REVEALING TRUTHS on West’s Plans, USSR & Russian Elections! | + My UPDATES on ESW21 Final Earth Shift Webinar, New Events & what I’m up to!


Original: REVEALING TRUTHS on West’s Plans, USSR & Russian Elections! | + My UPDATES on ESW21 Final Earth Shift Webinar, New Events & what I’m up to!


REPORT Not to Be Missed! Lots of revelations in this special report! Read with an open and receptive mind! A review later recommended, so it would all sink in!

Russian Duma elections are this Sunday, 9/19/21 – I tell you some things in conjunction with those! 

Read announcements below on the final event of the Earth Shift Webinar Program on ESW21 The Real Truth About the USSR!! This webinar will be released later!

 I have some great news about the new Special Events and Quantum Report 2!

You’ve asked about the USSR truths – below find out some of my personal revelations! More in ESW21!



After the last ESW21 is published, the Earth Shift Webinars will continue being one of my trademarks! All webinars will remain on sale @! Everyone who purchased my webinars previously will retain full access!

The upcoming webinar, the final event of entire ESW program and Series 5 is




However, I’ll continue putting out on LRpatreon and FuturisTrendcast blog the articles, videos and reports, explaining and revealing the truths you want to know. I have lots planned, so please stay tuned and let me know how you enjoy it through comments and LIKES! 


After much consideration, I decided not to rush with the final Webinar 21! I am planning to release it some time in October, which will be very fitting.

There are several reasons for this:

1. I’ve almost finished some new surprise events and reports and I decided it would be better to release those first! There is QUANTUM REPORT 2 and a brand new SPECIAL VIDEO EVENT on the future of languages, waiting in the pipeline! I think these will be very beneficial to read and listen to before ESW 21!

2. There are many crucial events happening in the world at this time. Some are very positive, others, not so much, but we’ll take the good with the bad. They include major shifts in the post-Soviet space between Russia and Belarus, some good news from Donbass, Russian elections on Sept 19, Nord Stream-2 and gas hitting the historic all-time highs in the EU. We also have the ongoing COVID situation, and much more! 

I’ve drafted several important articles that I want to finish and release to you guys first, some of which answer your questions and some give you guidance and reveal the deeper undercurrents of the events! Don’t miss these pieces on Lada Ray Patreon! 

I feel I should deal with those events and QRs first. Some of the info I have for you may also be included as bonuses in ESW 21

3. Also, bear with me! We’ve been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work to expand, which may be useful in conjunction with ESW 21 and more. We are creating a new system, including the future Lada Ray Shop, putting back on sale my Earth Shift Reports, the new QRs and SPECIAL EVENTS. This takes much of my spare time at this moment. You’ll find all those under PROGRAMS.

4. Last but certainly not least! I’ll be honest with you: this unfortunately was the clincher, which tipped the scales towards postponement: your questions for ESW21! 

Let me explain. When I promised you the


what I meant was this: the many positive things, the real truths that the West or those Russian/Ukrainian/Polish propagandists hide or distort!

Oftentimes, they are cleverly manipulated half-truths; sometimes they are outright lies disguised behind a thin veneer of the pretense of the truth, designed to hurt the feelings of Russians and put them down. 

I was planning on revealing to you all these truths and I think I explained that pretty well in the intro: Back to the Future – 30 Years after… The Real Truth About the USSR & Its Collapse!

The overall tone of the final ESW 21 was planned as positive, balanced and revealing, not to mention higher-dimensional – and truthful. 

However, the questions asked for this webinar were not what I expected. Not a single positive one, except John’s about Russia and Germany, which is very reasonable, and I’ll happily answer it. 

I also really enjoyed one question from Seeker, about the future of the Russian language. I got so inspired that I created a whole separate 53 min event, talking about the future of the main world languages, incl. English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese and many more. That’ll be released as a separate SPECIAL VIDEO EVENT soon – stay tuned!

The other questions kind of overshadowed for me my original intent for ESW21: I meant to do the webinar which would be a nice and positive reminder of the good that was lost and give you a balanced perspective on things. 

I realized that the amount of poisoning and brainwashing in the West is so out of control that the positive I may talk about may not even be perceived by many because they are so used to only hearing the negatives, or just spooky tales. There is so much fear, confusion and anger floating around – too clear to me as an empath and clairvoyant. And please understand: you are being played and distracted currently with COVID and other things, so you would not see the truth about where the West is going and what Russia’s real role is! More below!

