Nord Stream ahead! Landmark Russia-Germany gas pipeline completed

A great confirmation of my 2016-18 predictions and what we discussed in Webinar 20 on Nord Stream 2 and South Stream! Came true right on cue!

Do you recall, for instance, I said that Merkel stayed, per agreement between Putin, the sane German and Russian elites, to complete Nord Stream-2 and she would go away once the pipe is complete and operational. Right on cue: German elections are scheduled for September and Merkel will leave after, but first, the pipeline was completed.

And another one – when everyone was telling me and the world that NS2 is finished because US won’t allow it! It was back in 2018 (or could be earlier, like 2016-17, if anyone finds those early predictions, let us know the dates)! I said that ‘The US already lost this round, but it doesn’t know it yet.’ Sure enough… 

Not even talking about my bigger predictions and calibrations about the future of Russia and Germany, plus Eurasia. 


Sharing above video from RT, knowing that many of you follow this!

From RT: After three years and $11 billion (not to mention a few political hurdles), Russia’s mammoth new gas pipeline has seen its final piece welded into place. Nord Stream 2 will allow Gazprom to ship directly to Europe, supplying gas to 26 million households.  Gazprom is aiming for the pipe to be in operation by the end of the year, and the timing couldn’t be better, as European demand for imported gas continues to increase.


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