike certain individuals who thrive on negative energy, I get inspired by the higher and positive energy. I was looking to get inspired by something very positive, to record the main videos for ESW20, but it proved awfully hard to come by amongst all the ugliness and despicable acts by some countries and individual humans (again, you know some of what I am talking about, if you follow my comments here!). 

And I found it: this is it! I’ll be centering a part of the ESW20 narrative around this daring and amazing feat, and you’ll see what I mean soon! The North-South Russia-Iran-India Corridor will be a major Period 9 accomplishment – symbolizing the new Period of the South that benefits the whole Eurasia! And I hope well beyond! It will change the balance of power in the world more dramatically than many other things that may be more on the surface! 



On top: Sharing a video from Good Walkers, a channel I sub to on YT. The beautiful medieval city of Ryazan’ , pop. 500,000. Pretty much unknown outside of Russia and frankly, very highly underrated. 

Link to top vid: ⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ Walking Ryazan: Ryazan Kremlin

We invite you to walk with us in Ryazan and to see the Ryazan Kremlin. Enjoy this walk with us! 😊 📍 Google Maps Route: https://goo.gl/maps/WnQKbF28iVtS9q6A9 🔺 Ryazan Kremlin is the…

Next – enjoy a stroll along some random streets of Moscow:

We invite you to walk with us in Moscow Center from Tverskaya Street along ⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ Walking Moscow: from Tverskaya St. along Malaya Dmitrovka & Petrovka St. to Stoleshnikov Ln

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