So the confusion several of you presented to me through your various questions (some were asked a while back, but they still linger in my mind) put everything in a completely different perspective and frankly, made me a bit sad – and I cannot record this webinar with that kind of predominant energy. I do have to say I was shocked at all the negativity in most of the questions pertaining to the USSR and Russia (this includes the questions asked before and answered by me here, on Lada Ray Patreon). I promised you to answer as many questions as I can, and I try my best. As you know, I am always balanced and reasonable, and I strive to be higher-minded and compassionate at all times. To handle it properly I need to regain that frame of mind. I know that you are asking because you are genuinely curious. But to give you an idea, I can tell you that some questions asked would be construed by many Russians as a deliberate insult and a proof that there is nothing to talk about with those in the West (that’s not me, as you know, but I just want to warn you how many  Russians may react). This should give you an idea what those kinds of questions, based on Western manipulations, could do if you wanted to make friends with any Russians! (I mean real Russians, not those who sold themselves to the West and who’ll happily malign Russia because they think the Westerners love to hear that!)

I want you all to know I am not blaming anyone or pointing any fingers! As always, peace and good wishes to ALL of you!

But I need extra time for myself, to reconcile the new reality I did not intend and to give you a wise advice on everything. 

Therefore, I decided that it would better to first release some other events, such as QUANTUM REPORT 2 and my new SPECIAL VIDEO EVENT on the future of languages, which would serve as a bridge to a better understanding of ESW21. I’ll also likely release first a video piece answering most of the questions, because their tone doesn’t fit with the rest of the webinar and will only distract me. By releasing all this first I hope to bridge the gap between my ESW21 and the place where some people’s understanding, or lack thereof, is. At this time, unfortunately, based on the questions asked, the level of understanding and acceptance of the reality doesn’t seem where it needs to be to understand my revelations in ESW21! I may be wrong and perhaps the majority of you will get it just fine. You tell me after listening to ESW21. 

Either way, I’ll be needing some time to regain my inspiration, reconcile the positive, real truth and higher-dimensional energy I intended. Therefore, I’ll have to take a few weeks to figure it out. I want to try to explain everything to you all in the best way possible, and so it sinks in, but without sacrificing the integrity and high energy of my final ESW event!

I’ll take as long as I need, but I hope I can release it within October, so please stay tuned to the final event! I want to make it right. In the past, I never took time off from writing articles for you on Lada Ray Patreon when I was also creating webinars, but I want you to know that it always was a tremendous amount of extra work. 

This time I’ll need to pause and take an additional week or two off when I am creating ESW 21 due to me needing to go deep within to reconcile some things. Perhaps I’ll also need to perform some ancestral healing. This will be good for everyone and I’ll be a better presenter as a result!

  • One day, I’ll teach you how to do the ancestral healing to lighten up the karmic load not only for yourself, but your entire ancestry – look forward to our future WORKSHOPS!

We always rush, rush, rush to the next event or fresh news out there, and we never pause to reflect. In this case, much can be missed by not reviewing and reflecting. I think many of you will benefit from going back and looking again at my past articles, predictions, Q&As and ESWebinars

As subscribers to Lada Ray Patreon, you have the entire archive available to you! Inviting you to take advantage of it! On and FuturisTrendcast blog you can also find lots of great freebies! 

Also, not to worry, when I am taking time off, I’ll still be posting: either excerpts from webinars and/or some interesting things, maybe some great Russian songs, or some clips, to ease you into our topic.

I do intend to answer most of the questions posed. But because those questions are so contrary to the intent of the ESW 21 webinar, I may release them ahead of the main webinar, or possibly as a separate event. This is to be decided and that’s also why I need extra time! I hope this separate event will serve as a bridge to ESW21!

You can find those questions in and under this post: Back to the Future – 30 Years after… The Real Truth About the USSR & Its Collapse!


Let’s begin reconciling things! I’ll start answering below!

REAL TRUTH About Russia, USSR, West’s Games & Russian Elections | Super-Revealing, So Much Happening! 


I think ESW 21 is extremely timely, as we are approaching a monumental date: 30 year anniversary of the official breakup of the USSR in December of 1991. But during the period between August and December, the breakup was already in motion. We are right inside this period. 

The events in the world TODAY are confirming that the fight of the West against Russia is intensifying, especially because they are mortally afraid of this date! Why? Because they see that Russians are now starting to reconcile and truly understand the sequence of events. 

Sure, we did it to ourselves: we caused the breakup in 1991. But we were naive and thought they had friendly intensions, while they deliberately and systematically worked to break up the USSR and destroy Russia AND Russians with the most sinister goals in mind. 

And they are at it again. Europarliament yesterday adopted a resolution addressed ‘to the Russian people,’ saying that they ‘care so much about the Russian people’ that they want them to oust Putin and Russian government, resulting in the destruction of their country. They have been working for months to undermine Russian elections on Sept 19. Ahead of time they shot fake videos somewhere in Latvia and Ukraine, showing fake ‘violations’ at the polling stations, to be released on the internet on Sept 19 to show ‘undemocratic’ process in Russia.

Yesterday I watched a geopolitical show, Polye Kulikova – The Kulikov’s Battlefield, a play on the ancient medieval battlefield, Polye Kolikovo, when the fate of Russia was being decided. Dmitry Kulikov is probably the best Russian geopolitical analyst today and I would say I like him and his energy the best of the bunch.

During the show he showed some secret recordings of meetings the foreign agents hold in St Petersburg, Russia (talk about excess of freedom in Russia – I can only imagine if something like this was taking place in the US, what would happen to those people)! In the recording you can see people instructing their agents how to disrupt Russian elections. This phrase is telling: “There are fewer and fewer irregularities in Russia in the past years (meaning: elections are cleaner every time), so we’ll have to work harder than ever to find violations. Our goal is to delegitimize these Duma elections.” It’s also heard as the speaker announces: ‘we’ll create conditions for you to go inside and cause mayhem, so you are kicked out of the polling station and/or arrested. And then we’ll post this everywhere as the undemocratic process in Russia. Don’t worry, our people will get you out of jail.’ In other words, go provoke mayhem, disrupt and manipulate on purpose, to make a pretty picture for the Western MSM, so they could yell and scream everywhere that Russia and Putin are undemocratic, authoritarian and so the West could impose more sanctions against Russia, or worse! 

Maria Zakharova and Russian FM talked a few days ago how the US is openly interfering in Russian lections. For instance, Twitter was deleting the accounts of the Russian Duma election frontrunners, like Yevgeny Popov, claiming they posted personal information, while the info posted was that of his electoral headquarters for people to contact him with any requests or complaints. Russian FM called the US ambassador Sullivan on the carpet to talk about  the US interference, but the US State Dept lied about it, saying the discussion was about ‘how US and Russia could improve relations.’ Lies and spinning even here! 

The West pretty much in a unified manner declared well ahead of time that they won’t recognize the results of the Russian Duma elections this Sunday, because ‘they will be fake.’ And that is known ahead of time how? Are those low-lives in Washington and Brussels clairvoyant? Unrecognized by whom: by the fake, never elected by anyone Europaliament of Russophobes and fat leaches? Just imagine the nerve: what about the blatantly falsified US elections?

Can you see the hubris, born of the Western superiority complex and total inability to see anyone else’s viewpoint but their own?! Now all you have to do is make a very clear-cut connection to the USSR: DO YOU THINK THEY DID THE SAME AND WORSE TO THE USSR? DO YOU THINK THEY PROVOKED, LIED AND MANIPULATED LIKE THIS AND WORSE? DO YOU THINK THE USSR HAD TO DEFEND AND PROTECT ITSELF? 

If you use a simple logic, from thereon you should be able to answer your own questions! Why do you think they ever told you the truth about the USSR, if they lie and spin everything?

Think! If the West has always been exceptionally good at lying, if the West dominates world media through both MSM and SM, if they are using their global resources to malign and kill Russia’s and Putin’s reputation today… Wasn’t the same true for the USSR? Consequently, didn’t they LIE about the USSR? Therefore, aren’t the information fed to you by your MSM, schools and politicians about the USSR false?…

Putin once said a phrase, which rings true – on the level of enlightenment! 

“Russians are the largest divided nation in the world”

How much they wanted to divide Russia and Russians to weaken the Great Balancer, and how much they hated Putin for that truth and for his reunification work! 

And think for a moment! The communism is over for 30 years, but Russia is still THE enemy. And in 19th century, when it was the Russian Empire, the famed Russian authors such as Pushkin wrote about the same exact attitude of the West towards Russia as I am writing for you today! NOTHING changed in the past 200+ years! 

So the problem was never communism at all: they simply can’t stomach that there is the Great Balancer which always stands in the way of heir global takeover! 

Just let it sink in, really, really sink in!……..

Russia was always in the way of the West’s globalist takeover! 

Whatever Russia was, whether ruled by tsar, communist party, or a very reasonable, pro-peace-and-cooperation-with-everyone, socially-oriented, mildly-conservative government of today… Russia always was what they could not conquer, subvert and what always stood in the way of their greedy globalist plans!

No Russia = no Great Balancer. Without the Great Balancer they could do what they want with the world. This always was the real goal!

Another weapon of theirs: confusion, which is the direct opposite of the TRUTH and CLARITY, which is what I am trying to help you guys with. 

A lot of people in Russia, post-USSR and the West have been struggling all these years to reconcile the conflicting information, which never brought them the true understanding of Russia and the USSR. And the West loved keeping it that way. When needed they bought those who would spew the kind of propaganda they wanted. 

Why are they panicking so badly today? 

Because all their 1991-2021 efforts are for nothing. Because they are seeing the end of the Western dominance, per my Earth Shift and Inverted Collapse predictions.

And now Russians all over the world have learned their lessons and healed much of their karma, and they again want to reunite. This includes Russia, Belarus, Donbass – and more to come. 

They are panicking because their efforts to breakup Russia into small and weak pieces are failing. Russia includes much more than just the Russian Federation (it’s all of the Great Russia (aka Russian Federation), Belarus, Malorossia and Novorossia, Pridnestrovie, plus some other parts that subscribe to the Russian philosophy and way of life).

Why do you think they are promoting COVID and encouraging the vaccine controversy? Why do you think they are pushing the environmental, gay and transgender agendas, falsifying the real truth, imposing on the people who want privacy and just to live their lives. And even the Black Lives Matter agenda is manipulated for the same reason! 


Because they want to distract from the real issues! They’d rather people fight about those things, they’d rather people stay fearful and focused on secondary issues, than learn the truth about Russia! What they are really afraid of is people awakening to the true reality!  

And by the way, this is why Russian language has been removed from schools everywhere – to answer Seeker’s question! A much longer discussion, complete with my long-range predictions, on English, Russian and many other languages will be in the upcoming SPECIAL VIDEO EVENT! (Look for several special events on sale soon). 

I’ll tell you more: it feels like the Afghanistan debacle has also been planned for this time to distract the population, so the people wouldn’t notice what’s really going on! They are losing control fast and that’s what they are trying to hide! 

While people are distracted by all the above, in their wet dreams they still hope to reverse the situation and create another catastrophic event for Russia and Belarus. That way they hope to stave off and reverse the impending Inverted Collapse of the West!

It worked for them before like a dream, no pan intended! For example, the 1917 revolution, the WWII and Cold War, taking the dollar off the gold standard, which again saved the US from collapse, and of course the 1991 collapse of the USSR and subsequent looting of it by the West, which postponed its own collapse and enriched it beyond belief.

They think they can repeat the past, but we are in a completely different Period: Period 8, going into Period 9! It’s the Time of Russia, the Galactic Dawn and the upcoming time of the South! And this means all of their plans are doomed! 

The deja vu with the USSR collapse is unmistakable! 

China is next to Russia on the list of targets! Stay tuned to my upcoming REPORT on Australia and how US is preparing to make it into what Ukraine was made against Russia (by they way, this is developing now according to my 2017-18 predictions in my book


I recommend ESW6: THE PUTIN ENIGMA for a better understanding of what was discussed:

** PROGRAMS, EARTH SHIFT WEBINARS, QUANTUM REPORTS, SPECIAL VIDEO EVENTS, ESRs and other LADA’S WORK provide a lot of answers and underpinnings for these and other global events!

**Lots more here! I hope when you read carefully what I am saying in this post, you’ll see what I mean! This post contains more answers: Back to the Future – 30 Years after… The Real Truth About the USSR & Its Collapse!

**I recently had several free pieces about Russia; you may want to check’em out too! Just scroll down the Patreon posts’ timeline! Maybe they’ll give you some additional clarity. 

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